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Buccal Fat Removal Houston, TX

Patients who are concerned with too much fullness in their faces should consider the Buccal Fat removal procedure. Buccal fat removal is a procedure that Dr. Vitenas employs to sculpt and contour a patient’s facial appearance and improve the look of their cheeks. 

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Uncover the reasons why individuals from all corners of the U.S. and globally select Dr. Vitenas as their top-choice surgeon in Houston.

“Dr. Vitenas and staff, I am writing this with great appreciation for allowing one of my dreams to finally come through. Your work was outstanding along with your care and concern. With such a great combination, I honestly could not ask for anything more. Again, thank you for such a remarkable experience. See ya in the future!!!”

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Each Patient is Unique and Individual Results May Vary

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Each Patient is Unique and Individual Results May Vary

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    Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

    Buccal fat removal is a cosmetic procedure that offers several benefits to patients seeking a more sculpted and defined facial appearance. Here are some of the key benefits of undergoing buccal fat removal:

    What is Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

    Buccal fat removal, or cheek reduction surgery, is a facial contouring procedure that reduces fullness in the lower cheek area. This surgical procedure sculpts the face by removing a small amount of fat from the buccal fat pads, which are located between the facial muscles of the cheeks.

    Buccal fat removal targets fat pads along the cheekbone to slim the lower face, which highlights the upper cheeks. The buccal fat pads are located deep within the cheeks and cannot be reduced through diet or exercise. The entire procedure is popular among both men and women who want to replace the fullness of their chubby or puffy cheeks, often referred to as “baby fat,” with a more contoured look.

    Ideal Candidates for Buccal Fat Removal

    Buccal fat removal is an ideal procedure for individuals who are unhappy with excessive fullness or “chipmunk cheeks.” This fullness is often a hereditary condition and cannot be reduced through diet and exercise alone. Here are some characteristics of ideal candidates for buccal fat removal:

    During the initial consultation, Dr. Vitenas will assess your facial structure and aesthetic goals to determine whether buccal fat removal would be beneficial for you.

    Buccal Fat Removal Consultation

    The first step in determining if buccal fat removal is right for you is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Vitenas. During this appointment, Dr. Vitenas will:

    Dr. Vitenas was voted the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Houston for 2022 by Modern Luxury Magazine!

    Overview of the Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

    The buccal fat removal procedure involves several steps to ensure a safe and successful outcome. Here is a detailed breakdown of the process:

    Houston Cheek Fat Removal Recovery

    The recovery process following buccal fat removal is typically quick and straightforward. Immediately after the procedure, patients may experience some minor swelling and discomfort in the cheek area. These symptoms are usually mild and subside within a few days.

    Patients are advised to follow a soft-food or liquid diet for a few days post-surgery to allow the mouth to recover. Strenuous exercise and activities that elevate blood pressure should be avoided until the area has fully healed.

    Most patients can return to work and their normal daily routine the next day or as soon as they’re comfortable being seen in public. The results of the procedure will be apparent once all swelling has completely subsided, typically within two to three weeks. At this time, you will see a more streamlined facial contour with higher, more defined cheekbones.

    “I wish I could give Dr. Vitenas a 10 star rating or more because he did a phenomenal job on my buccal fat procedure. I know I’m early posting this review after 3 weeks since the procedure, but he made sure everything went seamless and perfect as possible. He really takes pride in his work. His staff is very well trained and I’m sure he makes sure of that. The surgery was so seamless I had no issues afterwards. My results are still progressing but even in the early stages of it I’m so impressed with his work. He went above and beyond so I highly recommend Dr. Vitenas! He is Amazing.”

    The Results of Buccal Fat Removal

    The results of buccal fat removal are typically long-lasting, providing a more contoured and defined facial appearance. The procedure targets the buccal fat pad in the cheeks, resulting in a localized reduction in facial volume. This can enhance poorly defined facial contours and result in a more sculpted facial contour that accentuates the natural beauty of the bone structure. While the results are generally permanent, significant weight gain can potentially affect the outcome. Therefore, maintaining a stable weight is crucial for preserving the results.

    Buccal Fat Removal Cost in Houston

    The cost of buccal fat removal starts at $3,500 and can vary depending on individual needs and the complexity of the procedure. At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, the price includes the surgeon’s fee, operating suite, pre and post-op care, anesthesia, and follow-up appointments, with no hidden fees.

    The only extra costs will be for prescriptions. To get a precise quote tailored to your situation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitenas, where he will assess your needs to determine the exact price of your procedure.

    Schedule a Buccal Fat Removal
    Consultation with Dr. Vitenas

    If you want to explore the benefits of buccal fat removal in Houston, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Vitenas. As a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Vitenas provides aesthetic outcomes, accentuating each patient’s natural features through procedures like buccal fat removal. Contact us at 281-484-0088 to schedule your consultation.

    Dr. Vitenas’ Surgical Approach

    Why choose Dr. Vitenas?

    Dr. Paul Vitenas brings over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery to his practice in Houston, Texas. With unique expertise in procedures that accentuate each patient’s natural features, Dr. Vitenas is a renowned expert in buccal fat removal. Here are several reasons to consider Dr. Vitenas for your buccal fat removal procedure:

    Choosing the right surgeon for your buccal fat removal is a crucial step in achieving your desired results. With his extensive experience and commitment to patient care, Dr. Vitenas is an excellent choice for those considering buccal fat removal in Houston, TX.

    Houston Buccal Fat Removal FAQs

    The cost for buccal fat removal can differ for each patient, depending on their specific requirements, the level of correction needed, and whether other procedures are combined. Generally, prices for buccal fat removal begin at $3,500. At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, we ensure that our pricing is all-inclusive without any hidden charges.

    The cost includes the surgeon's fees, use of the operating suite, pre-operative and post-operative care, anesthesia, and all necessary follow-up visits. The only extra costs you might incur are for any prescribed medications, like antibiotics and pain relief. To get an accurate quote tailored to your needs, we recommend booking a consultation with Dr. Vitenas in-person. During this consultation, Dr. Vitenas will assess your case to provide a precise cost for your buccal fat removal procedure.

    The recovery from a buccal fat removal procedure is typically quick and straightforward. Most patients experience minimal swelling and discomfort, which should subside within a week. Strenuous exercise and activities that elevate blood pressure should be avoided until the area has fully healed. It's important to follow all post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon to ensure proper healing and prevent infection.

    Buccal fat removal can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient's comfort level and the surgeon's recommendation. The procedure involves making a small incision inside the mouth, from which the buccal fat pad is removed. There is no visible scarring as a result of the procedure.

    The procedure can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan to enhance facial aesthetics. It is often performed in conjunction with other facial procedures, depending on the patient's goals and Dr. Vitenas' recommendations. However, any decision to combine procedures should be made in consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

    Significant weight gain can affect the outcome of buccal fat removal. While the procedure results in a localized reduction in facial volume, overall weight gain can still contribute to a fuller facial appearance.

    Buccal fat removal is generally considered a safe procedure with potential risks, including bleeding, infection, and scarring. However, these risks are minimized when the procedure is performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Vitenas. Patients are advised to discuss any concerns they may have with their surgeon during the initial consultation.