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Once you get serious

about breast implants, you are probably going to start hearing a lot about implant profiles. To put it in easy to understand terms, the distance a breast implant protrudes outward from the body, is an implant profile. For years, the implant profile was rarely discussed, it was solely up to the surgeon; but today, women have become more active in their breast augmentation decisions. As your surgeon understands what implant profile will best fit your body shape, it is important to listen to his recommendation.

Here, Dr. Vitenas explains breast implant profiles, and how he chooses the right one for each patient:


“Different from the breast implant size, an implant profile refers to the amount of implant projection, for a woman’s given base width (measuring from the edge of the armpit, straight across the breast, to the sternum). All round implants will come in different profiles. There are also different profiles for saline and silicone implants.


Profiles may be low, moderate, moderate plus, or high profile. Simply put, lower implant profiles tend to give a more natural look, a high profile will stand out the most from the chest wall, and the moderate profiles will fall somewhere in the middle. A woman’s body type and chest measurements will determine what profile looks best on her.


When choosing an implant, I usually recommend the best profile for the breast size a woman wants, without the implant diameter exceeding the width of the patient’s breast. For saline implants, this is usually high profile; for silicone, this usually means moderate plus or high.

Only your surgeon will have the tools to measure your base width. He will use this information to recommend the best implant profile for your body.