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If you cannot determine

your new breast size by bra cup measurements, what can you do? Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery provides a huge variety of breast sizers. When you come in for your consultation appointment, we will have you try on as many as it takes to determine the best volume, shape, and style for your body. Sizers will look just like your implants – this will allow you to visualize what the end result of your breast augmentation will look like.

When choosing an implant, you will need to consider your height, weight, shoulder width, hip size, and current breast volume. A woman with a small frame generally needs a smaller implant than a tall woman with broad shoulders and wide hips. The wrong implant can actually make you look shorter, wider, or heavier, something few women want!

Implant sizes are based on the amount of fluid or gel in the implant itself. These start small, at 125cc, and go up in range to 800cc. Different brand implants (there are three), as well as saline and silicone, will look different on your body, even with the same volume. This makes many combinations, giving you lots of looks to choose from.

Remember, you are paying for your doctor’s experience and expertise, so make sure you get it: Dr. Vitenas will give you his full, personal attention during your consultation appointment, this includes the sizing process. Doesn’t it make sense that the one who will be surgically placing your implants, be
there when you choose your permanent breast shape and size, not just show up in the operating room? A nurse or patient coordinator can give you
friendly input, but only Dr. Vitenas can provide an objective perspective on each implant.