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Vaginoplasty in Houston

Vaginoplasty is an innovative surgical procedure designed to enhance the tightness of the internal vaginal muscles. This confidence-enhancing procedure is particularly well-suited for women who experience vaginal laxity, because of childbirth or the natural aging process. If you’re interested in exploring the transformative benefits of Vaginoplasty in the Houston area, we invite you to arrange a consultation with Dr. Vitenas.

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“I had a vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) done several weeks ago. Dr Vitenas and his staff were excellent in every way. The aftercare has been wonderful. I got a call after surgery with a number to text with any concerns and questions, and i never had to struggle to get ahold of anyone. I birthed 7 babies vaginally, several over 10 lbs and my pelvic floor could have opened up the circumference of a small grapefruit. Dr Vitenas got me down to the circumference of a medium strawberry. I got only the vaginoplasty, no labia reduction or skin tag removals. I am currently 2 weeks post op and im already pleased with my results! Even the stitching is so good i don’t believe I’ll even have a scar.”

Vaginoplasty Before & After Photos

Each Patient is Unique and Individual Results May Vary

Checking out before and after photos can help you see the potential results of vaginoplasty. Dr. Vitenas’s online gallery showcases real patients who have benefited from this procedure.

These images show how vaginoplasty can restore tightness and enhance confidence. Each person’s outcome will be tailored to their unique needs. Dr. Vitenas is here to guide you through every step, ensuring you’re comfortable and informed throughout the process.

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    Experience the Comforting
    Benefits of Vaginoplasty

    Vaginoplasty, or vaginal tightening, provides various benefits for those with vaginal laxity issues, including aesthetic improvements and potential relief from mild stress urinary incontinence, which causes urine leakage during physical activities. Common benefits of vaginoplasty include:

    What is Vaginoplasty?

    As women age, the muscles of the vaginal wall may become naturally weak and flaccid due to hormonal fluctuations, sexual activity, and genetics. Many are embarrassed by vaginal wall laxity and have stopped enjoying sexual relationships, and for some, intercourse might even be painful.

    Vaginoplasty is an ideal solution for women who feel that their vaginal canal has become too loose, often due to childbirth or the natural aging process. This surgical procedure can significantly improve sexual sensitivity and pleasure, and uplift self-confidence.

    During a vaginoplasty, excess vaginal tissue and skin may be removed, and the floor muscles are tightened. The vaginal opening can also be surgically altered to become tighter. For women with weakened vaginal wall muscles, this surgical vaginal rejuvenation technique can restore tone and control.

    Ideal Candidates for Vaginoplasty in Houston

    An ideal candidate for vaginoplasty is experiencing laxity of the vaginal wall muscles and decreased sexual sensitivity and is motivated to change the appearance or function of the vagina. The best surgical candidates are non-smokers, at a healthy and stable weight, and have good general health.

    Also, good candidates want to undergo the procedure for their own reasons, rather than because of external pressure.

    Vaginoplasty Consultation

    The consultation for vaginoplasty in Houston is conducted in a private, comfortable setting with Dr. Vitenas. He will review your medical history and listen to your goals for vaginal rejuvenation. You’ll have the opportunity to express any concerns and ask questions.

    Dr. Vitenas will then perform a physical examination to assess the vaginal muscles and structure. He will explain the procedure in detail, walk through your custom treatment plan, and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Vitenas provides discreet, compassionate care for this very personal procedure. The consultation is an essential first step to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for vaginoplasty.

    Remember that your surgeon is there to support you and provide the best care possible. Any information you share during the consultation is kept confidential and is essential for ensuring your safety, satisfaction, and successful results from the vaginoplasty procedure.

    Dr.Vitenas provide a smooth experience having a vaginoplasty improving his patients' quality of life.

    The Vaginoplasty Procedure

    Vaginoplasty is an outpatient surgery performed in a private operating suite at the Houston Surgery Center. It typically takes one to two hours and is done under general anesthesa.

    The procedure begins with an incision on the posterior (rear) floor of the vagina. A portion of the posterior vaginal wall mucosa is excised, exposing the floor musculature, which is then tightened and repaired with sutures. Dr. Vitenas skillfully manipulates the underlying musculature to restore firmness and tone to the vaginal area, addressing concerns related to vaginal laxity.

