Tuberous Breast Correction

Tuberous breasts are misshapen due to a congenital abnormality restricting normal puberty development. This common condition varies in severity and asymmetry and profoundly affects breast aesthetics, balance, and self-perception. With his tuberous breast correction in Houston, Dr. Vitenas can give you full, round breasts for a shapely silhouette and boosted confidence.

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What are Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous breasts lack volume around the nipple and have a gap greater than 1 ½ inch between the breasts. In some cases, the tissue around the nipple appears constricted, so the areola tends to be larger. Tuberous breasts are common, can affect one or both breasts, and can be found in both women and men.

Some examples of the different ways tuberous breasts present include:

  • Insufficient skin or fullness under the areola
  • A large, prominent, or outward-protruding areola
  • Downward-pointing or drooping nipples
  • Breasts that are larger on top than the bottom
  • Narrow breasts
  • Downward-pointing breasts

In addition to genetics, lifestyle factors such as pregnancy or rapid weight loss can turn mildly tuberous breasts into severely tuberous breasts.

What is Tuberous Breast Correction?

While tuberous breasts do not pose health issues, they can reduce self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery can correct the size and shape of the breast by:
  • Reshaping the breast
  • Balancing areola size
  • Augmenting breast tissue
  • Releasing constricted breast tissue
  • Creating new breast folds
Dr. Vitenas’ tuberous breast correction in Houston at his private practice can include augmentationlift, or a combination of both procedures to give you more aesthetically pleasing and balanced breasts.

Breast Augmentation to Correct Tuberous Breasts

One way to correct tuberous breasts is with breast augmentation to achieve a more symmetrical and enhanced bust. Depending on the degree of irregularity, the procedure may require two stages.

The first stage is done by putting in breast implants. The breast implants along with scoring the breast tissue from the inside allows the breast skin envelope to expand and grow. Thereby overcoming the constricted aspect of the breast especially in the lower pole. 

At a second stage, usually a year later, the breast can be adjusted for symmetry with various types of breast lift procedures. Sometimes all that is required is an incision around the areola to resize it. Other times a full mastopexy (breast lift ) procedure is needed.

Breast Lift to Correct Tuberous Breasts

Mastopexy, or a breast lift, corrects saggy breasts or protruding areolas. The procedure is not necessary in all cases, but it further lifts the breast and reduces the size of the areolas.

A breast lift allows Dr. Vitenas to:

  • Resize the areola
  • Reset the breast fold
  • Reposition the skin and breast
  • Create an overall firmer, perkier, more rounded appearance

For some patients, a two-stage breast lift and augmentation are necessary to correct tuberous breasts. You get the perkiness, roundness, and areola correction of the breast lift paired with the fullness and projection of the breast implant.

These procedures may take place twelve months apart to ensure the lift scars have wholly healed before adding the weight of the implants. This approach produces the best possible long-term result with minimal scarring.

“Got a breast augmentation done and Dr. Vitenas made sure I got the right size for my body! I love them! He’s very wonderful at explaining and answering questions as well! My recovery went very well!”

What are the Benefits of Tuberous Breast Correction?

If tuberous breasts negatively impact your self-esteem, the most significant benefit of correction is that you will feel more confident in your appearance. Some additional benefits of Dr. Vitenas’ tuberous breast correction surgery in Houston include the following:

  • Symmetrical breasts
  • A naturally beautiful breast shape
  • Rounded, full, and even breasts
  • Balanced and attractive nipples and areolae

Tuberous Breast Correction Recovery and Results

Tuberous breast correction surgery in Houston lasts one to two hours. The first part of your surgery releases the fibrous band of tissue at the base of your breasts for reshaping and adds an implant to fill out the lower pole of the breast. After a year, Dr. Vitenas may lift your breasts and trim any excess skin if your breasts are still assymetric.

When a fat transfer is necessary, the fat is harvested from the predetermined donor area, such as your thighs or stomach, before Dr. Vitenas injects it into your breasts. You can return home the same day as your surgery. 

After a few days, you may feel up to driving, sedentary work, and usual light activities. Avoid strenuous exercise or activities until at least six weeks have passed. We will make a follow-up appointment after the first two days to be sure you are healing well, with another in two weeks to ensure successful healing and results.

Regarding expected results, tuberous breasts will appear more natural and shapelier. Your correction will expand the lower portion, and the areola/nipples will look better in proportion than before the surgery.

Dr. Vitenas, skilled plastic surgeon from Houston, TX

Why Choose Dr. Vitenas for Tuberous Breast Correction in Houston?

Dr. Paul Vitenas is a board-certified, acclaimed Houston breast augmentation specialist. He is known for creating natural-looking results for his patients and boosting their confidence in their appearance and themselves. His ultimate goal is to help patients feel happy and comfortable in their skin.

Dr. Vitenas performs more than 500 custom breast surgeries per year. His outstanding education and extensive experience in cosmetic surgery to improve the shape and appearance of breasts is why you should choose Dr. Vitenas for tuberous breast correction in Houston.