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The World Cup’s Dark, Cosmetic Surgery Secret

Plastic Surgery Secrets

In case you have missed everything sports and news related for the last two weeks, we are in the midst of World Cup fever.  Since this event only happens once every four years, it seems everyone is caught up in the race to be soccer’s best.

While the World Cup shines a light on amazing soccer stars, a dark side of the game is exposed, as well.  World Cup season means a sharp rise in serious facial injuries.  These can occur from bumping into other players, but more often, result from getting hit by the ball.

During the World Cup, the amount of adult, amateur soccer games skyrockets.  The U.S., in particular, shows a steady rise in leisure soccer while the championship is being played.  That also means an increase in emergency room visits.

Brazilian plastic surgeons are warning that all soccer players are at risk for serious game related facial injuries.  Most problems occur with amateurs, however.  While the professionals can receive devastating injuries during their soccer games, they tend to be better trained at how to move and to protect their face.

The Five Most Common Soccer Related Facial Fractures:

  1. Cheekbones
  2. Orbit (bones surrounding the eye)
  3. Upper teeth
  4. Jaw bone
  5. The nose

The correction for many of these injuries can require cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  “The lack of protection for the face (means) trauma sustained during soccer games often entails serious facial injuries,” Dr. Dov Goldenberg, of the University of Sao Paulo’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery explains, “Delayed treatment can lead to facial deformities and functional problems (with) breathing, vision, and chewing.”

If you have a soccer player in your life, watch for the key signs of a serious facial injury.  These can include swelling, difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, facial asymmetry, ecchymosis (unusual, dark bruising), and pain while eating.  When these symptoms occur, get an evaluation from a medical professional right away.  Left untreated, the risk for complications escalates.

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