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Breast implants do not meet your desired aesthetic goals. These challenges may include wrinkling and rippling, bottoming out, symmastia (implants to close together), and fold malposition. In these instances, a breast revision will be necessary. This is when Strattice Reconstructive Tissue Matrix ™ (TM) might come to the rescue.

Strattice TM is an acellular tissue matrix that is porcine derived from dermis and is used to reinforce weak breast tissue, while supporting the regeneration of a woman’s own tissue, to form a long lasting repair.

Strattice™ has been used for many years to treat surgical and burn patients; the pliable, sterile material is extremely effective for repair and replacement of damaged tissues.

Perhaps the main use for Strattice™ in a cosmetic situation is in the treatment and prevention of a capsular contraction. Capsular contracture occurs when the sack that is formed around an implant contracts circumferentially and causes the implant to feel hard. Capsular contracture can occur at any time after a breast augmentation and its cause is unknown. The treatment for the condition has been greatly improved by the use of Strattice. When Strattice is used to cover the breast implant, in the treatment of capsular contracture, the occurrence rate is reduced to approximately 1%.