Breast Lift After Augmentation: Too Risky?

A breast lift is best left to an expert that understands the procedure down to the smallest details, and Dr. Paul Vitenas is Houston's resident specialist on cosmetic procedures.
breast lift is ideal for someone wanting more dimension and the appearance of fullness.

Some things are universally desired, especially in regards to appearances, and it’s no surprise breast procedures are the most frequently requested of all cosmetic treatments.

Patients request both treatments for a myriad of reasons that affect the appearance of their breasts. These span from significant weight loss to aging, to pregnancy, to injury or a mastectomy, and even to asymmetrical breasts. Aesthetic expectations should be clear when consulting with any potential surgeons.

Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Breast augmentation, also known as a “boob job”, is any type of procedure where breast implants are chosen to match your body, then carefully positioned in your breasts.

breast lift is ideal for someone wanting more dimension and the appearance of fullness, without the health risks of breast tissue that could be rejected.

Breast augmentation is done to add volume to breasts with loss of mass and requires time and skilled medics to ensure little chance of tearing, drooping, or misaligning the implants. This procedure is far more intensive than many people realize. There is much more than the material of the implants to consider. The size, the texture, the shape, the placement, the symmetry, the projection, the proportions to the rest of the body, and even the volume of the contents inside the implants, must all be taken into account.

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A breast lift, otherwise known as a ‘mastopexy’, does not require implants and is considered by some to be a ‘less intense’ procedure that merely utilizes existing breast tissue. Breast lifts are a favorite of patients with breasts that sag due to a combination of gravity, age, hormonal changes, and sometimes conditions such as pregnancy or other weight fluctuations. The surgeon strategically removes excess sagging tissue and skin, then elevates the nipples and areola to draw the eye upward, securing everything in place with sutures and performing additional steps to reduce any scarring.

Goals of Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentations and breast lifts tend to be requested in the same visit since both procedures target the same area of the body. A breast augmentation alone may not elevate the nipple-areola area, and a breast lift alone will not make up for any lost volume or make the breasts bigger. These are two different procedures married together with the same end goal of a fuller, finer, healthier bust.

Mastopexy After Augmentation: Yes or No?

The benefits of breast lifts have been obvious and sought after, since the dawn of cosmetic treatments being available to the working person.

Any type of surgery naturally comes with an odd, unpredictable, and sometimes frustrating recovery period. But many patients believe the benefits outweigh the costs, especially for a 2-in-1 sort of “deal” where the two surgeries complement each other.

A breast lift does not ask for additional implants of any sort and can be merged with an augmentation surgery to take advantage of present openings. The lift accentuates the newly installed implants and presents them at their newest and best, like trophies on a pedestal. And if your surgeon combines surgeries, this means recovery periods for both procedures are combined into the same stretch to reduce the need for scheduling additional days.

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Augmented implants are prone to jostling because they require some space to look natural on the body and not look overdone like some of the botch jobs we all know about. This heightens the risk of tearing and more visible scarring for the sutured incisions left behind from the breast lift. Two procedures also mean a longer wait time, especially if the surgeon is willing to do both procedures in one ‘sitting’. Even after full recovery, sensation in the breasts may be lowered due to the replacement of most of the breasts, especially the nipples and areolas.

Everything has a list of pros and cons and breast lifts after augmentations are, unfortunately, no exception. Other aspects like the cost of both procedures and possibly replacing bras and tops also need to be taken into account. But many patients that choose a breast lift after an augmentation agree that their breasts looking youthful, looking lifted, looking full, and fitting better in their clothing and on their bodies, is worth the investment.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift in Houston, TX

A breast lift is best left to an expert that understands the procedure down to the smallest details, and Dr. Paul Vitenas is Houston’s resident specialist on cosmetic procedures. He performs more than 500 breast-related procedures every year, taking in and taking care of patients worldwide. With several years of education, over 30 years of hands-on experience, and accolades for both his careful work and amazing results, Dr. Vitenas is the surgeon to give you and your problem parts that need the lift.

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