Fat vs. Silicone: Why It Matters for BBL

fat vs silicone for butt lift
Despite the BBL’s popularity, you might have seen other butt augmentation methods advertised, such as silicone injections.

These days, it seems as if everyone wants a rounder, fuller butt–and some people are going to great lengths to get the look. The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has consistently been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in recent years, and for good reason: it really works! If you want a fuller backside, the BBL is your best bet.

Despite the BBL’s popularity, you might have seen other butt augmentation methods advertised, such as silicone injections. When it comes to enhancing the size of your derriere, what you don’t know really can hurt you. Here’s the scoop on fat vs. silicone and everything you need to know for a safe, effective BBL.

Only Fat Should Be Used During a Brazilian Butt Lift

What creates the most natural BBL look? Your body’s own fat! The Brazilian butt lift involves the use of the patient’s purified fat to increase the size of the buttocks. A trained surgeon can also use fat to shape and contour the butt during the enhancement.

It’s important to understand that fat is the only substance that is FDA-approved for use in a butt lift. That means that if someone claims to be able to perform a butt lift using something else, such as silicone, they’re going against the FDA and are using a substance that has the potential to cause more harm than good.

The Risks of Silicone Injections

In some cases, the use of silicone as a cosmetic injectable is considered ‘off-label.’ This means that it’s not illegal for a surgeon or doctor to use it to add volume to the buttocks or elsewhere on the body. But wait–just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s recommended.

When used as an injectable filler, there’s a tendency for scar tissue to form around the silicone. The scar tissue often creates a lumpy texture beneath the skin, characterized by hard bumps. Since the silicone works its way into the underlying tissues, it’s very difficult to remove if an undesired texture develops.

It gets worse. Scarring and lumpiness are primary concerns even if a trained surgeon or doctor is injecting the silicone in a medical setting and using silicone that’s medical grade. When someone without specialized training or ethics performs the injections, consequences can get even scarier.

Many so-called injectors operate out of hotel rooms or other non-medical settings. Also, they tend to use silicone that you can buy at a hardware store, not medical grade silicone. In some cases, silicone injectors will mix the hardware store silicone with other products you’d find on the shelf nearby, such as cement. The combination is often a recipe for disaster, including serious injury and occasionally, death.

Benefits of Fat Injections

Let’s get back to fat, which is really the only thing you want injected into your backside during a butt lift. Compared to silicone, which can cause lumpiness on a good day and much worse on a bad day, fat is soft and flexible. The result from a fat transfer BBL looks and feels natural.

Another benefit of fat injections is that the fat comes from your body. There’s no risk that your system will reject the fat since it’s not a foreign substance. You also get to enjoy a small amount of body contouring, as the first step during a BBL is liposuction to harvest the fat from the donor area.

Butt Implants vs. Butt Lift – What’s the Difference?

Although you don’t want anyone to inject silicone into your backside, if you’re not a good candidate for a BBL or for fat transfer, silicone butt implants might be an alternative.

Butt implants have their drawbacks when compared to fat injections. They don’t change the shape of the butt, just the size, for one thing. The silicone used in the implants also has to be pretty thick and durable, as it needs to withstand pressure (from you sitting down) and other wear and tear. Compared to fat injections, butt implants can feel a lot less natural.

Still, implants are an option for people who don’t have enough fat for a BBL, or for whom BBL just isn’t a good fit.

Whether you go with injections or implants, the most important thing to do when considering a butt lift or butt augmentation is choose the right surgeon. You want to work with a board certified plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience performing BBL.

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