The Weird and Wonderful Sides of Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic surgery has been a boon for people who want to tweak their appearance in some way. A recent report on Salon cited a few examples from the Metro UK free newspaper of how people are altering their appearances, including changing the shape of one’s ears to make them pointy and elfin, or giving patients a real forked tongue, like a snake.

These two examples are taken from the odder end of a spectrum of treatments from advances in plastic surgery, and are not necessarily procedures Dr. Vitenas would approve of or offer.

However, there have also been advancements from the less bizarre side, products with which Dr. Vitenas is very familiar and performs for patients every day.

For example, Juvederm is a filler offered by Dr. Vitenas to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines in faces as well as aging in hands.

Dimple implants are another recent trend and give patients the appearance of cute dimples on either side of their mouths. Dr. Vitenas offers cheek implants, which with some careful surgery can also produce excellent results.

Other recent procedures that have been reported in the press include nipple lightening and tattooing. At first, these might seem odd, but they also have a role in helping breast cancer survivors in the same way that breast augmentation or reconstruction can help a patient feel more comfortable with her body following surgery.

So, unless you specifically want to look like a character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy (and we’re not judging!) you have a variety of treatments from which to choose in order to improve your appearance. Dr. Vitenas can help you to look your best by simply tweaking what you already have, using techniques that have been honed by years of surgical practice and countless satisfied customers.

One final trend that surely hasn’t escaped your attention is taking selfies. It doesn’t have to be your selfie — you might become the unwitting target of a friend’s selfie, and be surprised by the way you look when the photo gets posted online.

Maybe your ears stick out, or your face looks older than you thought. Perhaps you are looking a little tired, or are unhappy with the shape of your nose. It is often only by seeing a picture of yourself that you notice these aspects of your appearance. And advances in surgical techniques have given us the possibility to fix those aspects.

Dr. Vitenas understands all of the above, but also believes in small changes that look natural, rather than big swipes of the scalpel and huge volumes of injections that make your lips puff up like a grouper fish.

Sometimes, it’s the subtle changes that work the best.

Choosing Your Doctor

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