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The Worst Plastic Surgery Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Worst Plastic Surgery Advice We've Ever Heard

Plastic surgery advice seems to be a dime a dozen. When you mention that you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery, pretty much everyone will have something to say on the topic, whether it’s a piece of encouragement, an anecdote about his or her experience with surgery, or some advice.

Advice when it comes to surgery can range from the helpful to the absurd. Since we want you to stay safe and get the best results possible, we’ve rounded up some of the worst pieces of plastic surgery advice we’ve ever heard, and have a few tips on what you can do instead.

Bad Plastic Surgery Advice 1: Surgery Is Not Worth the Pain

Admittedly, you will most likely have some soreness and discomfort after breast surgery, a tummy tuck or any other type of surgery. But, usually, the discomfort is not so bad that it can’t be managed with pain relievers, which your surgeon will prescribe. Many patients who decide to have plastic surgery feel that the slight soreness or other discomfort they felt for a few days or weeks afterwards was well worth the results they received in the end.

Bad Plastic Surgery Advice 2: Anyone Can Do It

“Anyone can do it” goes two ways. Some people think that any doctor can perform any plastic surgery. While legally that might be true, if you are hoping for the best possible results, you want to find a plastic surgeon who has a track record of producing the best possible results.

When choosing your surgeon, don’t look for any old doctor or trust that anyone advertising surgery is qualified to perform it. Instead, look for someone who is board certified in plastic surgery and who performs the surgery you want often. Dig even deeper and see what past patients have to say about the surgeon and to see if he’s been recognized with awards or other accolades.

The other half of “anyone can do it” is the idea that anyone can have plastic surgery. In reality, the better your health, the better your results from surgery. Some medical conditions or habits might rule out surgery, at least for the time being. Talk about any medicines you take, any health concerns you have, and any habits you have, such as smoking, with a surgeon, to see if surgery is a good option for you right now.

Bad Plastic Surgery Advice 3: You Can Get the Same Results With . . .

In some cases, plastic surgery isn’t always the best option. For example, some people might get the results they want from Coolsculpting, meaning they don’t have to consider or undergo liposuction. But, it’s important to understand that non-surgical treatments don’t always provide the same results as surgery, nor are they meant to. In some cases, the claims made by some products, such as breast enhancement creams or other products sold over-the-counter, are too good to be true.

Bad Plastic Surgery Advice 4: You Should Have Surgery Because Someone Wants You To

It’s not uncommon for people to think that if they only changed this or that, someone would like them more or that they’d become more popular. There can be pressure from others to have surgery, but it’s essential when making the choice to have a procedure, that you’re only doing it for yourself. Don’t let someone else pressure you into surgery.

Bad Plastic Surgery Advice 5: You’ll Save Money Going Abroad

This last one might be the worst piece of plastic surgery advice we’ve heard. While it’s true that plastic surgery in other countries tends to be cheaper, you have to consider the increased risks involved in seeking surgery in another part of the world, too.

There have been numerous deaths that have occurred when patients traveled to a different country for their surgeries. For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2014, 19 US women reported complications following surgery in the Dominican Republic. Two women who traveled to Mexico for more affordable surgery ended up severely disfigured.

If you do want to travel for surgery, whether within the US or to another country, do your research first. Find out about the surgeon’s experience and certifications and check out the facility where your procedure will take place. If you’re traveling abroad, become familiar with the rules for surgical facilities and the requirements for plastic surgeons in the country first. If the country doesn’t have stringent rules or regulations, or the surgeon you’re considering doesn’t meet them, you’re better off staying in the U.S.

Also remember that there are a number of ways to make stateside plastic surgery more affordable. Financing is usually available, whether through a special medical financing company or through your own bank, for example.

If you want to have a safe, successful surgery, it helps to be able to separate the good plastic surgery advice from the bad. Speaking with a qualified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Paul Vitenas in Houston, Texas, can help you see what’s worthwhile advice and what’s based on myths or misunderstandings. To schedule a consultation with the award-winning Dr. Vitenas, call (281) 484-0088 today.