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Dr. Paul Vitenas is a breast augmentation specialist who takes an individual approach with each woman to achieve their aesthetic goals. As one of the most experienced breast augmentations surgeons in the entire country, Dr. Vitenas performs more than 500 breast augmentations each year. He specializes in natural looking results with little to no downtime.

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Discover why patients from across the U.S. and around the world choose Dr. Vitenas as the premier surgeon for naturally-appearing breasts.

“I’m so glad I decided choose Dr. Vitenas to do my breast augmentation after a friend’s recommendation. My procedure couldn’t have went any smoother and I wasn’t in much pain which was amazing! I was able to raise my arms above my head the same day and I didn’t feel any pressure on my chest also, my results are fabulous! I look and feel great !! His prices may be a little steeper then other doctors but your getting of good quality which I’d rather have . I would definitely recommend Dr. Vitenas to friends ,family and to everyone.”

Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

Viewing before and after photos is a great way to understand the potential results you can achieve from Houston breast augmentation. With Dr. Vitenas’s extensive online photo gallery, you can get an idea of the improvements in breast size and shape that are possible.

The photos demonstrate how various breast implant sizes and surgery techniques can create fuller, shapelier breasts and more balanced proportions for women’s figures. Keep in mind that each patient’s anatomy and goals are unique and that results may differ.

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Each Patient is Unique and Individual Results May Vary

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    What is Breast Augmentation?

    Breast augmentation is a cosmetic breast surgery that uses saline or silicone breast implants to enlarge the breasts and improve their shape and projection. In this surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon makes incisions to create pockets for the implants, either under the breast tissue or the pectoral muscle. The implants are inserted into the pockets and positioned to achieve optimal, natural-looking results.

    Reasons for Breast Augmentation

    There are many reasons women choose to have breast augmentation surgery in Houston. The most common motivations include:

    • Increasing naturally small breasts – Many women feel self-conscious about having small breasts and want to increase their breast size and fullness for aesthetic reasons and to fit clothing better.
    • Regaining volume after pregnancy – It’s common for breasts to deflate and lose fullness after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Implants can restore pre-pregnancy breast volume.
    • Aging changes – Over time, breasts naturally lose elasticity and fullness due to influences like gravity, weight changes, and hormone changes. Augmentation rejuvenates breast shape.
    • Asymmetry correction – Breasts that are noticeably different sizes or shapes can be balanced and symmetrical through the implant procedure.
    • Improving proportions after weight loss – Implants can help restore balance to your figure when the breasts lose volume following major weight loss.
    • Gender affirmation – Transgender women often undergo breast augmentation to help them feel more feminine and affirm their gender.

    What are the Benefits of Breast Enhancement?

    Breast augmentation surgery offers many desirable benefits, including:

    • Larger breast size and enhanced curves
    • Improved breast symmetry
    • Fuller, perkier breast shape
    • Better projection and cleavage
    • Proportions more in harmony with the rest of the body
    • Confidence in clothing and swimsuits
    • Renewed self-esteem and positive body image

    Women who haven’t achieved satisfactory results from natural breast augmentation can benefit greatly from this surgical procedure. Breast augmentation is very rewarding for women seeking a curvier, sexier, more voluptuous figure, and the benefits can positively impact many aspects of their lives.

    Candidates for Breast Augmentation

    Ideal candidates for breast augmentation surgery are women who:
    • Are physically healthy
    • Have breasts that are fully developed
    • Have realistic goals for enhancement
    • Do not smoke or are willing to quit smoking
    • Are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding

    Women hoping to get pregnant or breastfeed in the future can still be good candidates. Be sure to address these topics with your plastic surgeon during your consultation.

    Additionally, there are minimum age requirements for breast augmentation depending on the type of implants chosen. The minimum age requirement for saline implants is 18 years old, while for silicone implants, it is 22 years old.

    The best way to determine if you are a candidate is to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Vitenas, a board-certified plastic surgeon who will evaluate your health, examine your breasts, and help you determine whether implants can achieve your cosmetic goals.

