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As you age

you may notice your breasts begin to droop and lose their fullness. This can be the result
of pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss, or the normal aging process.

So how can you tell if you need a lift? Stand in front of the mirror and assess these three factors:

  1. Do you have one nipple that sits lower than the other, or have your
    nipples changed position?
  2. Do your nipples sit at or below the level of your breast fold?
  3. Do you have a significant degree of skin laxity to your breasts?

If you are experiencing some sagging and loss of skin elasticity in your breasts, you may need
to consider a lift. Also known as a Mastopexy, a breast lift will raise and firm the breasts by removing
the excess skin, and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the breast tissue.

To provide a permanent fullness to the upper portion of the breast, a small implant is normally
used, along with a breast lift. This will raise the stretched tissues and address the excess skin,
while also providing volume to fill out and support the breast. Combining the use of a lift and a
breast implant can help to ensure your breasts will remain full and proportionate for years to come.

Physical changes are different from woman to woman, not everyone will need a breast lift.
When you see Dr. Vitenas for your breast augmentation consultation, he will explain which
procedures will work best for your unique situation.