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History of Saline

Referred to as “Over the Muscle”, subglandular implants are placed below breast tissue, on top of the pectoralis major muscle. This positioning is used more commonly with silicone implants than saline. Implant edges, and rippling, can be more visible with subglandular placement, so only women with large amounts of natural tissue should consider implants above the muscle.

Pros of Subglandular Placement:

  • Slightly less post-operative discomfort in some patients, as compared to submuscular placement.
  • No ‘Animation Distortion’ occurs when the chest muscles are flexed.
  • Provides the round, augmented look that some patients desire.
  • Can improve shape and position of slightly droopy breasts.

Cons of Subglandular Placement::

  • Requires a greater amount of natural breast tissue.
  • Breast implant edges can be easier to notice.
  • Rippling is more visible when implants are above the muscle.
  • Subglandular placement is best used for smaller implants.