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Lush, well-defined lips are vital for a youthful look. However, aging can alter lip shape, leaving some women dissatisfied, particularly with lengthened upper lips. If you share these concerns, a lip lift procedure can provide a solution to restore your desired lip aesthetics, enhancing your overall facial appearance.

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Lip Lift Before & After Photos

Each Patient is Unique and Individual Results May Vary

Taking a look at before and after photos can help you appreciate the transformation a lip lift can offer. By shortening the space between your nose and upper lip, this procedure can create a more youthful and appealing lip shape.

Everyone’s facial aesthetics are different, so your results will be tailored to your unique features. These photos can demonstrate how a lip lift can enhance your overall appearance, giving you a more vibrant and confident smile.

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    What is a Lip Lift?

    A lip lift can reshape the lips while adding volume. The procedure involves making a small incision under the nose and removing a sliver of skin. Then, the upper lip is pulled closer to the nose. This process will shorten the skin between the lip and nose. By revealing more of the upper teeth, the surgery provides the appearance of a fuller upper lip.

    The lip lift procedure provides long-lasting results for years to come. It can enhance the Cupid’s bow, create better symmetry, and reduce the signs of aging around the mouth, helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals with a subtle, natural-looking change.

    Benefits of Lip Lift Surgery

    Choosing to undergo an upper lip lift in Houston with Dr. Vitenas comes with a range of benefits. This minimally invasive surgical procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of the lips that balance with the other facial features. Some advantages of getting a lip lift include:

    Ideal Candidates for a Lip Lift in Houston

    The procedure aims to address aging signs around the mouth resulting from a decrease in bone density in the maxilla. This offers women an exciting opportunity to rejuvenate their youthful appearance.
    Ideal candidates for a lip lift in Houston often have the following:

    The final decision on candidacy is made during a consultation with Dr. Vitenas, who will assess your aesthetic goals, lips, and overall facial anatomy.

    Houston Lip Lift Procedure

    The lip lift procedure performed at our Houston practice involves several steps to ensure optimal results. Here is a general overview of what you can expect:

    During your initial consultation, Dr. Vitenas will discuss your aesthetic goals, evaluate your facial features, and develop a personalized treatment plan.
    The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort.
    A small incision is made beneath the nose. The location and shape of the incision may differ depending on the individual patient’s anatomical structure and the chosen technique.
    After removing a small strip of skin, the upper lip is lifted towards the nose. This has the effect of boosting lip volume and accentuating the shape.
    The incision site is carefully closed using sutures. Advanced surgical techniques are used to minimize visible scarring and ensure natural-looking results.
    Post-procedure care instructions are provided to ensure a smooth recovery.
    Dr. Vitenas uses his extensive experience and surgical expertise to perform each step of the lip lift procedure with precision and care. His attention to detail and commitment to patient satisfaction contribute to the high-quality, natural-looking results achieved.

    Recovery After a Lip Lift Procedure

    After a lip lift procedure, most patients experience minor swelling and redness at the incision site. These are normal side effects and usually subside within a week. During the lip lift recovery period, it is important to follow Dr. Vitenas’ post-procedure care instructions to facilitate healing and ensure the best possible results.

    In the first few days after the procedure, patients are advised to rest and avoid strenuous physical activity. Cold compresses can be used to help reduce swelling. It is also recommended to keep the head elevated to further minimize swelling.

    Sutures are typically removed 5-7 days after surgery. Most patients can return to work or other non-strenuous daily routines after about two to three days. However, strenuous activities should not be resumed for several more weeks to ensure the healing process is complete.

    The final results of a lip lift are typically visible about two months after the procedure, once all swelling has completely subsided, and you will be able to see your lip’s more youthful and attractive appearance.

    Dr. Vitenas was voted the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Houston for 2022 by Modern Luxury Magazine!

    Long-Term Lip Lift Results

    The results of a lip lift procedure are typically long-lasting and can significantly enhance the patient’s facial features. After a lip lift, patients often find that their lips appear fuller and more youthful.

