Traveling Patients

Patients come from near and far to have Dr. Vitenas perform their cosmetic procedures. For your convenience, we have laid out some information regarding traveling to Houston for plastic surgery.

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Our Houston cosmetic surgery practice is located just a few miles from The Galleria and Greenway Plaza, our staff is happy to help coordinate your trip! Coordinating flights, hotel arrangements, car service, and dinner reservations are just a few services that we are happy to provide for our out of town guests to make sure that their experience is as pleasant and hassle free as possible. Our practice is conveniently located near the heart of Houston. Upon your arrival to Houston you will find yourself pleasantly distracted by the city’s vast dining and entertainment options as well as its world class shopping.

Scheduling surgery for out of state or international patients

It all starts with a phone call or email

You can either fill out the contact form on our website, in which case we will contact you as quickly as possible, or you can contact us directly by phone. During the initial phone call a patient liaison will take your information and discuss the procedure(s) that you are interested in, answering any questions you may have.

We can’t treat what we can’t see

Once you have been welcomed to the practice by a patient liaison and your initial questions have been answered you will be introduced to your patient care coordinator. After a brief conversation you will be asked to send pictures of yourself to your coordinator for the doctor to review. Pictures are generally received via email and reviewed the same day.

Choosing a surgical path that is right for you

The doctor will discuss your photographs with the coordinator taking into consideration your concerns and goals that you discussed during your initial phone interview. The doctor will then consider what it is that you are trying to achieve and design a surgical approach to provide you with the desired result. A quote for surgery will then be drafted and discussed with you.

Scheduling your procedure

Once you have decided to schedule your surgery, a 20% deposit will be taken to secure your time on the schedule. If at this time you would like for us to help you make travel arrangements, we would be happy to assist.

Face to face with the doctor

Once you arrive in Houston you will be scheduled for a preoperative appointment with the doctor and your coordinator. During this appointment you will get a chance to ask any questions that you may have and learn about the surgical process. You will also receive information on what to do immediately before and after surgery during this visit.

After Surgery

Depending on the type of procedure that you have done the recovery process will vary. The doctor will have determined the length of your stay in Houston at the time your surgery is being scheduled.