Breast Augmentation in Houston

Full, round breasts give your physique attractive curves and help boost confidence in your appearance. This popular procedure can help improve your quality of life, giving you the appealing, shapely breasts you’ve always wanted. Dr. Paul Vitenas is a breast augmentation specialist who takes an individual approach with each woman to achieve their aesthetic goals. He performs more than 500 custom breast augmentations in Houston each year.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation (commonly called a “boob job”) is a cosmetic surgery that adds volume, symmetry, and round curves to the breasts with implants or the patient’s own fat. Women having breast augmentation choose the size and type of their implants, working closely with Dr. Vitenas to select implants that are proportionate for their frame and meet their expectations for size and shape. The result achieves the desirable, curvy and alluring body silhouette women having breast augmentation are hoping for.
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    Reasons for Breast Augmentation

    Each woman has her own reasons for wanting breast implants. In some cases, genetics cause the breasts to be naturally smaller or to lack symmetry. In others, the breasts have lost volume due to pregnancy and nursing, age, or other factors.

    The following are some common reasons for breast augmentation:

    • Breast size has decreased as a natural part of the aging process
    • Breasts have deflated after having children
    • Breasts are naturally small or lack symmetry
    • Breasts do not project or are shaped in a way you’re unhappy with

    Having breast augmentation can help to restore or achieve beautifully full, even breasts. Women who are unhappy with their natural breast augmentation experience a boost in confidence with their feminine, curvy figure.

    What are the Benefits of Breast Enhancement?

    Women who have been unhappy with small breast size and always wanted bigger breasts often experience breast augmentation to be a life-changing procedure. This highly popular procedure, performed by Dr. Vitenas in his Houston office, provides many benefits for women, including the following:

    • Round, full breasts
    • Breast symmetry
    • Breast rejuvenation after pregnancy or the effects of age
    • Improved cleavage
    • A better, more attractive fit in clothing
    • Appealing, feminine proportions
    • More confidence and self-esteem

    Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

    Each Patient is Unique and Individual Results May Vary

    It’s always a good idea to set your expectations for plastic surgery by looking at before and after photos of former patients. Dr. Vitenas has an extensive gallery of photos for prospective patients to browse.

    Each Patient is Unique and Individual Results May Vary

    Candidates for Breast Augmentation

    Health women who want to have bigger breasts are typically good candidates for breast augmentation. Ideal candidates for breast augmentation should meet the following requirements:
    • Are in good health, both physically and mentally
    • Do not smoke or can quit smoking
    • Are not pregnant or nursing
    • Have realistic expectations about their results
    • Breasts are small, deflated, or asymmetrical

    Types of Breast Implants

    There are various types of breast implants, and each type has its own pros and cons. Every woman is unique; while one type of breast implant might be right for one, another type may be better for another. Openly discuss your goals and preferences with Dr. Vitenas during your breast augmentation consultation in his Houston office. He will learn everything he can about your goals, body type, and lifestyle so he can help you find the ideal implant type.

    Saline Implants

    Saline implants are FDA-approved for women starting at age 18. Saline implants are heavier than silicone implants. Saline implants can be surgically placed before being filled, meaning that the surgeon can make a smaller incision in the armpit or belly button, leaving a small, unnoticeable scar.

    Saline implants do not look and feel as natural as silicone. Saline implants can also be more prone to “rippling” and becoming visible underneath the skin, especially in women with very little natural breast tissue. In the rare case of rupture, the saline is harmless inside the body.


    Silicone implants are FDA approved for women aged 22 and older. In the rare case of rupture, they pose a risk of the silicone leaking into the chest cavity, which can cause concerning effects. 

    However, silicone implants are known for looking and feeling very natural. Silicone implants retain their shape much better than the previous generation of implants and consequently maintain more upper pole volume and ripple less. 

    Your Consultation With Dr. Vitenas

    During your consultation, Dr. Vitenas will go over the different things to know about breast implants and talk about your goals for breast augmentation. He will examine your figure, skin and breasts and make recommendations about the type of implants that will help you achieve your desired results. Dr. Vitenas will discuss your medical history with you and understand current or past health conditions and medications that could affect the safety of your procedure.

    Dr. Vitenas will also ask you about your lifestyle and family plans to ensure that now is a good time for you to have breast enhancement surgery. During this time, you will have a chance to discuss preparing for surgery, the recovery period afterward and what to expect from your results, and the cost of breast augmentation.

    Bring the following to your consultation with Dr. Vitenas:

    • Information on your medical history
    • A list of medications and supplements you take
    • Basic knowledge of the procedure
    • A list of questions you want to ask

    “I would definitely recommend Dr. Vitenas to friends ,family and to everyone.”

    “I’m so glad I decided choose Dr. Vitenas to do my breast augmentation after a friend’s recommendation. My procedure couldn’t have went any smoother and I wasn’t in much pain which was amazing! I was able to raise my arms above my head the same day and I didn’t feel any pressure on my chest also, my results are fabulous! I look and feel great !! His prices may be a little steeper then other doctors but your getting of good quality which I’d rather have . I would definitely recommend Dr. Vitenas to friends ,family and to everyone.”

