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Your cup size

is completely irrelevant – yes, while that might be hard to comprehend, it is true. Women have been trained to think in cup size, when buying a bra – and when planning a breast augmentation. The problem: there is no international standard for cup size. That explains why you might wear a 36C at one store, and a 34D at another. Cup size has become a mere marketing tool in the U.S.

There is a standard measurement for volume though: mL or CC (milliliters). When you have your augmentation consultation, you will try on a variety of breast implant sizers, and your doctor will tell you how many CCs are in each. This volume will translate between implant manufacturers, silicone and saline, even between surgeons. If you get the implants, then want to have them redone in 12 years, you can get the same look by getting the same CC – that will be your number.

So, force yourself to forget about cup size! Even though women will request augmentation based on cup size, what they really mean is they want a breast that will look proportionate to their body. Women want breasts that are full, sculpted, and flatter their body size. This will be decided on at your consultation appointment, when you get to try on your sizers.