5 Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

The breast reduction surgery does involve a lift, so your breast will look more perky.

Breast reduction surgery is a necessity for some women. While many patients want to augment their breast size and add volume to their chest, there is a growing number of women that want to reduce the size and weight of their breasts.

You might be wondering why this is the case, and what specific reasons lead someone to get breast reduction surgery. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, keep reading through our post. We’ll walk you through the 5 reasons you might consider getting breast reduction surgery here.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Before we get into the reasons women choose to get breast reduction surgery, let’s quickly talk about what this surgery entails. Breast reduction surgery is a type of invasive cosmetic procedure done by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

During a breast reduction, a doctor will remove fat, tissue, and skin from the breast to help reduce its size and weight. Women choose to get this surgery done primarily to reduce pain and ease the discomfort they face in their daily life.

We’ll talk more about the specific reasons so many people choose to get this surgery in the next portion of this post, though.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Breast Reduction Surgery:

1. You Improve Your Posture and Reduce Body Pain

Many people think that large breasts are attractive. But, bigger breasts can lead to serious health issues and even long-term pain. This is because larger breasts create tension and stress in your shoulders, back, and even your neck.

When you are younger, your large breasts might not cause any issues for you. However, age makes the weight of larger breasts more difficult to bear. And, as your body starts to age and break down, this extra weight can lead to soreness and pain that will only get worse with time.

Considering the pain and discomfort that comes with larger breasts, a lot of women choose to get breast reduction surgery in Houston and all over the US. Smaller breasts are easier to manage, and with some weight taken off your chest, pain in the back and other areas will go away. This is why many patients are usually satisfied with this type of surgery.

Most importantly, though, when your pain is fixed with this surgical solution, you can live your life and not have to worry about holding back. You can stop worrying about painful sensations and go about your day more comfortably.

This is because breast reduction surgery also helps improve your posture. Poor posture can create extra pain and back issues. Luckily, reduction surgery can fix this problem and lead to reduced pain and improved quality of life.

Not only are large breasts heavy and uncomfortable, but they can cause women to hunch over and develop poor posture. In particular, the weight of larger breasts can actually curve the spine over time. This is what mainly causes neck, back, and shoulder pain in women with big boobs.

No one wants to develop bad posture, as this can make it harder to sit and stand. But your breasts can pose a serious issue to your daily life, especially when you are slouched over or hunching all the time.

With breast reduction surgery, you can correct this issue and finally be able to stand and sit in a comfortable upright position.

2. You Will Have Better Mobility and Higher Fitness Level

Large breasts don’t just make it harder to keep good posture and stay pain-free. When you have a bigger chest, it also makes it a lot more difficult to stay active and fit. The extra weight on your chest brings several challenges to exercise and other movement-based activities.

A lot of exercises require precision and balance. But when you have a large chest, you have to move around more weight. You also have to balance yourself and your chest when you do various types of movements.

As a result, when you swim laps, decide to go out for a jog, do yoga, or engage in other physical activities, you will experience more resistance and difficulty in comparison to the average person with a smaller chest. This could be a good thing depending on what kind of exercise you are doing, as you can build up more strength in your shoulders and back.

But if you are doing exercises that are cardio-based or will strengthen other areas of the body besides the back and shoulders, then your breasts can be an unnecessary hindrance. So, many women choose to get breast reduction surgery to remedy this issue.

Going to the gym and working out will be a lot easier once you get your breasts reduced. You will experience less pain, discomfort, and hardships as you do more intense exercise. Even simple movements like walking will be easier.

In addition, getting breast reduction surgery can also make it much easier to find sportswear. With larger breasts, finding sports bras and fitness shirts can be more complicated. You want to keep your breasts from bouncing around uncomfortably while you do your workout.

But you need to find a bra that is comfortable and tight but not overly restrictive. This isn’t always easy as many sports bras and shirts are made for smaller breasts.

Breast Reduction before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 27601 Explicit content – Discretion advised.
Breast Reduction before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 27601 Explicit content – Discretion advised.

3. Your Breasts Will Be More Proportionate to The Rest of Your Body

Some women love the look of large breasts and like their bodies to look more curvy and disproportionate. But, not everyone has the same beauty standards. You might want to bring less attention to your chest area and create a more toned-down and proportionate look for yourself.

