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I cannot express how grateful I am

Dr. Vitenas,

I cannot express how grateful I am for all of your guidance during this process. Thank you for bearing with me in my moment of “boob green: just a day before surgery. The time and care you put into each of your patients is unparalleled. I will see you in years when it’s time to replace my implants

Warmest Regards, Carla

Thank you for changing my life

Dear Dr. Vitenas, Met you and had the privilege of being one of your patients, was a nice experience. I came from Italy and put my life and my body in to your hands with great confidence. Your professionalism, kindness, and humanity make your honor! You are not only a doctor, you are “THE DOCTOR.” This present is a way to say thank you for changing my life. Always you will remain in my heart. With love.

Dr. Vitenas and staff

Dr. Vitenas and staff… You have many special gifts that you give your patients… one of those gifts is the gift of hope.

With love and admiration

E. & S.

Thank you for the kind donation

Dr. Vitenas cosmetic center, Thank you for the kind donation to the Clear Creek Education Foundation. Without generous donations like your gift card, CCEF would be unable to provide the much needed scholarships that support the CCISD community.


B. (Silent Auction Chairman)

They are absolutely the best anywhere

Dr. Vitenas – Cannot tell you enough how much Mychal and I love these women. They are absolutely the best anywhere. Thank you for your wonderful, kind staff.


You’ve totally changed my life

Dr V.

Thank you, thank you, and once again, thank you. You’ve totally changed my life. May God bless you and give you the desires of your heart! Thank you for all your hard work and perfection.


My experience has been wonderful

Dr. Vitenas, My experience has been wonderful. Can’t say enough about your terrific staff. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I can tell your staff enjoys their job! I look forward to my next procedure with you!

Thank you so much


The work I had done was and is awesome

Dr. Vitenas and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. I was very nervous about my procedure but, they helped me feel very comfortable. The work I had done was and is awesome.

‘Love it!’


The staff is warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable

The staff is warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable throughout the consultation and surgery process. Dr. Vitenas listened to my concerns and knew exactly what I needed to give me the look I wanted.


Dr. Vitenas is extremely gifted in his work

Dr. Vitenas and his staff are incredible! Dr. Vitenas is extremely gifted in his work and you will be sure to get the results you want. His patient coordinators are so friendly and helpful. They are always there when you need them for any questions or concerns.


Dr. Vitenas has made my self-esteem soar

I’ve been coming here “8” years. Dr. Vitenas has made my self esteem soar. I have always been a confident out going person on the outside inside not so. Not so anymore. Thanks to your God given skills my senior years ROCK!


Really helped me pick the perfect size

Dr. Vitenas is AMAZING!! I did my homework and visited several doctors. I really appreciated all of the time Dr. Vitenas spent with me during the consult. More time than any other doctor but he really helped me pick the perfect size. Jennifer the patient coordinator also answered all my last minute questions. Everyone at Dr. Vs office was wonderful! I have already referred one friend and I’ll continue to refer anyone & everyone that asks☺ C.B.

My breast implants are beautiful and I have minimal scarring

Dr. Vitenas and his staff are an excellent group of practitioners. From the moment I arrived with many questions, they were ready and willing to answer them. I have had no complications and I would recommend Dr. Vitenas to anyone with plastic surgery needs. My breast implants are beautiful and I have minimal scarring.


My Lift Kit!

As a Woman ages, Mother Nature steps in, Gravity takes hold, and there’s hairs on my Chin!

God blessed me with children, I love them, believe! But my belly button gained friends, They are MY BOOB IES! I can’t find a bra that will hold them in, On a walk or a run, they fall out again!

My eyelids have fallen even when I’m awake, The bags under my eyes, For Heaven’s sake!!

Dare I think, of going under the knife? But then I know, my boobs are ruining my life!

Dr. V & his staff took me under their wing, My fears subsiding, as they explained everything! Pictures of his handwork, of his God given GIFT, I respectfully deserved, my eyes and boob lift!,

I opened my eyes, couldn’t believe what I saw, Two PERKY boobs back in place, I was in AWE! What’s under my boobs? It was my rib bone! And happily, forever, my belly button’s ALONE! No more mascara on my eyelids to wipe, Gone are the bags, my eyes are so bright! I’m a proud 56, feeling beautiful once more, Look out world, I AM WOMAN, hear me ROAR!

