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Referred to as ‘Under the Muscle’, submuscular implants are placed underneath the pectoralis major muscle. This position does not require women to have much breast tissue, in order to obtain a soft, natural look. When only a small amount of breast tissue is present, submuscular placement is ideal, as the breast implant is less likely to be visible. Rippling, which occurs more with saline implants, is less noticeable when they are placed in the submuscular position. The muscle adds volume to the upper pole, giving it a more natural and pleasing shape. Dr. Vitenas recommends submuscular placement of breast implants, especially for patients who have smaller amounts of natural breast tissue, as this provides a more natural look.

Pros of Submuscular Placement:

  • Implants are harder to feel when under the muscle
  • Less rippling will be noticeable
  • Submuscular implants can provide better imaging during mammography
  • Capsular contracture may be less.
  • Upper pole fullness is more flattering and natural looking.

Cons of Submuscular Placement:

  • Animation Distortion (change of breast shape when the chest muscle contracts) can occur with submuscular placement; this is temporary, relieved as the chest muscles are no longer flexed
  • 4-6 weeks are required before being able to work out.