The Four Latest Liposuction Body Contouring Crazes

Liposuction is a pretty amazing surgery that can provide great body-contouring results for men and women. Another great benefit to permanent fat removal through liposuction is the diversity of locations where it can be applied.

While the most popular treatment spots are still the abdomen and hips, that doesn’t stop patients from following some of the latest trends and asking for truly inventive applications of the liposuction procedure. The trending spots mentioned below are among the latest in body-contouring crazes.

The Toe Job

The idea behind this increasingly popular procedure came from media reports that Kim Kardashian had it performed for her wedding. While she didn’t invent toe liposuction, she probably did help make it popular. Now patients, especially women, are requesting liposuction to trim away some of the fat from chubbier toes to achieve a slimmer appearance. This procedure is very popular in Brazil, where patients call it the toe job.

So why would you consider this procedure? If you don’t like your stubby toes, toe liposuction will help trim them down in size and appearance. Many women seek the procedure in order to better fit into their designer shoe collection. With narrow, pointy-toe shoes in style, it is no wonder that even normal-sized toes just don’t seem to be enough. Finally, slimmer toes can make your feet appear more attractive. Consider it for yourself and talk out the specifics of this unusual procedure with your plastic surgeon at a consultation.

The Thigh Gap

If you are wondering what a thigh gap is, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a space between your thighs. Basically, your thighs won’t touch in the middle.

Many runway models and young celebrities have been showing off their thigh gaps, causing a craze among potential liposuction patients. If you’d like to have thinner legs, liposuction treatments on your thighs can do the trick.

Of course, you’ll only want to remove safe amounts of fat at one time, so if you have larger thighs, you’ll need to consult with an experienced surgeon to achieve this result. For a procedure like this, CoolSculpting could provide a safe, effective, and nonsurgical way to achieve the coveted thigh gap look.

Calf Lipo

The autumn season brings with it the need for sexy, stylish boots that zip all the way up to the knee — and sometimes higher. You’re not alone if you’ve struggled to get your slightly larger calves to fit into these kinds of boots. Liposuction can be applied to this area to achieve the results you desire.

Bear in mind that liposuction can only remove fat cells, so those with very muscular calves may be limited in how thin they can really go. Consult with a plastic surgeon that will be able to evaluate your calves and make a recommendation for your treatment with liposuction or CoolSculpting.

The Banana Roll

Banana rolls are the pockets of fat found just beneath the buttocks creases. It is another interesting term that seems to be everywhere these days. It is also one of the hottest trends in liposuction right now.

Requests to remove the fat that creates a banana roll have increased exponentially. Women prefer to eliminate this extra, albeit small, roll of fat from their bottoms.

Since it is the space where the thighs and buttocks meet, it is most often requested along with a buttocks augmentation surgeries and thigh liposuction. And it can really be treated along with either body area.

If one of these trends inspires you to explore your own body contouring possibilities, it is time to plan a liposuction consultation. Meet with a plastic surgeon experienced in the liposuction procedure and Lipodissolve to get the very best results.

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