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What Mom’s Wrinkles Can Tell You

Wrinkle Treatment for Mothers, TXA mother’s love shows on her face – and eventually it can really begin to show on her face!  Mom’s self-sacrificing nature is evident on the surface of her skin, mixed into her collection of fine lines and wrinkles.  These become a roadmap, showing the joy and pain of motherhood.  So what exactly are Mom’s wrinkles telling you?

Frown Lines:  Years of motherly worry, causing continued scrunching of the eyes and forehead – have led to the 11’a between mom’s eyebrows.  And decades of sun exposure haven’t helped; remember those hours your mom spent at soccer games and park play dates.  So what can she do?  The muscles between the eyes can be relaxed with Botox Cosmetic, making mom look relaxed and refreshed.

Forehead Lines:  Your mom probably didn’t even know she was habitually crinkling up her forehead, every time she was worried about you falling off of your bike or borrowing her car.  Over time, those expressions have left mom with deep vertical creases across her forehead.  How to help?  Botox Cosmetic injections will paralyze forehead muscles, smoothing her furrows for up to 4 months.

Laugh Lines: Mom’s worrying was balanced with plenty of heartfelt laughter.  Laugh lines are caused by her repetitive grinning and smiling; as the tissues of her face age, they will begin to sag, causing noticeable Nasolabial folds.  What’s the solution? Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane, will fill in those ridges for as long as six to twelve months.

Lip Lines:  A mother’s best quality is her ability to love us unconditionally, and that comes with lots of kisses.  Just like other facial lines and wrinkles, creases form around the lips from repetitive scrunching.  Those puckers, drinking from straws, and even smoking may have caused those pesky fine lines to form.  How to roll back time?  Mom can erase those lip lines for up to a year with a Dermal Filler or a Lip-Lift.

Your mom has done so much for you – repay her love with a gift certificate to Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.  Mom will be able to pick and choose the right procedures for her individual beauty needs; and just wait until you see the love on her face, when mom walks out of the doctor’s office looking years young!  Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so call our office at 281.484.0088 today.