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1. Please tell me what procedure you had.
Bi-lateral breast implant replacement after ruptured R breast implant

2. How long ago did you have the procedure done?
July 10, 2009

3. How did you find out about the doctor you chose?
Knew Dr. V previously – he refers smoking clients to me pre-surgery

4. What process did you go through to decide on this doctor?
About a nano second of consideration, then I picked up the phone

5. Describe your education/learning process about this doctor’s work.
I just trusted my gut

6. Please describe the office, including the waiting and examination room/areas.
Very shi-shi! Elegant.

7. What was your experience with the doctor’s office staff? (Are they helpful, knowledgeable, pleasant, friendly, etc)
Oh my gosh, they were all very sweet and helpful. Mostly I had the impression that they were very connected with me and what would make me comfortable. How I was doing or what I was feeling, or responding to my questions mattered to them. I was very impressed with their level of caring professionalism. I felt very safe and relaxed with them guiding me through the experience.

8. Describe the doctor’s bedside manner and how you felt about your interaction.
Well, aside from the fact that most of the time I’m practically buck naked talking to him, (which can’t be avoided I suppose) he is fabulous! No seriously, he is as down-to-earth as a doctor can get. Accessible, available, always intent on connecting with what I needed or how I was feeling – and I loved that he was CLEARLY in charge everywhere – in the office, in the hospital and in the exam room – he fills you with confidence and calmness so even if you’re showing your little imperfections or flaws, he can zoom right past that to who you are as a person. He is a real leader and puts everyone in his environment at ease with his graceful strength and sense of purpose.

9. Please discuss your overall surgical experience.
It was as good as being in a surgery can be! I was at ease from the beginning to the end. It was exactly as they described it would be, so there were no surprises of any kind. And I felt very strongly that if anything odd or unexpected did come up, I had no worries that Dr. V would handle it for me and it would all be fine.

10. How did your surgical experience match with your expectations?
Exactly as expected.

11. Were you put under general or local anesthesia?
Oh yeah!

12. What was your experience with the anesthesiologist?
Can’t hardly remember!

13. Please tell me about your recovery experience.
It was extremely easy and the most remarkable thing was I had NO PAIN.

14. How long was your recovery?
About 6 weeks before I was allowed to wear a regular bra.

15. How did your recovery match with your expectations of it?

16. How do you feel about your results?
Well, besides the fact my husband walks around saying “nice knockers!” – (which he actually didn’t before!!) I think the “re-do” was WAY better than the first surgery I had 17 years ago. The results with Dr. V are superb. I feel I am exactly the right breast size for my overall shape and figure. It feels more feminine and sexy to have a D cup than a C – and I believe my clothes look better because I am more proportioned. At 5’7″, the cup size he recommended was, in fact, perfect. And the other huge benefit was that the breast tissue is much softer and more pliable.. “very real” looking. Knowing what I know now, even if I didn’t have one of the old implants burst, I would have them replaced and re-sized just as Dr. V suggested. The outcome was, in my view, 15 on a scale of 10.

17. How do you feel about referring someone you know to this doctor?
Not only would I ONLY recommend Dr. V, if someone I was talking to was needing plastic surgery and not heading to his office, I would throw them in my trunk and take them myself! To go to anyone else would be a huge mistake. He is phenomenal. When there are so many doctors doing plastic surgery who aren’t even trained in that specialty and do not do plastic surgery as their main work, when there are literally NAIL SALONS offering botox® cosmetic, (can you imagine??? How crazy is that???) The consumer must be very cautious and choose wisely the person who they trust their body to. There are huge differences in the quality of training, service, professionalism, skill and talent.

18. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Yes! It’s one thing to be a good surgeon. Many doctors are trained to be competent and very skillful with a scalpel in the OR. It is quite another thing, however, to be a surgeon who is excellent technically (as he is) and also to be as an artist in sculpting and molding the body to be aesthetically beautiful. He has an artists eye in how he does his work. This translates to some truly remarkable and exciting results.

He has the perfect trifecta… his surgical skills are well honed and perfected over many years, he combines that with the ability to design and create like a maestro sculpting a masterpiece of art… and he’s a pleasure to talk to. He’s very bright, has a great sense of humor, lots of fun to talk to, and he’s the kind of guy you’d love to have at your dinner party because everyone would like him. Dr. V is a rare find. What a talented guy. I’m so glad he helped me, and I’d go back to him for surgery in a New York minute.