How Soon Will You See Your Liposuction Results?

what to avoid after tummy tuck Liposuction immediately removes unwanted fat from your body, but liposuction results aren’t necessarily immediately visible. A bit of patience is needed after your surgery, as your body needs time to heal from the liposuction. Knowing what to expect from the procedure and how long it can take before you... Read more

How to Improve Tired-Looking Eyes!

vitenas-how-to-improve-tired-looking-eyes In 2015, eyelift surgery was in the top five cosmetic procedures chosen by men and women. Over 200,000 eyelifts were  performed around the country during that time frame, which averages out to over 500 surgeries a day! Clearly eyelift surgery is popular, but why? It’s because an eyelift can... Read more

Which Breast Surgery Procedure is Right for You?

Vitenas-which-Breast-Surgery-is-Right-for-You Choosing to get breast surgery is a major decision, one that millions of patients make every year. Many of these patients know exactly how they want to change your breasts while others may not even know how to get started. There are several different breast surgery procedures that you can choose... Read more

How Can Fat Grafting Benefit You?

How Can Fat Grafting Benefit You? One of the great things about cosmetic surgery is that creating a new look for yourself doesn’t always have to involve something major or drastic. There are several nonsurgical or “nearly nonsurgical” procedures that can achieve a similar look or feel without the need for general anesthesia, big incisions,... Read more

Mommy Makeover Combos Tailored for You!

Mommy Makeover Combos Tailored for You! Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all way to be a mom or parent, there’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to a mommy makeover. Pregnancy changes the body in a lot of ways, which is why there are a number of mommy makeover combos available. While your one friend might... Read more

Fat Transfer: The Secret Weapon You Have

Fat Transfer: The Secret Weapon You Have Your body has a secret weapon when it comes to fighting the signs of aging or changing your appearance. It’s your fat. Whether you want a more shapely behind, more youthful-looking hands, or a fuller and younger-looking face, fat transfer, or fat grafting, can help. Learn more about how fat... Read more

What are your 2017 Beauty Goals?

Beauty goals for 2017 With 2017 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your beauty goals for the new year and what you’ll do to achieve them. Whether you have a single beauty goal or several, there are a number of plastic surgeries and procedures that will help you finally... Read more