4 Ways a Brazilian Butt Lift Can Contour Your Body

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure that is used to enhance your backside and improve the shape of your body. Brazilian butt lifts, also known as BBL, use a combination of liposuction and fat relocation to give you a natural and full-looking butt.

In other words, your doctor will take fat from one area of your body and place it into your buttocks to give you the full, shapely butt you’ve always wanted. Typically, BBL helps to contour not only your butt but other areas of your body.

How a BBL Enhances the Shape of Your Body

This form of body contouring can help you achieve the body shape and curves you desire. This procedure uses fat transfers to add volume and roundness to your buttocks while removing excess fat from other areas of your body with liposuction. Body contour treatments like the Brazilian butt lift are designed to reshape and improve the appearance of your entire body through excess skin removal while giving you natural-looking curves in all the right places.

Still, how exactly does the Brazilian butt lift contour your body and make you look more proportionate long-term? Let’s take a look at the four ways Brazilian butt lifts can shape your body and boost your confidence.

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Brazilian Butt Lifts Enhance and Shape the Buttocks

Not everyone is born with a naturally round butt. Of course, exercise and diet can help improve the shape of your butt, but these efforts can only take you so far.

With surgical intervention, your doctor is able to make your butt look fuller and curvier. This results in a better and more pleasing body shape. You’ll love your new curves, and you’ll want to show them off in pants and bikinis.

There’s an extra perk, too: as fat is pulled from other areas of your body, body contouring naturally occurs. Not only do the shape and contour of your butt improve, but so will other areas of your body. This is one of the main benefits of getting a BBL.

4 Ways a Brazilian Butt Lift Can Contour Your Body

Fat is Removed From Your Abdomen and Hips

To perform a Brazilian butt lift, your surgeon will take fat from areas of your body where it is plentiful. Your hip and abdomen area, also known as love handles, are common locations doctors choose to harvest fat.

Taking fat cells from these areas of the body can lead to incredible results. As fat is taken out of your hips and abdomen, your surgeon can reshape your lower body and give you the figure you have always wanted.

So, not only will your butt look good, but you can even get rid of fat in places that are hard to target with diet and exercise alone.

Fat is Removed From Other Problem Areas

Fat is also sometimes removed from other parts of your body, allowing you to get full-body contouring. Your hips and abdomen might have a lot of fat, but your doctor can also take fat from your thighs, arms, and lower back.

Again, exercise and diet alone might not be able to reach these problem areas in your body. But, with the help of liposuction and fat redistribution, your plastic surgeon can give you the look you want. And, unlike butt implants, BBL creates a natural look that can be maintained long-term.

Fat Is Evenly Distributed and Placed into Your Buttocks

Your doctor won’t just take fat from your body without a plan. Board-certified plastic surgeons know how to evenly remove and distribute fat from your body so that it looks beautiful and natural. This way, you get optimal outcomes after surgery.

Typically, your doctor will remove fat from your hips first. Fat removal from this area will help you look slimmer and can result in better curves once the fat is injected into your butt. Next, your doctor will take fat from your stomach to make you look leaner and more attractive.

Your thighs and back can also be recontoured with the help of liposuction. Fat can build up in your lower back especially, and make it more difficult to fit into clothes comfortably. Fat in the thighs can also result in an uneven body shape.

With the help of BBL and body contouring, your surgeon will redistribute fat from both these areas. As a result, you will have a more symmetrical lower body.

All the fat from your body cannot be removed, of course. But redistributing some of it can really increase your satisfaction with your appearance and give you the confidence you need to wear your favorite outfits.

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BBL is a simple procedure that takes about three hours, and recovery is not as intense as it is for many other forms of plastic surgery. Most patients are able to recover within a week to two weeks.

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