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If I like my friend’s augmentation, I can have identical results.
Fiction: If you don’t look exactly like your friend before surgery, you won’t afterward, either. Your breast augmentation will complement your specific height, weight, and proportion.

Breast augmentation is a simple operation, any surgeon can do it.
Fiction: Any surgeon can physically place implants, but only a skilled cosmetic surgeon, with years of training, can give you beautiful and long lasting results.

The best surgeons only do breast augmentations one way.
Fiction: If a surgeon only does breast augmentation one way, then he probably only knows one way to do breast augmentation! The best surgeon will be skilled at performing the full variety of breast augmentations, adjusting his procedure according to his patient’s needs.

I probably won’t have drain tubes.
Fact: Drain tubes are not usually needed for first time breast augmentations. Dr. Vitenas uses state-of-the-art technology, removing the need for drain tubes after most procedures.

The bigger the breasts, the better.
Fiction: Bigger breasts can mean bigger problems, like back pain and sagging tissues. The best size breast is one that is proportionate and looks natural for your body type.

If I go with the textured implants, you’ll probably be able to feel them.
Fiction: Being able to see or feel your implants will have more to do with their placement (over or under the muscle), and your amount of natural breast tissue, than simply textured versus smooth.

I will come out of surgery black and blue from bruising.
Fiction: Up to 98% of Dr. Vitenas’ patients do not experience any bruising. Using the most advanced techniques, bleeding under the skin (the cause of bruising) can be kept to a minimum.

It is not really important to me where my scar is located.
Fact: Before your augmentation, scar location seems vital, after your surgery, it will be the last thing you are concerned about. And with appropriate post-operative scar management, it will hardly be noticeable.

Odds are, I will have my breast implants replaced in the future.
Fact: While breast implants are meant to last for many years, they are not designed to last forever. There is also a chance you will exchange your implants for a different size, in the years to come.

Silicone implants are less likely to leak than saline.
Fact: While the risk is quite small, saline implants do have a higher leakage rate than silicone. Saline leaks are non-toxic, though, and are usually easily detected.