    The external opening is then repaired with repair of the space between the vagina and rectum (perineum).

    Vaginoplasty Recovery and Healing

    Recovery time after vaginoplasty in Houston is usually one to two weeks. Following a vaginoplasty procedure, patients may experience some soreness, light bleeding, bruising, and mild swelling. However, these side effects usually fade within one to two weeks. Most women feel comfortable returning to work within three to five days post-surgery. However, it is important to avoid vigorous exercise and strenuous activity for four to six weeks to ensure proper healing. 

    It’s essential to follow all post-operative care instructions. This includes avoiding sexual intercourse and tampon use for up to six weeks, taking showers instead of baths, and potentially using a prescribed vaginal cream. Most women feel a difference in vaginal tightness and experience enhanced sensation during sex after healing is complete.

    Long-Term Vaginoplasty Results in Houston

    The results of vaginoplasty can be long-lasting. However, some factors can influence its longevity. For instance, the natural aging process can lead to gradual changes in the vaginal area over time, as well as subsequent vaginal childbirth. Significant weight fluctuations might also impact the tightness and appearance of the vaginal area. Proper post-operative care can also contribute to the lasting success of the procedure.

    Additionally, a healthy lifestyle that includes maintaining a stable weight, staying hydrated, and avoiding smoking can help support the enduring benefits of the surgery.

    Houston Vaginoplasty Cost

    The average starting cost of Vaginoplasty is $6,000. This cost can change based on the level of tightening needed and any additional procedures you may have. The total cost includes the surgical suite, anesthesia, the anesthesiologist’s fees, the doctor’s charges, and the cost of all follow-up appointments. Payment options for the procedure include cash, major credit cards, and medical financing through CareCredit.

    Request a Consultation with Dr. Vitenas

    If you’re considering a vaginoplasty procedure and want to learn more about how it can enhance your satisfaction and self-confidence, we invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Vitenas. We’re here to help you make an informed decision and feel confident about your choice. Contact us today at 281-484-0088.

    “I’m typically not one to leave reviews, but I feel that many women aren’t aware of the benefits of a vaginoplasty and that Dr. Vitenas is an expert in this area. My experience with Dr. Vitenas was wonderful from day one (consultation). The office and clinic areas are immaculate, and the entire staff is friendly and professional. I researched several surgeons in the Houston area and unlike others who offer this type of surgery, he has done many and is well qualified. The surgery went well, I had no issues with recovery, and I’m happy with the results.”
    Dr. Vitenas’ Surgical Approach

    Why choose Dr. Vitenas

    For Your Vaginoplasty?

    When considering vaginoplasty in Houston, choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is crucial for safe, beautiful results. Dr. Vitenas is one of the most sought-after vaginoplasty surgeons in Texas and brings over 30 years of expertise to his procedures.

    For personalized vaginoplasty performed by one of Houston’s top surgeons, put your trust in Dr. Vitenas. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.


    The vaginoplasty procedure usually takes one to two hours, depending on the patient's specific needs and the degree of tightening required.

    Vaginoplasty can be performed under general anesthesia or a local anesthetic with IV sedation. The type of anesthesia used will depend on the patient's preference and overall health.

    Recovery after vaginoplasty lasts from seven to fourteen days. Most women are comfortable returning to work within three to five days following the procedure, but sexual activity and strenuous activity should be postponed for four to six weeks.

    Sexual intercourse should be postponed for six weeks following the procedure to allow the vaginal tissue to heal properly.

    Potential complications of vaginoplasty include excessive bleeding, infection, and scarring. However, these risks are significantly reduced when the procedure is performed by an experienced, board-certified surgeon.

    The cost for a vaginoplasty in Houston, TX, can differ based on your specific requirements. Generally, the starting price for a vaginoplasty is around $6,000. This price encompasses the fees for the surgical suite, anesthesia, the board-certified anesthesiologist, the doctor's fees, all post-operative visits, and an aftercare kit. The exact total cost for your vaginoplasty will be established during your consultation with Dr. Vitenas.