    Kristen's Breast Augmentation Testimonial - Video

    5 stars review


    Types of Breast Implants

    The two main types of breast implants used for augmentation are silicone and saline implants. Both come in a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles, and textures to accommodate each patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals.

    Saline Breast Implants

    Saline breast implants are filled with sterile saltwater. These are some key characteristics of saline implants:

    • Saline implants can be placed through smaller incisions since they are empty at the time of insertion. They are then filled with saline solution once positioned in the breast pocket.
    • Saline implants typically feel firmer and are less natural looking than silicone. The saltwater can cause visible wrinkling or rippling, especially for women with less breast tissue.
    • In the rare event that a saline implant ruptures, the saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body.
    • Women who are 18 years of age and older are approved for Saline implants in breast augmentation.
    • Saline breast implants come in round and shaped styles. Shaped options include teardrop/anatomical to mimic the slope of natural breast tissue.
    • Saline implants are a good option for smaller breast enhancements. For more large breast augmentation, silicone may yield a more natural look and feel.

    Silicone Breast Implants

    As the name suggests, silicone breast implants contain a cohesive silicone gel. Some additional features of silicone implants include:

    • Silicone implants closely mimic the feel of natural breast tissue. They have a softer, more natural feel compared to saline.
    • Silicone implants provide a more realistic slope, shape, and movement of breasts.
    • They are less likely to wrinkle or ripple than saline, especially for women with minimal breast tissue.
    • Available in a variety of profiles, shapes, and textures to optimize your appearance.
    • Women who are 22 years of age and older are approved for silicone implants in breast augmentation.
    • Silicone implants may have a better ability to maintain shape and fullness in the upper portion over time.

    Dr. Vitenas will help you determine whether saline or silicone breast implants are right for you based on your body type, breast characteristics, and cosmetic goals.

    Your Consultation With Dr. Vitenas

    A breast augmentation consultation allows patients to meet with Dr. Vitenas, learn about their options, and determine if they are good candidates for enhancement with implants. For your consultation:
    • Come prepared to discuss your goals for breast enlargement and any particular hopes you have for your results.
    • Share information about your overall health, medications, and any pertinent medical history. Be candid about any health concerns – past or present.
    • Ask any questions you may have about the procedure, potential risks, and what to expect during recovery.
    • Take notes so you remember the details of your surgical plan, implant suggestions, recovery instructions, and any next steps to schedule surgery.
    • View before and after photos to get an idea of potential results you may achieve from breast augmentation.
    • Be prepared to discover new information about breast augmentation.

    At your consultation, Dr. Vitenas will:

    • Evaluate your health and determine if you are a good surgical candidate.
    • Perform a physical exam of your breasts and take measurements.
    • Recommend incision placement and position of the implants.
    • Answer any questions and address any concerns thoroughly.
    • Explain all aspects of the procedure, from your preparation through recovery.
    • Provide information about costs, financing, timing, and scheduling surgery.

    Dr. Vitenas will thoroughly discuss your implant options and make recommendations about the size, shape, filler material, and breast implant placement that will help you achieve your goals.

    The right implants for you depend on the following:

    • Your current breast size and amount of natural tissue
    • Dimensions of your chest and width of the implant base
    • The volume enhancement desired
    • The look and feel you hope to attain
    • Your lifestyle (active, athletic, etc.)
    • Your body type and frame size
    Rest assured, you are in highly skilled and experienced hands with Dr. Vitenas. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of successful breast augmentations.

    Breast Augmentation Procedure Details

    Breast augmentation procedures are performed as outpatient surgery under general anesthesia. The procedure takes 1-2 hours from start to finish.

    The general steps of breast augmentation surgery are:

    • General anesthesia is administered to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.
    • Incisions are made based on the pre-determined surgical plan (around the areola, under the breast, armpit, or navel) and will depend on the implant and the technique used.
    • Implant pockets are carefully created above or underneath the chest muscle.
    • Breast implants are inserted into the implant pockets and properly positioned.
    • Incisions are closed with layered sutures, tape, or medical adhesives.

