8 Things to Realistically Expect After Your Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover combines a Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck, to restore the figure that may have been lost during pregnancy and motherhood.  The weeks following the procedure are extremely important to the healing process.  If you know what to expect from the Mommy Makeover recovery, you can be assured of a smooth procedure and life changing results.

  1. You will be tired:

A Mommy Makeover is major procedure, requiring an overnight hospital stay and lots of rest at home.  The trauma of surgery will be draining, and even with the best of intentions, you will not feel up to a lot of activity right away.  Expect to be tired while the body is recuperating; it will pass.

  1. You will have some pain:

You should expect some pain during the Mommy Makeover recovery period.  The Tummy Tuck results in more pain than Breast Augmentation.  To keep you resting as comfortably as possible at home, appropriate pain medications will be prescribed.  Following your physician’s recommendations, cautiously begin to move around, this will promote a faster pain resolution.

  1. There will be scars:

Modern surgical techniques mean that scars are milder and fewer than in years past, but expect to have some after your Mommy Makeover. Breast implants leave only minor scarring, although a breast lift will result in a few more.  The Tummy Tuck will result in a horizontal line above the pelvic bone, running from hip to hip; although it is easily concealed under the bikini line.

  1. Breast displacement exercises:

One of the most important pieces of your recovery will be the Breast Implant Exercises.  These daily maneuvers will prevent the breast pocket from forming scar tissue, which can tighten around the implant, causing Capsular Contraction.  Be ready and diligent with your exercises to ensure satisfactory results.

  1. Telling your friends and family:

The first couple weeks after a Mommy Makeover, you may be unavailable for functions.  Then, as you heal, your new body will become noticeable.  Before you are in the throws of recovery, let your family and close friends know what you are going through and why you may be missing from upcoming activities.

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