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Do bigger breasts mean more cleavage?

Dr. Vitenas: “It is a popular assumption that larger breasts equal deeper cleavage. To a degree, this is true; it requires bigger, fuller breasts to create a deep fissure. But not all breasts are created the same, some are close together (helping cleavage), and some are farther apart (hurting cleavage). If your breasts are spaced apart before implants, they will be equally spaced apart after your implants – even if they have become substantially bigger.”

Can I manipulate my breasts to create more cleavage?

Dr. Vitenas: “You cannot change the physical location of your breasts. To achieve something of that magnitude would require elaborate surgery to crack the breast bone and reposition the chest. Simply putting the breast implants closer together is not an option, because breast symmetry and nipple placement will be thrown out of alignment.”

So can cleavage change at all?

Dr. Vitenas: “For cleavage to increase, a woman will need to have naturally close set breasts, so the degree of change after implants will be determined by your own body. Once your augmentation is complete, the best way to add additional cleavage is through a well-designed bra.”