What is Vaginal Rejuvenation, and how do I know if I need it?

As they age, women experience vaginal changes, which can be exacerbated by childbirth. Changes in the vaginal area can cause embarrassment for women who want their vaginal appearance to be more youthful and appealing. Other negative effects include a loss of vaginal muscle tone and elasticity, which can lead to a decline in sexual satisfaction. These concerns are what vaginal rejuvenation is designed to address.

What will vaginal rejuvenation entail?

Vaginal rejuvenation encompasses a range of different procedures. The procedure or combination of procedures that are right for you depends on your vaginal concerns. Based on your goals for vaginal rejuvenation, you may have a single procedure or more than one procedure and treatment. Your vaginal rejuvenation is precisely tailored to suit your needs.

Vaginal rejuvenation help with issues such as laxity, decreased lubrication, and reduced sensation in the vaginal area.
Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure designed to improve the appearance and function of the vagina.

Signs that you may benefit from vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal laxity is one of the most common signs that a woman may need vaginal rejuvenation. This condition can be caused by physical changes in the vagina due to aging, childbirth, or even weight loss. A loose vagina can result in cosmetic concerns, such as an unattractive appearance, as well as medical conditions like Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). In addition to these issues, women may also experience functional issues such as lack of tightness during intercourse or inadequate vaginal lubrication.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures improve the appearance and function of the external genitalia and internal vaginal tissue. Cosmetic surgery procedures such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are used to reduce excess skin on the labia majora and tighten the vagina walls, respectively. There are also non-surgical treatments, such as laser vaginal tightening, which is a radiofrequency treatment that stimulates collagen production to increase skin elasticity. Depending on your needs, you may decide to combine surgical and non-surgical techniques for a comprehensive treatment plan.

What are the different types of vaginal rejuvenation treatments?

There are a variety of different types of vaginal rejuvenation procedures. These include the following:


Vaginoplasty, sometimes referred to as vaginal tightening, improves the vaginal canal by tightening stretched or lax muscles due to childbirth or aging. Vaginoplasty is less invasive than other procedures and takes only a few minutes to complete. During vaginoplasty, Dr. Vitenas will reduce the size of the vaginal opening and remove some excess tissue.

How the vaginoplasty procedure works

Vaginoplasty is an outpatient vaginal surgery that lasts between one to two hours. The length of time varies based on the needs of each individual. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or, in some cases, with IV sedation and a local anesthetic.

Dr. Vitenas will make a small incision on the rear floor of the vagina. He will then use this incision to remove a portion of the vaginal wall and tighten the vaginal muscles.

Recovery after vaginoplasty

Recovery time after a vaginoplasty lasts for about two weeks. You may experience some light bleeding, mild swelling, and bruising, and you will feel sore. These effects usually fade within 24 to 48 hours.

Labiaplasty and/or labia majora reduction

Candidates for labiaplasty include those who have larger labia or whose labia have stretched or are sagging due to childbirth, age, or other factors. Labia that are larger than usual can cause women to experience pain when having sexual intercourse, exercising, wearing fitted clothes, and at other times. Aside from discomfort, larger labia can cause embarrassment for women or cause them to feel unattractive in intimate situations or when wearing certain clothing.

How the labiaplasty procedure works

Labiaplasty is performed to reduce the size of the labia minora (the inner lips) and the outer labia majora (the outer lips). Labiaplasty removes excess skin and creates an attractive shape, eliminating pain during sexual activity or while exercising and boosting confidence.

The procedure is usually completed in about one hour. Most patients are comfortable with a local anesthetic, but some patients prefer general anesthesia. Dr. Vitenas will make incisions on the labia minora or labia majora—or, in some cases, both. The technique that he uses will depend on what’s best for your specific needs and goals. He will then use these incisions to extract excess skin folds and shape the area in an appealing fashion.

Labiaplasty recovery

During the healing time, you may experience some soreness, mild swelling, and bruising in the treatment area. These side effects can be treated easily with prescription pain medications provided by Dr. Vitenas, and they will gradually dissipate after a few weeks.

Patients should plan to take about one or two weeks off from work, and they should not have sex or exercise vigorously for at least 4-6 weeks.

Clitoral hood reduction

Clitoral hood reduction is commonly performed as a part of a labiaplasty procedure. In some cases, the size and shape of the clitoral hood are too large, causing vaginal discomfort and irritation and reducing sexual sensation.

How clitoral hood reduction works

Clitoral hood surgery usually takes about one hour, and it is performed under local anesthesia. Once the anesthesia takes effect, an incision is made in the clitoral hood. This incision is used to reduce the projection of the hood by removing excess tissue.

Recovery after clitoral hood reduction

There may be some mild swelling and bruising, as well as some discomfort after surgery. Take a few days to a week off from work to let yourself heal.

Wait for one month before resuming sexual intercourse or any activity that will include rigorous contact in the area, such as biking or horseback riding.


Perineoplasty is often performed in combination with a labiaplasty to improve the appearance of the lower section of the vagina and to tighten the area. Perineoplasty tightens the vaginal opening and achieves a more youthful-looking, attractive appearance.

What happens during a perineoplasty procedure

During a perineoplasty, local anesthesia is used to numb the area. Once this takes effect, an incision is made at the vaginal opening. Excess skin or scar tissue is removed, and the deeper layers of the muscle are repaired and tightened. The edges of the incision are then closed with stitches.