If this is the case, then breast reduction surgery is the perfect option for you. This procedure reduces the chest and makes your body look more balanced overall. You won’t look top-heavy anymore.

And, best of all your chest won’t be bulging out of your clothes, as this surgery provides the perfect proportions that you are looking for.

4. You Can Feel More Confident and Improve Your Self Image

Getting attention for the right reasons can bring a big boost to your self-esteem and make you feel more confident about your looks. While large breasts can bring about positive attention, they can also become the center of other people’s attention for the wrong reasons.

In some cases, people might make uncomfortable jokes about large breasts, even worse is unwanted staring from both men and women. Not every large-breasted woman will have an issue with staring or comments about their breasts.

But a lot of women report feeling uncomfortable with their large breasts and tell their doctors that they have lower self-esteem because of the size of their chest. For this reason, you might want to get breast reduction surgery.

Your chest will be less prominent and not take up all the attention while you are out in public or having a conversation. With more focus on your personality, you can gain your confidence back and have a better self-image.

5. You Can Wear a Wider Range of Clothes

Large and oversized breasts can look amazing in certain types of clothes. But having a bigger chest can actually make clothes shopping more of a challenge.

Stores carry a large range of sizes that can fit all kinds of body types. But, you have to consider that anything you put on your body also needs to fit your chest.

When getting clothes that fit your breasts, you might have to opt for larger sizes that don’t fit properly with the rest of your body. This might not seem like a huge deal to you, but if you want form-fitting clothes that match your body type it will be difficult to find this in a regular store.

In other words, you won’t have as many options when you shop for your clothes with bigger breasts. This is why some women consider getting breast reduction surgery for themselves.

You could have custom-made clothes prepared for you, but this is a cost that most people don’t have the money for.  Really, most clothing stores and brands are meant for women with “normal” size breasts.

If you have size D breasts or above, your disproportionate chest can not only make it harder to find clothes that fit, but you might have trouble finding bras that match your chest size.

Again, big breasts can look good, but getting breast reduction surgery will make your life a lot easier, especially when you are buying clothes. You will have more options to choose from and you won’t struggle to find the perfect outfit.

Are There Any Other Reasons Women Should Consider Undergoing This Procedure?

We talked about some of the most popular reasons women choose to have breast reduction surgery. But, are there other reasons to consider getting this type of cosmetic surgery? In this final section of the post, we’ll talk about some other possible reasons you should think about getting a breast reduction.

Breast Reduction before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 27538 Explicit content – Discretion advised.
Breast Reduction before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 27538 Explicit content – Discretion advised.

1. To Reduce Sagginess and Lift Up The Breasts

Breasts age and sag with time. This is an inevitable part of life. Many women have perky breasts when they are young, but as you get older your boobs droop more and more. If you have large breasts, this can be even more noticeable.

Unfortunately, as the connective tissues in the breast break down, your bigger boobs just won’t look the same. And since large breasts have way more connective tissues and fat they pull down and sag a lot more than smaller breasts.

For these reasons, you might want to consider getting a breast reduction. Breast reduction not only gets rid of breast tissue and the appearance of sagging, but it also helps lift the breast up. The breast reduction surgery does involve a lift, so your breast will look more perky and youthful after this procedure.

2. Sometimes It’s A Matter of Personal Preference

In some cases, breast reduction is just a matter of preference. Some women simply like the look of smaller breasts and want to change up the appearance of their chest. To put it simply, not all breast reductions are done because of medical or pain-related issues.

So, if you have a more cosmetic reason for getting a breast reduction, don’t worry you are not alone! There are plenty of people that do this procedure to look more petite and fit their own beauty standards.

3. Fix Asymmetry in The Breast

Most breasts do have some degree of asymmetry. We all have unique bodies that are far from perfectly proportionate. However, some people do have more unevenness in their breasts than others.

If one boob is obviously larger than the other, breast reduction surgery might be a good option for you. A trained plastic surgeon can reduce the size of the larger breast and make it more evenly shaped with the other breast.

And if you want both breasts to be reduced, this can also be done. This way you get the breast size you want and the asymmetry that you are aiming for.

4. To Get a Better Night of Rest

Finally, breast reduction can help some women get a better night of rest. If you have larger breasts, it might be a struggle to find the best sleeping position and get a good night of sleep.

Breast reduction surgery eliminates this issue and makes it easier to comfortably lay in bed without the weight and pressure of bigger breasts.

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