7 Reasons Why Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery Is The Best Plastic Surgery Practice

Dr. Vitenas is dedicated to providing patients with premier patient care.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is not only the best Houston plastic surgery practice, in Texas; our clinic is also one of the best plastic surgery practices in the country. We have won numerous awards for our stellar customer service and surgical results. And, our staff and Dr. Vitenas are dedicated to providing patients with premier patient care.

If you are interested in finding out more about Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, keep reading. We’ll talk about the reasons our practice is so unique and successful in today’s post. This way you can fully understand why Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is your best option for any procedures you want to have done! 

Why Exactly Is Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery The Best Plastic Surgery Practice:

1. We Focus on Natural Results That Bring Out Your Beauty

In general, plastic surgery practices focus on changing and reshaping the body to meet your ideal standards. At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, we want to help you achieve the results you are looking for with our surgical techniques.

However, we take a different approach to cosmetic procedures in comparison to your average plastic surgery clinic. While we can help you transform your appearance to match current beauty standards, our practice takes this a step further and adds to your natural looks. 

We aim to enhance your already present natural beauty and give you results that look attractive, organic, and balanced. In other words, we create natural results that look good and stand the test of time. 

Really, it is easy to change someone’s appearance and make them look like an entirely different person. But, it is much harder to make that change look natural and appealing, and that is what we provide here at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.

The quality of our team, and the focus we have on our mission to transform your life and look, makes us stand out in comparison to other clinics in the area. This is why we have the best plastic surgery practice. 

2. We Offer The Best and Safest Environment For Cosmetic Surgery

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is an award-winning clinic that is well known for its safety, cleanliness, and efficacy. We make sure that our patients are cared for every step of the way. This is true as soon as you step foot into our practice. 

In order to be the best plastic surgery practice, we keep our office and building sanitary and organized. We are also outfitted with the latest medical equipment and technology. Our team aims to create a warm and welcoming environment and make sure that you feel your best the day of surgery and during your recovery period.  

In truth, the environment you are in makes a huge difference before and after any procedure. So, we have customized our buildings to your needs. In particular, the Houston Surgery Center, which is right next door to Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, has been prepared for patient surgery and recovery. 

Our surgery center is fully accredited by the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).  We have two private surgical suites in our surgical center. Dr. Vitenas uses them to safely and ethically perform cosmetic surgery on patients. And, we use the latest tools and medical equipment to improve the results you see post-op.

Houston Surgery Center is also fully equipped for patient recovery. We have our own nurse station and three recovery bays.

Overall, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery aims to make surgery and patient recovery seamless and safe for everyone. We provide you with the ideal environment and we make sure that you get exactly what you need before and after surgery. This is what makes us one of the best plastic surgery practices around.

3. Our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Is Run By A Top Board Certified Surgeon

In order to obtain the plastic surgery results you want, you need to go to a plastic surgeon with the right skills and experience. Luckily, Dr. Vitenas knows exactly how to help you meet your beauty goals and reshape your body. His skill as a board-certified plastic surgeon makes all the difference and it makes our practice one of the best in the country.

Breast Augmentation before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 24666 Explicit content – Discretion advised.
Breast Augmentation before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 24666 Explicit content – Discretion advised.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery was started by Dr. Vitenas after he graduated from medical school. Since founding the clinic, he has gone on to create a Beauty Boutique and Houston Surgery Center. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery and his other projects, have given Dr. Vitenas over thirty years of experience in the plastic surgery and medical field.

Dr. Vitenas runs Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery and oversees patient operations himself, but he has not stuck to conventional methods. As a board-certified surgeon, he not only knows how to perform cosmetic surgery, he has also created and developed his own surgical techniques that enhance the results of his work.

Because of his unique and successful career as a plastic surgeon, people all over Texas seek his skills as an expert. In addition, his surgical techniques have been mentioned in medical journals and popular beauty magazines like Allure. 

In short, Dr. Vitenas’ abilities and qualifications as a plastic surgeon make Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery one of the best plastic surgery practices in the country. It will be hard to find another plastic surgery practice with the same level of professionalism and accreditation as ours. 

4. Our Team Is Highly Qualified and Skilled

Not only is Dr. Vitenas highly qualified and skilled, but his surgical team is made up of the best medical professionals and care providers. If you are looking to have a cosmetic procedure completed by an expert group, then our plastic surgery practice is the right fit for you. 

