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Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery – An Industry Shining Star

Realself Top 100 Doctors 2012, TXVitenas Cosmetic Surgery has yet another award to add to our wall – and this one is near and dear to our hearts.  On April 10, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery was honored to be named a recipient of the RealSelf 100 Award, for our commitment to patients across the country.  Over 5,000 board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologist, and cosmetic dentists were up for this award, but only 100 physicians had what it took to win.

RealSelf is an online community, providing consumers with comprehensive plastic and cosmetic surgery information.  Through the participation of American’s top cosmetic surgeons, RealSelf is able to deliver a wide berth of information, becoming the go-to site for cosmetic surgery patients.  The outstanding website offers a direct connection with their readers, as physicians make themselves actively available to answer questions and educate patients.  “Our Top Doctors are at the forefront of change in terms of how patients and physicians interact,” commented RealSelf CEO Tom Seery.

Dr. Vitenas’ dedication to patients across the country is what earned his place in the RealSelf 100.  In the last year, Dr. Paul Vitenas has been reviewed by over 21 patients on, maintaining a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars.  In addition to his stellar reviews, Dr. Vitenas has answered more than 600 patient questions – all for free – since joining RealSelf.  This unwavering commitment is a valuable asset to people contemplating a procedure, helping them make an informed decision about cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Vitenas brings over 22 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, devoting his practice to the fine art of beautiful and natural appearing aesthetic results.  Believing each and every patient is unique and beautiful; Dr. Vitenas understands that everyone deserves a personalized plan to achieve their aesthetic goals.  He stands behind the relentless pursuit of perfection, while emphasizing the artistic component of cosmetic surgery.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery knows the most important piece of the cosmetic puzzle is the patient.  No matter how small the question or how complicated the request, Dr. Vitenas always provides his full attention to each individual’s specific needs.  Log onto for information on that procedure you have always wanted; and when you are ready to schedule a complimentary consultation, call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at 281.484.0088 – we look forward to hearing from you.

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