    Recovery & Results After Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Breast Augmentation Recovery

    Allowing time for your surgical incisions to close and the implants to settle into the intended position is part of the breast augmentation recovery process. Be sure to follow all post-op instructions carefully, including having a recovery kit and taking all medications as directed.

    Call the office promptly about severe pain, excessive swelling, discharge, fever, or other concerns. The risk of hematoma after breast augmentation, though rare, is a potential complication you might encounter.

    Breast Augmentation Results

    You will get a preview of your breast augmentation results right after surgery. However, it will take weeks to months to appreciate the final outcome. Initially, you may notice that the results appear high and tight due to swelling and the effects of surgical compression.

    Over time, the incision lines will fade, maturing into thin white scar lines, a process that typically takes twelve months. As the breast pockets stretch to accommodate the implants, mild shifting or settling of the implants is entirely normal. Also, while the sensation typically returns within a couple of months after the procedure, some degree of numbness may persist in the long term.

    Patience is needed to allow complete healing and all swelling to resolve. Most patients take a few months for swelling to fully resolve so that they can see the beautiful, proportional breast contour they desired from surgery.

    Breast Augmentation Price | Houston, TX

    The price of breast augmentation varies significantly and is influenced by several aspects, such as the choice of your surgeon, the kind of implants you opt for, and the facility where the surgery takes place. During your consultation, Dr. Vitenas will discuss your specific needs and goals to provide a detailed quote for your procedure. This approach ensures that you receive a personalized estimate that reflects your implant choices and any unique requirements of your procedure. On average, the cost of a primary breast implant surgery is around $7,000. Financing options are offered to make this sought-after procedure more accessible and budget-friendly.
    Dr. Vitenas, skilled plastic surgeon from Houston, TX

    Why Choose Dr. Vitenas

    For Your Houston Breast Augmentation?

    Dr. Paul Vitenas is board-certified in plastic surgery and performs breast augmentation for exceptional outcomes across thousands of patients, making him a breast augmentation expert.

    Dr. Vitenas is well-known for his caring and compassionate demeanor, taking time to listen and understand each patient’s unique goals before tailoring a treatment plan. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has a state-of-the-art accredited surgical center where Dr. Vitenas uses the latest technology and advanced techniques to help every breast augmentation patient feel more feminine, self-confident, and happy with her appearance. He provides an exceptional experience from the initial consultation through the final results.

    Breast AugmentationFAQ

    It takes about 6-8 weeks for breast implants to fully heal and settle into place. Swelling gradually resolves over the first 2-3 months. Incision sites continue maturing for twelve months after surgery.

    After your breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Vitenas recommends sleeping on your back with your head and shoulders slightly elevated for 1-2 weeks. This protects the implants while they heal and reduces discomfort and swelling.

    There is some pain and discomfort during the first few days after surgery that can be managed with prescription medication. As you heal over the first two weeks, swelling and tightness will subside, and any pain gradually diminishes. Contact your surgeon if you feel constant and sharp pain after breast augmentation.

    Tightness and swelling after breast implant surgery peak at 3-5 days and slowly improve over the following weeks or months, depending on the size of the implant chosen (large or extra large breast implants influence recovery too) and the degree of skin laxity or lack thereof. The remaining swelling typically resolves within a few months after your breast augmentation procedure.

    Dr. Vitenas suggests that his breast augmentation patients not wear a bra for at least six weeks after surgery to allow their implants to move in the pockets while a lining forms around the pocket. If a supportive garment is needed, the doctor will let you know.

    Choosing a qualified surgeon who will select and perform the proper implant placement will help avoid this problem. Dr. Vitenas might also suggest massage techniques, which help keep the implant pocket open and minimize scar tissue formation.

    The cost of breast augmentation varies due to different factors, such as the surgeon's fees, the kind of implants used, and the charges of the surgical facility. Generally, the cost for an initial breast implant procedure is around $7,000.