All our doctors and medical staff are certified and prepared to give you the body enhancements you are looking for. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery was specifically created to fine-tune your look with the best techniques available.

We not only want you to look naturally beautiful with our procedures, but we focus on precision, aesthetics, and great proportions. In other words, we ensure that your body looks proportionate and balanced after any procedure is done. This way any work you get done doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

To fulfill this aim, we have gathered aesthetic professionals that know how to mix traditional and cutting-edge surgical techniques. In addition, all procedures take place in a safe environment that makes it easy to focus and pay attention to the important details. 

In short, our team at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to giving you the best patient care and services. We tailor your surgery and your treatment plan according to your needs. And we provide premiere medical care that is meant to satisfy you. 

This is another reason why we have the best plastic surgery practice. Our highly qualified team has the creative vision and drive to truly elevate your looks. And, our attention to detail won’t leave you unsatisfied or upset with your results. 

Of course, you have to be realistic about any kind of procedures you have done. But, on the whole, our clients are happy with what they see in the mirror after having plastic surgery done by Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery. 

Really, you will be hard-pressed to find this type of quality and experience anywhere else in the Houston area and other areas of the country. So, anyone looking to start a new chapter of their life with a rejuvenated look should contact our team today. 

We have provided our phone number and other contact info in the final section of this post for your convenience. 

5. We Give Back to Our Community

Our stellar results have lifted Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery into the limelight and helped build up our reputation as one of the best plastic surgery practices in the country. But, we aim to do more than change our patients’ lives and excel in the field of plastic surgery. At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, we also want to give back to our community.  

Providing support and giving back to the local community keeps our clinic thriving and the economy of Houston healthy. We have donated to various charities and helped local businesses grow even further. Our clients have taken notice of our charity work. And this has helped us win many regional awards.

Keeping this in mind, we have stayed closely connected to our local community and hope to support the people of Houston and beyond in the future. 

6. Vitenas Cosmetic Offers A Range of Popular Procedures

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery offers the latest and most popular beauty procedures available. There are tons of options to choose from and we are happy to discuss any procedures with you over the phone or in person. 

Our wide range of procedures includes breast augmentation, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, and lip augmentation. Really, these are just a few of the procedures we offer to patients and we are happy to customize any procedures to your specifications. 

You are not limited when you come into our plastic surgery clinic. In fact, we would love to talk with you and tailor your surgery with you one on one. This way you can get the exact look you are going for. 

Through our customized plastic surgery experience, we even offer nonsurgical procedures. Some of our patients don’t want to deal with lengthy recovery time, excess pain, surgical complications, and other issues. As a result, nonsurgical techniques are becoming more popular in our clinic.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Before & After

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While these techniques can be expensive, they have many benefits. Not only can you improve the appearance of your skin, and look younger and firmer. But you also minimize the risk of infection, major swelling, and other surgical complications; surgery time is also reduced significantly.

Still, the choice is up to you. Invasive and non-invasive procedures are both available and we would be happy to discuss your beauty needs with you before you have anything scheduled with us. 

7. Our Staff Provides You With The Best Customer Service and Care

Surgical results and precision are highly important to us, but they aren’t the only things that matter when you are getting cosmetic procedures done. In fact, to have the best plastic surgery experience, patients need to have access to the best customer support and care. 

At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery our patients are our top priority. We not only aim to make you feel safe and satisfied with your new look, but we also want you to feel comfortable and cared for throughout your entire plastic surgery process. Our staff is trained and ready to answer all your questions and will help you with whatever you need while you are under our care. 

The Vitenas team is friendly, compassionate, and extremely helpful to anyone who walks through our doors. But don’t just take out word for it. Over the years, our practice has won several Top Choice awards. Our team was rated as the best plastic surgery clinic in the Houston area. 

In particular, our customer service, bedside manners, and surgical results landed us these awards. This is why we are known as the best plastic surgery practice in the Houston area and in the country.  

Call Dr. Vitenas Today For A Consultation

Finding the right plastic surgery practice is important. You don’t want to leave any beauty procedures up to chance. Instead, choosing a practice that suits your needs and performs high-quality services will help you get the results you want.  

At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, we offer you the best possible service. We outlined all the reasons why our plastic surgery practice is ahead of the competition, and why we are so sought after. However, if you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitenas feel free to contact us now.

We can be reached by phone at this number, 281-484-0088. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment or send us a message on our contact page here at this link. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to talk more with you about any potential procedures.