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Work it, baby!

“When can I start exercising again?” This is one of Dr. Vitenas’ most often asked questions. The general guideline is that you can start off slowly (walking) after a day and work up to more aerobic activity over the next two to six weeks, as you feel comfortable.

Skip the Tanning Bed . . .

This is not just about taking care of your newest investment; it’s looking out for all of you. Skip the tanning bed altogether; the UV rays emitted are 15-20 times stronger than those from the sun! A tan today will mean wrinkles, lax skin, brown spots, and possibly skin cancer in the future. Besides the damage to your skin, the tanning will make your augmentation incisions more noticeable. For a better way to get an all-over tan, invest in a skin-healthy self-tanner, such as the FakeBake products available at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.