The Best Natrelle Breast Implants: An Expert Review

Considering breast augmentation leads many towards Natrelle’s Gummy Bear implants, known for their wide variety tailored to different body shapes and personal tastes.

Produced by Allergan, Natrelle stands out for its diverse options in types, sizes, and shapes, making it a top choice for those seeking to enhance their appearance.

Dr. Paul Vitenas, recognized as one of the top providers of Natrelle implants in the country, highlights the reasons behind Natrelle’s popularity, offering valuable insights into its appeal. This overview provides information to assist individuals with informed decision-making in their breast augmentation surgery.

Smiling woman holding Natrelle Gummy Bear breast implants, symbolizing customized choices.
Natrelle Gummy Bear implants offer diverse options tailored for augmentation needs.

Choosing Your Best Natrelle Breast Implant

  1. Natrelle offers a variety of breast implant types, including silicone and saline, to fit different body shapes and personal preferences.
  2. The choice of a Natrelle breast implant can greatly influence the final look and feel, making a consultation with a plastic surgeon important.
  3. Natrelle’s implants are known for their safety and quality, but understanding the risks and potential complications is essential for anyone considering surgery.
  4. The cost of Natrelle breast implants varies, depending on the type chosen and the specifics of the surgical procedure.
  5. Regular follow-ups and check-ups are necessary after getting Natrelle breast implants to ensure their longevity and to monitor for any changes.

Key Features of Natrelle Breast Implants

Use of Highly Cohesive Gel

Natrelle implants are filled with a highly cohesive gel, the Gummy Bear Implant. This special gel helps the implants keep their shape over time and supports the upper part of the breast well. This aspect is crucial for those looking for a durable and natural-looking augmentation.

Intrashield Barrier Shell Technology

Unique to Natrelle implants is their Intrashield barrier shell technology. This patented design enhances the implant’s durability and safety. It’s an innovative feature aimed at preserving the integrity of the implant, contributing to its longevity. This technology makes the implant extremely durable.

Diverse Range of Shapes and Sizes

Understanding that each person’s body is unique, Natrelle offers a wide variety of implant shapes and sizes. This diversity ensures that individuals can find an option that matches their specific body structure, allowing for a more personalized breast augmentation experience.

Breast Augmentation before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 24699 Explicit content – Discretion advised.
Breast Augmentation before and after photos in Houston, TX, Patient 24699 Explicit content – Discretion advised.

Choosing the Right Natrelle Implants: Factors to Consider


This refers to how round and pronounced you want your breasts to look. Natrelle provides a range of options from Maximum, Enhanced, Moderate, to Minimal fullness. Each level caters to different preferences for breast roundness and the profile you wish to achieve. Based on what you’re looking for, we can choose an option that best suits your aesthetic goals.

Profiles: Tailoring Implant Projection

The implant profile is about how much the implant projects forward from your chest and its base width dimension. With Natrelle, there are various profiles to choose from: Low, Low Plus, Moderate, Full, and Extra Full. The right profile for you largely depends on your body frame and the look you aim to achieve. We can identify the most suitable profile for you through a detailed consultation and considering your anatomy.


The term ‘gumminess’ refers to the cohesiveness of the silicone gel inside the implant, influencing how well the implant maintains its shape and how it feels to the touch. More cohesive implants retain their shape better.

Types of Natrelle Breast Implants

When exploring the types of Natrelle breast implants available, it’s crucial to understand the differences to make an informed choice best suited to your needs. Here’s a breakdown:

Natrelle Inspira Collection

  • Responsive: These implants are known for their adaptability, providing a natural look and feel. The gel’s responsiveness ensures that the implant moves naturally with the body.
  • SoftTouch: Offering a slightly firmer feel than the Responsive option, SoftTouch implants are designed for those seeking a balance between softness and stability in their augmentation results. These implants may be a good choice for patients with very thin tissues to help avoid rippling.
  • Cohesive: For the most form-stable option in the Inspira collection, the Cohesive implants maintain their shape even under pressure. This option is ideal for individuals looking for pronounced shape retention and a firmer feel.
Illustration of Natrelle Inspira breast implant options showcasing different firmness levels.
Natrelle Inspira offers varying degrees of firmness: Responsive, SoftTouch, and Cohesive.

