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The Brazilian Butt Lift in Houston

Brazilian Butt Lift | Butt Implants in HoustonThe Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure designed to enlarge and lift the buttocks. Using the body’s own fatty tissue, a Brazilian Butt Lift can enhance the shape and contour of the bottom, creating a curvaceous, youthful figure. The outpatient procedure will immediately create a perkier, rounder bottom that will continue to enhance the physique for years to come.

An Ideal Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift

A good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift will be in generally good health, looking to improve the shape and size of their buttocks. Potential patients will need to have enough excess fatty tissue, in a donor area, to achieve the desired buttock contour. An ideal candidate should fully understand the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and hold realistic expectations for their final results. Patients who smoke are not good candidates for the procedure. Smoking decreases circulation, meaning the grafted fat tissue will typically not survive.

Prior to scheduling a Brazilian Butt Lift, a consultation with Dr. Vitenas will be arranged. The surgeon will perform a physical exam and review the patient’s medical history. Dr. Vitenas will explain the procedure and potential risks, finally answering any remaining questions. At this time, Dr. Vitenas will determine if the Brazilian Butt Lift is the recommended technique for the individual patient.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

2Dr. Paul Vitenas performs his Brazilian Butt Lift at Houston Surgery Center, his dedicated surgical facility located in the Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery building. Performed with general anesthesia, a Brazilian Butt Lift will take from one to three hours to complete. Patients are back home the same afternoon.

To begin, Dr. Vitenas will make several small incisions, each about one-quarter inch in length, along the well-concealed skin creases of the buttocks. Fat is then collected from selected areas on the body using one of several liposuction techniques. The prepared fat is then injected into multiple layers of the buttocks, lifting and filling the tissue to the desired size and shape. During the procedure, Dr. Vitenas can excise, unwanted tissue along the buttocks, as well, creating a perkier, taut bottom. Once the predetermined aesthetic goal has been achieved, Dr. Vitenas will place dissolvable sutures along the incisions, as well as a compression garment, for safe healing.

The Fat Transfer Process

Butt Augmentation photogalleryThe fat transfer involves the excision of excess fatty tissue from a donor area, which is then processed, and reinjected into a different area of the body. A fat transfer can be used to improve the volume of almost any area of the body, including the buttocks, hands, calves, breasts, and face. Liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat from areas such as the abdomen or thighs. Next, using a specialized centrifuge, the tissue is cleaned and separated. Finally, the processed fat cells are then reinjected into the target area.

Recovery following a Brazilian Butt Lift takes approximately one to two weeks. There are no drains or stitches that need to be removed. Most people are feeling good enough to return to work within five to seven days, however, patients should refrain from putting pressure on the buttocks for at least the first two weeks. As the transferred fat is living tissue, it is extremely delicate. During this time, patients will need to sleep on their stomach, and sit on their thighs or a specialized, post-op cushion. More strenuous activity and exercise can usually be resumed after six weeks.

Complications from the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure are minimal. Although the skin and tissues will continue to change with age, as long as patients follow a healthy lifestyle and stay within their ideal weight, the results from a Brazilian Butt Lift can be expected to last for years to come.

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Dr. Vitenas is a board certified plastic surgeon, with close to 30 years of experience in body contouring procedures, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is located in Houston, Texas, easily accessible from all areas of the city and close to both the William P. Hobby Airport and the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Those coming to Houston from out of town can complete a virtual consultation. Our patient coordinator is also available to provide directions, travel recommendations, and assistance with local reservations.

If you would like to learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitenas, please call (281) 484-0088 or fill out our online Contact Us form.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure which lifts and enlarges the buttocks to enhance their shape and contour. Fatty tissue is removed from another area of the body, and then reinjected into the buttocks, using a fat transfer.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift are healthy and are looking to enhance the appearance of their buttocks. Patients must have sufficient fat that can be harvested from one or more donor areas. In addition, smokers are not good candidates, as smoking decreases circulation, often resulting in a fat graft that does not take successfully.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift performed?

Dr. Vitenas will begin the Brazilian Butt Lift by collecting fatty tissue from a donor area using liposuction. This tissue will be processed, cleaned, and separated using a specialized centrifuge. After making several tiny incisions along the target area, the processed fatty tissue will be re-injected into the various layers of buttock tissue. Once the desired shape has been achieved, Dr. Vitenas will place dissolvable sutures and put a compression garment in place for proper healing.

Where are the incisions made?

The incisions are made in well-concealed locations along the buttocks, within the natural skin creases. Each incision is very small, measuring just one-quarter inch in length. While there may be tiny scars along each incision line, Dr. Vitenas meticulously places these incisions in well-hidden areas of the buttocks.

What type of anesthesia is used during a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Vitenas normally utilizes general anesthesia during the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

What is the recovery time following the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The recovery time following the Brazilian Butt Lift takes approximately one to two weeks. During the first two weeks, patients should stay off of their bottoms as much as possible.

When can I return to work following my Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most patients find that they can return to work after five to seven days, and they are able to resume exercise and more strenuous activities after six weeks.

What are the risks or complications associated with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Vitenas’ Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is an innovative fat transfer technique that is considered both safe and effective. However, there is always a small chance for complications to occur. Although rare, there is a risk for scarring, infection, unexpected bleeding, asymmetry, and nerve damage. During your consultation, Dr. Vitenas will carefully review the risks associated with a  Brazilian Butt Lift.

What is the cost of a Brazilian butt lift or butt augmentation (lift) surgery?

The cost of the Brazilian butt lift generally ranges from $9,000.00 to $11,000.00. The exact cost of this cosmetic procedure depends on the individual and the extent of correction. To find out the specific price of your desired Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, please upload your photos to our Contact Us form, with your contact information and a brief description of what it is that you are looking to achieve through surgery. Dr. Vitenas will review your individual needs and our office will contact you with a cost estimate based on your desired results.

Can I finance my Brazilian Butt Lift at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery?

Patients have the option to pay for their Brazilian Butt Lift with cash or all major credit cards. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery also accepts health care financing through CareCredit. For more information on your payment options, speak with a patient coordinator or visit CareCredit to apply for health care financing online.