Moral of the story: If you need work on your body, don’t sit on URANUS, FEEL & LOOK BEAUTIFUL AGAIN, Go see Dr. Vitenas

Real Patient

Dr. Vitenas

Thanks for all you and your staff have done for me. As well as reassuring my husband of my procedure. My breast reduction went wonderfully well, and better than I hoped for. I am so happy with the results. I hope that this will encourage others. Thanks


Your work was outstanding along with your care and concern

Dr. Vitenas and staff, I am writing this with great appreciation for allowing one of my dreams to finally come through. Your work was outstanding along with your care and concern. With such a great combination, I honestly could not ask for anything more. Again, thank you for such a remarkable experience. See ya in the future!!!

Real Patient

Dear Dr. Vitenas

We were thinking about you today, and I just wanted you to know that by the time you receive this letter, we will have celebrated my one year anniversary with a new body… a new life! I still find myself looking in the mirror and saying: “Wow, this IS really me!” It has taken me a long time to realize we actually had mirrors in our home (sad, but very true). You will always be “The Top Doc” in my heart.

I promise to always take care of my new body and be careful not to tan… I mean “grill” the areas that you have so expertly put back together and blessed me with.

I truly thank you again for taking so much time with me. We are truly blessed to have you as our surgeon and doctor. I will never have the words to express how I feel about what you have done for both of us! It would be an honor and a pleasure for me to talk to any patient that needs a reference.

I have sent a few photos of us from our cruise that we thought all of you might enjoy! I actually didn’t mind being in front of a camera (imagine that). One of the photos could be used for an “AFTER” photo… I have way too many “BEFORE” pictures to choose from!!

Real Patient

Dear Dr. Vitenas and Staff

I absolutely love the results of my breast augmentation! You and your staff are AWESOME they made sure I was doing well by checking on me periodically the days following. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them now I can take my career to the next level thank you guys ssssssoooooo much!!! Now I have girlfriends wanting to get their done and I will definitely be recommending them to your beautiful office!! Thank you for changing my life!


Thanks again for your superior service

Thanks again for your superior service, artful eye and skillful hands. I look forward to returning to the practice when I am in Houston again. Best to you, the office and your family. Kind regards

Real Patient

Dr. Vitenas and staff

Thank you guys so much for everything. I love my results and everone is friendly. Thank ya’ll for making my experience very easy. Love


I’m completely satisfied with the outcome

Thank you all so very much! You guys have been helpful with me in my first surgery experience. I’m completely satisfied with the outcome and will recommend you all to everyone.

Real Patient

Dr. Vitenas, thanks for being so great

Before – 🙁 After – 🙂 The whole experience could not have been any better. Thanks for being so great. I’ll write more as I get to live in this new body a little longer, as I’ll be MORE thankful.


I appreciated your patience while I struggled with every single detail

I’m so glad I ended up in your O.R. I appreciated your patience while I struggled with every single detail. You were the only surgeons office that I didn’t feel like a number in a surgery factory. You and your staff made me feel very confident. I’m so happy with the results and looking forward to the final touches.

Real Patient


Thank you so much of your time and care

Dr. Vitenas: Thank you so much of your time and care. Making the decision to have the breast augmentation was a very difficult one for me. I am a thirty seven year old professional woman, and I feared of looking like a clown. Your reassurance and surgical touch made it all worth it. You picked the excellent size and shape for my body structure, thank you. You also got rid of that “twelve year old” look that I had. My breast have never looked more natural, health, and down right pretty, not even when I was pregnant. You can’t imagine what that has done for my self esteem. Thank you for being such a wonderful surgeon and having such creativity. Sincerly


Dear Dr. Vitenas and friends

Thank you so much for all of your kindness and WONDERFUL care of me before & after my labiaplasty. Before my surgery I was so embarassed by the way I looked. Not only that, I was so anxious and embarassed about anticipating Dr. Vitenas’ pre-op examination. But when the time came, you all put me at ease and treated me so great that I forgot about being embarassed. Dr. Vitenas was very gentle and caring to me, which I greatly appreciated. And the surgery… WHAT SURGERY/ It was a breeze. I had no pain whatsoever. I’m so glad that I had this procedure.

1) Because I look and feel AWESOME again and

2) Because I came to y’all and you are WONDERFUL! Thanks again Dr. Vitenas and gals!

Love your friend


My experience with Dr. Vitenas was life-changing

My experience with Dr. Vitenas was life-changing. I feel like a different person! He did a great job. Thank you Dr. Vitenas so much!! Love.