    Kristen's Breast Augmentation Testimonial - Video

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    What is the Cost of
    Breast Augmentation in Houston?

    Breast augmentation costs vary quite a bit due to a number of different factors. The implants themselves vary in cost, but the surgeon’s experience, geographic region, and other factors also come into play. The average cost is about $6,500 to $7,500.

    A number of different fees are taken into account when it comes to the cost of breast augmentation. These include surgical fees, the cost of the implants themselves, breast augmentation anesthesia, follow-up procedures, and others. Make sure to request a full cost breakdown when going over your financing options.

    Breast Augmentation Procedure Details

    Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure Dr. Vitenas performs in his ambulatory surgery center. The procedure itself takes about forty minutes to complete.

    Before the surgery begins, Dr. Vitenas will use a marker on your skin to indicate the surgical plan before getting you prepped for surgery. You will then be given general anesthesia.

    Dr. Vitenas will begin by making incisions based on the type of implants you’re having and the technique he is using for your custom procedure. Dr. Vitenas will then create a “pocket” in each breast. Breast implants are placed either over or under the pectoral muscles, depending on the surgical plan. He will place the implants into these pockets and adjust them to give as natural an appearance as possible. Dr. Vitenas will complete the procedure by closing the incisions with sutures.

    Recovery & Results After Breast Augmentation


    After your surgery, you will be taken into a recovery area in the surgical center while you wake up from anesthesia. Once you’re ready, you will return home with a family member or friend. Initial recovery after breast augmentation will take a couple of days. Follow the instructions that were provided to you in writing at your pre-operative appointment.

    Expect to experience some discomfort and swelling, along with minimal bruising, tightness, numbness, or hypersensitivity in the chest and nipple-areola area. Take pain medication only as directed, and ask Dr. Vitenas for pain management tips. You can expect most of the swelling to disappear within two or three weeks.

    You should not wear bras for at least six weeks after your surgery to allow your implants to move in the pockets while a lining is forming around the pocket. After the first couple of days, you can resume light activity, and most people can return to office-type work without a problem.
    Wait for four to six weeks after surgery to resume strenuous exercise. The last of the swelling should subside within a few months.


    You will see preliminary results within a few weeks. Waiting for your final breast implant results takes some patience. It will take a period of months for your incisions to heal, for any swelling to disappear, and for your implants to settle into place. Most patients are thrilled with their breast augmentation results. Expect a curvier figure and larger, well-shaped breasts that look natural. Women who get breast implants tend to feel happier with their appearance and carry themselves with more confidence.

    Why Choose Dr. Vitenas For Your

    Breast Augmentation in Houston?

    Dr. Paul Vitenas is a board-certified, acclaimed Houston breast augmentation specialist. He is known for his ability to create natural-looking results for his patients and boost their confidence in their appearance and themselves.

    Dr. Vitenas’ ultimate goal is to help each patient feel happy and comfortable in their own skin. Dr. Vitenas wants you to reach your goals safely and will design your breast enhancement procedure just for you, taking a personalized approach. 

    Every patient who steps into his plastic surgery center will experience a welcoming and inviting environment. Dr. Vitenas and his staff are compassionate and caring and will make you feel at home. He will understand your goals and expectations to create a custom treatment plan that achieves incredible results. 

    Breast AugmentationFAQ

    Generally, yes. However, it’s important to know that tuberous breasts and other developmental issues might require more reconstruction than simply placing implants. Creating a natural-looking appearance from breast enhancement is a process that plastic surgeons customize for patients.

    Expect about two weeks of downtime while you recover. Most of the swelling fades after about three weeks. You will be able to exercise strenuously again by four to six weeks after surgery. The remaining swelling will subside within a few months.

    Don’t eat or drink after midnight the day before your procedure. You may shower before the surgery, but don’t apply makeup, perfume, lotions, or deodorant on the day of your procedure. During the weeks leading up to your surgery, don’t smoke or take blood-thinning supplements or medications, such as aspirin.

    The experience of pain after breast augmentation surgery is different for each person. Expect some pain and discomfort during the first two weeks as your body begins the healing process. This pain can be controlled with medication. The pain will reduce as you heal over the following weeks, and your swelling fades.

    To keep yourself comfortable and to protect your healing breasts, sleep on your back. This keeps the pressure off your breasts as they heal and the swelling reduces.

    Keep in mind that there’s no “perfect age” for breast augmentation. Following the FDA guidelines, any healthy adult woman whose breasts have finished their development can be a good candidate. Generally, patients must be at least 18 years of age for saline implants and 22 years old for silicone. Physical and emotional maturity, life circumstances, and health all play a larger role in whether or not breast implants are right for an individual woman.

    Breast revision surgery replaces implants with new ones of the same or different type. Women who are experiencing implant rupture, loss of implant volume, Breast Implant Illness, or unhappiness with the size and general appearance of their breasts may need revision surgery to resolve these concerns.