Natrelle Saline-Filled Breast Implants

These implants are filled with saline (sterile saltwater) after they’re implanted, allowing for some adjustability in size during surgery. Saline implants provide an alternative for those who prefer not to use silicone. They offer a different feel compared to silicone implants and come with their unique benefits and considerations.

Unique Aspects of Natrelle Implants

Customization Options to Align with Natural Contours

  • Natrelle implants are designed to complement natural body contours, offering extensive customization.
  • Dr. Vitenas provides expert guidance to ensure the chosen implants harmonize with the patient’s physique and produce the desired result.

The Transition from Textured to Smooth Implants

  • Recent trends have seen a shift from textured to smooth implants.
  • Natrelle has adapted to this change, focusing on the development of smooth implants that minimize complications.

FDA Approval and Long-Term Safety and Effectiveness

  • All Natrelle implants are FDA-approved, assuring long-term safety and effectiveness.
  • This approval underscores the reliability and trustworthiness of Natrelle products.

Ideal Candidates for Natrelle Implants

Ideal candidates for Natrelle implants are individuals looking either for aesthetic enhancement or breast reconstruction. When considering Natrelle implants for my patients, I take a comprehensive approach to evaluate their suitability. This involves reviewing their medical history thoroughly understanding their aesthetic goals and fitting them with sizes suitable for their individual body dimensions and wishes.

Elegant woman in a sheer dress subtly highlighting potential for Natrelle breast implants.
Ideal Natrelle implant candidates include those seeking aesthetic or reconstructive breast surgery.

Natrelle’s Role in Breast Reconstruction Post-Cancer Treatment

Natrelle implants play an important role for people recovering from breast cancer. After battling cancer and going through treatments like surgery, many people want to feel like themselves again. Natrelle offers special implants that help with this. They have a wide range of options, so people can choose what feels right for them as they work to rebuild their confidence and appearance.

Why Natrelle Implants Are Helpful after Cancer:

  1. Many Choices: Natrelle has a variety of implants. This means people can find the perfect match for their body and the look they want to achieve after their cancer treatment.
  2. Natural Look: For many, their reconstructed breasts must look and feel natural. Natrelle implants are designed to help achieve this appearance, which can be a big part of feeling whole again.
  3. Personalized for You: Everyone’s experience with cancer is different. That’s why having personal choices is so important. Natrelle’s range of implants means there’s something for everyone, allowing for a personalized approach to recovery and reconstruction.

In short, Natrelle implants offer a way for those who’ve gone through breast cancer treatment to take a step forward in regaining their self-esteem and comfort with their bodies.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

FDA Approval and Clinical Studies

  • Natrelle implants have undergone extensive clinical studies, leading to FDA approval.
  • These studies validate the implants’ safety and effectiveness for both augmentation and reconstruction.
  • Dr. Vitenas adheres strictly to these regulations, ensuring compliance and patient safety.

Comparing Natrelle to Other Brands

Natrelle breast implants offer a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and textures, such as smooth and textured surfaces, to meet various patient preferences. This brand stands out for its broad range, enabling personalized surgical procedures.

Mentor, another leading brand, provides many implant options with an emphasis on contoured shapes for a natural appearance. While both Natrelle and Mentor prioritize safety and undergo rigorous clinical testing, they may offer different warranty programs. Natrelle is notable for its comprehensive protection plan. Mentor implants are also available at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, but Dr. Vitenas recommends and uses Natrelle.

Sientra focuses exclusively on board-certified plastic surgeons, which promotes a high standard of care. Its implants, including the HSC and HSC+ types, are notable for their durable silicone gel. Like its competitors, Sientra offers various shapes and textures. However, the company recently went through a bankruptcy adn Dr. Vitneas chooses not to use these implants.

As technology and surgical techniques advance, the market for breast implants provides patients with a variety of quality options. Natrelle’s commitment to offering a diverse product range helps surgeons tailor choices to patient needs, emphasizing a collaborative approach to selecting the most suitable implants.

Choosing the right breast implants is a decision that should be guided by professional advice. Dr. Paul Vitenas brings years of experience and a commitment to achieving beautiful, natural results in every case. His practice, highly regarded nationally, offers an individualized approach to ensure that each patient’s goals are met with precision and care.

If you are considering breast implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitenas. His expertise and the dedicated team at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery will help guide you through the process, making your experience as informed and comfortable as possible. Explore your options today and take the first step towards the results you’ve been dreaming of.