Benefits of Breast Implant Exchange

Everyone changes their mind at some point in time. Styles come in and out of fashion and tastes and preferences change. If you’ve had breast augmentation previously, there might come a time when you decide that you’re no longer happy with your implants or that you want to try something new.

While replacing breast implants will require additional surgery, implants aren’t meant to permanent and exchanging them for a new size or type can be relatively simple. There are several reasons why breast implant exchange might be the right option for you. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits to replacing older implants.

Lets You Change Size

One thing many women quickly realize about breast augmentation is that it’s difficult to see what it will be like to live with larger breasts until after the surgery. Many women find that they are happy with their new breasts and that the increased size isn’t too much of burden or doesn’t put a strain on their backs and shoulders.

For some women, though, that’s not the case. Occasionally, a woman will realize that her implants are too big after the first surgery. The large implants might cause her physical discomfort or might make it challenging to find clothing that fits. Luckily, patients can exchange too-big implants for a smaller pair if needed.

It’s also sometimes the case that women will be happy with their new implants initially, but over time will decide that they would be happier with a smaller set. In that case, breast implant exchange would allow them to change to a pair of implants that’s a better fit.

Not every woman who’s had breast augmentation and wants to change her implants does so because she thinks they are too large. There are cases where women were conservative regarding the initial implant size. Years later they might have decided that they would like to trade in their older implants for larger ones.

Corrects Problems With Previous Implants

One thing that many women considering breast augmentation fear is that something will go wrong with the implants once they put into place.

Implants can rupture or start to leak, for example. Older implants might be more prone to issues compared to newer ones.

In some cases, the body might react to an implant in a way that causes problems. Scar tissue typically forms around an implant after placement. When a lot of scar tissue forms, it can tighten around and squeeze the implant, causing discomfort and asymmetry. This is known as capsular contracture.

Breast implant exchange can correct issues that have occurred with existing implants. If an implant ruptures or leaks, the surgeon can remove it and replace it with a new, intact implant. If capsular contracture occurs, the surgeon can cut away the excessive scar tissue and replace the implant with a new one.

Breast Implant Exchange before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 27380 Explicit content – Discretion advised.
Breast Implant Exchange before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 27380 Explicit content – Discretion advised.

Lets You Change Implant Type

The two primary implant categories are silicone and saline. There is also a wide variety of silicone implant options, such as gummy bear implants or silicone gel. Silicone implants also come in a range of shapes.

It might come to a point where a woman who initially had one type of implant, such as saline, might decide that she wants a different type, such as silicone.

Saline implants are approved for women over the age of 18, while silicone implants are approved for women over the age of 22. If a woman had breast augmentation when she was in her late teens, saline might have been her only option at the time. As an older adult, she might decide that she’d like to try silicone and could have a breast implant exchange to switch things up.

Lets You Adjust to Changes in the Breasts

Breasts change over time or as a result of changes in the body. Getting pregnant or breastfeeding can make the breasts get larger, then smaller. Breasts can become asymmetrical or can become droopy and deflated as a result of aging or the effects of gravity.

Breast Implant Exchange before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 27401 Explicit content – Discretion advised.
Breast Implant Exchange before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 27401 Explicit content – Discretion advised.

Exchanging one pair of implants for a new set allows you to adapt to the changes in your body and to maintain the breast size and shape you want.

What Happens During Breast Implant Exchange?

Breast implant exchange begins with a consultation with Dr. Vitenas. During the consultation, you’ll talk about your current implants and your concerns, whether you want to go bigger or smaller, change the type of implant, or correct a problem with your implants. You and the plastic surgeon will review your new implant options, including materials and sizes.

The surgery itself is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes up to two hours. To begin, Dr. Vitenas makes an incision in the crease under the breast. He’ll remove the existing implants and any scar tissue, then carefully place the new implant inside the existing pocket.

It’s possible to combine a breast implant exchange surgery with a breast lift to elevate and reposition the breasts. A breast lift might be recommended if you are switching from larger to smaller implants.

If you’re no longer happy with your breast implants or are concerned that something is wrong with them, replacing them might be the way to go. Dr. Paul Vitenas is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgeries at his practice in Houston, Texas. To learn more about your implant exchange options, call 281-484-0088 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitenas today.