What Happens After Liposuction?

At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery in Houston, our skilled plastic surgeon and team offer cutting-edge techniques and a completely personalized approach to body sculpting through liposuction procedures, ensuring the highest level of safety and care for our patients. With a lot of experience under our belt, we are adept at handling a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures, such as liposuction on various body parts like the abdomen, thighs, arms, and even more delicate areas like the neck, hips, calves, and ankles. We also offer breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tucks, and cellulite removal, among other procedures, with special attention to post-hospital care and advice. All these procedures are performed in order to help someone achieve the desired shape and size with minimal complications and reduction of risks such as deposits, hematoma, skin ulceration, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, cardiac arrhythmia, and cardiac arrest. Feel free to check out patient reviews on LinkedIn for insight into our services.

Liposuction is one of the most effective treatments to create a more shapely, attractive physique, and educating yourself about what to expect in recovery is essential if you are considering lipo. At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery in Houston, we offer a completely personalized approach to body sculpting with liposuction surgery performed by skilled plastic surgeons. Our office provides a detailed consultation and will guide you through the type of procedures, including options like thigh liposuction and breast implant services, medications, and techniques of liposuction treatments, setting expectations for liposuction results so you are well informed about the changes your body may undergo. From the first appointment to a full recovery, our patient-centered team will be with you every step of the way, keeping your peace of mind as our top priority. Be sure to check our blog for photos of past results as well as testimonials from satisfied patients. The recovery from liposuction procedures is typically easy to experience and uneventful, with this general timeline:

At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery in Houston, we offer a completely personalized approach to body sculpting with liposuction

Immediately After Liposuction

Following the liposuction procedure, the treated areas are protected with compression garments and bandages to help reduce swelling and fluid buildup. Fluids and blood are drained using a tube, and incisions made during the surgery are small and discreet, reducing the risk of infection and minimizing scarring. The effects of anesthesia linger, reducing discomfort, so you’ll need to be driven home and get lots of rest, especially during the first couple of days when the stomach may be sensitive, and the skin elasticity may feel different. You will have prescription pain medicines to take to keep you comfortable and minimize bleeding.

The Day After Liposuction

The day following liposuction treatment, you can expect some swelling and bruising on the skin. The treated area will feel sensitive and sore. Scars from the incisions will still be healing. You will have prescription pain medication to stay comfortable during this recovery phase. The swelling generally peaks at about one week. The doctor may advise you to shower 24 to 48 hours after treatment. Take all prescribed medicines as directed.

One Week After Liposuction

Plan on taking at least one week off work or other activities to focus on managing your body weight during the recovery period. This is important to ensure the success of men’s liposuction as well. Take the time to rest and recover and avoid all strenuous physical activities. In some cases, a number of patients will feel well enough to return to work within a week, but listen to your body and don’t rush it. You should ensure your surgeon gives you the go-ahead before returning to an exercise program or other strenuous activities. Every day, ensure you take gentle walks to stimulate circulation and alleviate soreness. Increase the distance every day. No cycling, jogging, or vigorous exercise during this stage of healing since your incision site needs time to recover from the outpatient procedure. Before proceeding with the procedure, doctors may perform various tests to ensure you are in the right state of health. Tests, alongside relevant information on types of anesthesia and potential risks such as infection, death, or anxiety, will be provided as part of your preparation.

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One Month After Liposuction 

Within about one month, the treated areas are settling and starting to feel and look normal. The swelling, numbness, tingling, asymmetry, contour irregularities, skin necrosis, and seroma by this time have usually greatly diminished, although some residual swelling may take a bit longer to disappear completely. Most patients return to work and can return to their regular workout program. Some patients may require a little more time, as every person heals at a different rate and individual factors may affect the duration of the healing process. During this time, hospitals and insurance providers usually work together to cover any necessary follow-up appointments or additional care needed.

Six Weeks After Liposuction

Most people can finally stop wearing the compression garment at six weeks; most swelling and bruising are gone.

Three Months After Liposuction

At the three-month mark, your body is looking great, and you might even be ready to show off your liposuction results proudly on Instagram or other social media sites. The final results of your liposuction treatment are now visible and ready to be revealed confidently, whether in a swimsuit, tight clothing, shorts, or workout gear.

The Years Ahead

Liposuction removes fat cells for the long term – they will never return. However, maintaining a healthy weight through weight loss and a nutritious diet is the best way to continue to enjoy your new figure. A nutrient-rich diet plan will keep your figure slim and give you the energy you need. Avoid highly processed foods, sugary drinks, and treats, and excessive alcohol consumption. As part of your lifestyle change, it’s also important to prioritize overall health and address any anxiety or stress that may contribute to emotional eating.

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Liposuction Recovery Tips 

You can speed up your recovery by following these tips:

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water, or other healthy liquid, such as herbal tea. If you find it challenging to drink enough water, try adding a small amount of fruit juice to the water.

Eat Healthily

Your diet matters significantly, both before and after liposuction. This is the perfect time to shift to a healthier diet rich in protein, veggies, whole grains, and fruit. Avoid processed or very salty foods, chips, sugary treats, and alcoholic drinks during healing. Your body will thank you!

Rest and Recover

The body needs time to heal. Rest as often as you need and get plenty of sleep. Don’t rush the process. Follow all aftercare instructions, including taking the entire course of antibiotics. You may feel most comfortable and avoid putting pressure on the liposuction access sites on your body by sleeping on your back with your head and knees elevated with an extra pillow.

Walking is key

Your system needs circulation to carry away the swelling. Take gentle walks every day, but don’t push it. If you feel uncomfortable, it is time to rest.

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Dr. Vitenas and Your Recovery

At Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, we are always available to our patients and ready to answer any questions or concerns. We will see you at several follow-up appointments to ensure your recovery is uneventful and thriving and that you love your new look! Your liposuction treatment, along with other procedures such as a tummy tuck, will be performed in our state-of-the-art center in Houston, widely known as the premier aesthetic center in the region. We take your health and satisfaction very seriously and strive to deliver an enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling fantastic. As part of our commitment to your well-being, our doctors and staff will be there to support you every step of the way.