Recovery after perineoplasty

Rest for several days to a week after your perineoplasty procedure. There may be some discomfort, swelling, and minor bleeding. Wear a sanitary pad to help catch any bleeding.

Don’t have sex or insert anything into your vagina, such as a tampon, for at least six weeks. Avoid heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for at least four weeks.


A monsplasty is a surgical procedure that decreases the size of the mons pubis, the mound of tissue in front of your pubic bones. This area is usually covered in pubic hair. The procedure removes extra skin and fatty tissue from the mons pubis to create a more sleek and sculpted shape.

What happens during a monsplasty procedure

Monsplasty is usually performed with a local anesthetic, but in some cases, general anesthesia is used. During monsplasty, fat and, in some cases, excess skin is removed.

Recovery after monsplasty

You will need about one week or more to recover enough after a monsplasty procedure to return to work. You may have drains placed, and these will be removed after the first several days. Do not exercise or do anything strenuous until about 4-6 weeks have passed.

Pubic liposuction

Some women are genetically inclined toward having more fat in the pubic area, while it comes with weight gain or other hormonal changes for others.

Monsplasty and liposuction are similar procedures that are often performed together. However, they have key differences. During monsplasty, excess fat and skin are cut away, while pubic liposuction, of course, uses liposuction. Liposuction removes fat, but it can’t remove sagging skin.

What happens during a pubic liposuction

Pubic liposuction is performed using very small incisions. A cannula is inserted into the incisions to break up and then suction out the fatty tissues in the area. This procedure is most commonly performed with local anesthesia.

Recovery after pubic Liposuction

Recovery after pubic liposuction may include some swelling and bruising for several days. It’s important to take a week off work and any physical activities to allow yourself to heal. After about a week, most patients can return to light or sedentary activities. Wait for at least a month before you return to any strenuous activities, including sex.

After a pubic liposuction procedure, it is necessary to take at least one week off work and any physical activities to allow healing to occur, before gradually resuming light or sedentary activities.
Patients must rest for several days after a vaginal rejuvenation process and avoid any vigorous activity

Frequently Asked Questions about Vaginal Rejuvenation

Does vaginal rejuvenation help with dryness?

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures, such as perineoplasty and monsplasty, primarily focus on improving the appearance and tightening of the vaginal area. While these procedures may indirectly help with dryness by enhancing overall vaginal health, they are not specifically designed to address dryness concerns. We recommend consulting with a healthcare provider for appropriate treatment options for vaginal dryness.

What is non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation refers to non-invasive treatments that aim to improve the appearance and function of the vaginal area without the need for surgery. These treatments may include laser therapy, radiofrequency devices, or injections to enhance vaginal tightness, lubrication, and overall health.

How long does vaginal rejuvenation last?

The results of vaginal rejuvenation procedures can vary from person to person but typically last for several years. It is important to follow post-procedure care instructions and maintain overall vaginal health to help prolong the effects of the treatment. Regular follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider may also be recommended to ensure long-lasting results.

Is vaginal rejuvenation safe? 

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are generally considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced healthcare provider. However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and complications that should be discussed with your provider before undergoing treatment. It is important to research and choose a reputable provider to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Does vaginal rejuvenation hurt?

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures can cause some discomfort during and after the treatment, but most patients report minimal pain. Local anesthesia is typically used to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. Post-procedure, patients may experience mild soreness or swelling, which can be managed with pain medication as needed.

Vaginal rejuvenation with Dr. Vitenas

As a woman, vaginal rejuvenation surgeries should be an experience that is completely personalized, understanding, and empowering. Dr. Paul Vitenas is a board-certified plastic surgeon known not only for his understanding and compassionate approach to his patients but also for his dedication to achieving their desired results. He truly listens to his patients and does everything he can to help them achieve their aesthetic goals and enjoy the experience of newfound confidence.

Dr. Vitenas’ ultimate purpose as a plastic surgeon is to help every patient feel happy and comfortable in their skin. He uses safe, advanced techniques to achieve ideal results.

His plastic surgery center is a welcoming environment where patients can feel at home. Dr. Vitenas and his staff make every effort to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident during your vaginal rejuvenation experience. Please call or contact us today to learn more about vaginal rejuvenation with Dr. Vitenas.

Why Choose Dr. Vitenas for Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure?

  • Board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, renowned for rigorous standards. This ensures advanced training in labiaplasty techniques.
  • Artistic Eye for Aesthetics – With decades of perfecting his vaginoplasty technique, Dr. Vitenas has an artistic vision for enhancing the delicate aesthetics of the vaginal area. His balanced approach produces natural-looking results.
  • Dr. Vitenas has extensive experience with a wide range of labiaplasty techniques to address diverse needs and anatomy. He will recommend a customized approach for optimal outcomes.
  • Surgical Skill and Precision – Dr. Vitenas performs each vaginoplasty with great technical skill, finesse, and precision. His meticulous surgical technique helps minimize scarring and optimize healing.
  • A passion for outstanding patient experiences from initial consultation through post-op care. Dr. Vitenas and his team provide compassionate support each step of the way.
  • Proven, Consistent Results – Dr. Vitenas has performed countless successful vaginoplasties, with many happy patients praising his vaginoplasty work. His results speak for themselves.