    The procedure can also improve the visibility of the upper teeth when smiling, adding to a more vibrant and youthful appearance. However, the skin will keep aging after a lip lift. So while the initial improvements may last for years, some changes to the results could happen gradually over time

    Lip Lift Cost in Houston

    The cost of getting a lip lift can change based on the methods used and the extent of correction needed. During your consultation, Dr. Vitenas will make a special plan for you, which will also tell you how much your lip lift will cost. On average, the starting price for this surgery is $4,900.

    When you get a price from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, it covers everything—the surgeon’s fee, the cost of the anesthesia expert, use of the operating room, all the supplies needed for the surgery, and any visits after the surgery to check on your progress. This cost does not cover any medicines you might need to buy.

    Request a Consultation with Dr. Vitenas

    If you’re considering a lip lift in Houston, TX, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitenas. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Vitenas is dedicated to helping each patient achieve their aesthetic goals with personalized care and a warm, approachable demeanor. His expertise in lip lift procedures ensures you receive the highest standard of care and the most natural-looking results. Contact us at 281-484-0088 today.
    Dr. Vitenas’ Surgical Approach

    Why Choose Dr. Vitenas

    for Your Lip Lift in Houston?

    Selecting the appropriate surgeon is vital for achieving optimal outcomes from a lip lift procedure. Dr. Vitenas, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has over three decades of expertise in performing cosmetic surgeries. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Dr. Vitenas for your lip lift in Houston:

    Choosing Dr. Vitenas for your lip lift in Houston means choosing a surgeon who is committed to achieving your aesthetic goals and ensuring your safety throughout the process.

    Lip LiftFAQs

    The purpose of a lip lift is to enhance the appearance of thin or aging lips through surgical means. Reshaping the Cupid's Bow, enhancing lip borders, and extending lip length are all possible with a lip lift. Patients often choose this surgery because it can give the lips a more lively and youthful appearance. It can also increase the visibility of the upper teeth when smiling, adding to a more attractive look.
    The lip lift procedure can be performed under either local anesthesia and IV sedation or general anesthesia. It involves making a small incision in the skin beneath the nose, through which a small strip of skin is removed. This effectively shortens the upper lip and provides more lip volume. Many lip lift procedures are completed in about an hour or less.
    The recovery process after a lip lift is typically fast, lasting about a week. Patients may experience slight swelling, bruising, and tenderness, but these generally resolve in five to seven days. Patients are typically able to resume work or other non-strenuous activities within two to three days after the procedure. Strenuous physical activity should be avoided for several more weeks to ensure that the healing process is complete.
    Ideal candidates for a lip lift are those who are unhappy with long, thin lips or lips that cover their teeth when smiling. The ideal candidate for a lip lift procedure will be a nonsmoker in good general health. They should have realistic expectations for the final outcome and a solid understanding of what the procedure entails. It is also suitable for individuals who have lost volume in their lips due to aging or those with naturally thin lips.

    A lip lift, like any surgical procedure, has possible risks. These can include bleeding, infection, poor wound healing, asymmetry, loss of sensation, and visible scarring. However, choosing an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Vitenas can significantly minimize these risks after lip lift.

    The results and benefits of a lip lift tend to be long-lasting. The results may slightly change over time since the skin will continue to age. Despite this, many patients find that a lip lift provides a more permanent and satisfying solution to achieving fuller, more defined lips compared to temporary, non-surgical treatments.

    The cost for a lip lift can differ depending on the chosen method and how much correction is needed. Dr. Vitenas will provide a detailed treatment plan and an exact cost during your consultation. Generally, the starting cost for a lip lift procedure is around $4,900. This estimate from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery encompasses the surgeon's fee, the fee for a board-certified anesthesiologist, use of the operating room, surgical supplies, and all subsequent follow-up visits. Please note this price does not cover any prescription or over-the-counter medications that may be needed.