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Time to go Bra Shopping – Well Almost

You’re beyond excited! You have the breasts you have wanted for so long; you are ready to go out and buy some pretty bras to celebrate your new figure.

Not so fast, though . . .

It is best to wait six weeks before investing in some new bras. This is because it takes a while to completely heal from your breast augmentation surgery. During the first six weeks after your surgery, your breasts will change as the tissues heal and relax to accommodate the implants. Remember that breasts are made of living tissue, and when living tissue is exposed to tension, it grows to accommodate this force; just think of how a woman’s abdomen grows to accommodate the baby within during pregnancy. This is the reason we ask our patients not to wear a bra for the first six weeks after surgery, so those forces can produce a completely naturally appearing breast.

What to do with your old bras?

Don’t throw away your drawer full of barely worn Victoria’s Secret bras. There are great organizations in Houston that help women in need, and happily accept clean, gently-used bras. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has many suggestions, such as Dress for Success and the Women’s Home of Houston; these groups help women in crisis get back in the work force and are an excellent way for us to help others.