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I cannot express how grateful I am

Dr. Vitenas,

I cannot express how grateful I am for all of your guidance during this process. Thank you for bearing with me in my moment of “boob green: just a day before surgery. The time and care you put into each of your patients is unparalleled. I will see you in years when it’s time to replace my implants

Warmest Regards, Carla

Thank you for changing my life

Dear Dr. Vitenas, Met you and had the privilege of being one of your patients, was a nice experience. I came from Italy and put my life and my body in to your hands with great confidence. Your professionalism, kindness, and humanity make your honor! You are not only a doctor, you are “THE DOCTOR.” This present is a way to say thank you for changing my life. Always you will remain in my heart. With love.

Dr. Vitenas and staff

Dr. Vitenas and staff… You have many special gifts that you give your patients… one of those gifts is the gift of hope.

With love and admiration

E. & S.

Thank you for the kind donation

Dr. Vitenas cosmetic center, Thank you for the kind donation to the Clear Creek Education Foundation. Without generous donations like your gift card, CCEF would be unable to provide the much needed scholarships that support the CCISD community.


B. (Silent Auction Chairman)

They are absolutely the best anywhere

Dr. Vitenas – Cannot tell you enough how much Mychal and I love these women. They are absolutely the best anywhere. Thank you for your wonderful, kind staff.


You’ve totally changed my life

Dr V.

Thank you, thank you, and once again, thank you. You’ve totally changed my life. May God bless you and give you the desires of your heart! Thank you for all your hard work and perfection.


My experience has been wonderful

Dr. Vitenas, My experience has been wonderful. Can’t say enough about your terrific staff. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I can tell your staff enjoys their job! I look forward to my next procedure with you!

Thank you so much


Thank you Dr. Vitenas and your delightful staff

Testimonial, TXThank you Dr. Vitenas & your delightful staff for giving me a new start in my life. God bless you all


The work I had done was and is awesome

Dr. Vitenas and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. I was very nervous about my procedure but, they helped me feel very comfortable. The work I had done was and is awesome.

'Love it!'


Thank you so much for doing such a great job

Thank you so much for doing such a great job! I love my new body. Never thought I would look this way again!!


The staff is warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable

The staff is warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable throughout the consultation and surgery process. Dr. Vitenas listened to my concerns and knew exactly what I needed to give me the look I wanted.


Dr. Vitenas is extremely gifted in his work

Dr. Vitenas and his staff are incredible! Dr. Vitenas is extremely gifted in his work and you will be sure to get the results you want. His patient coordinators are so friendly and helpful. They are always there when you need them for any questions or concerns.


Dr. Vitenas has made my self-esteem soar

I’ve been coming here “8” years. Dr. Vitenas has made my self esteem soar. I have always been a confident out going person on the outside inside not so. Not so anymore. Thanks to your God given skills my senior years ROCK!


I feel that he is a total perfectionist

I’m always very happy with the results on every treatment I receive. I feel that he is a total perfectionist and really cares about the final result. I love it!!


I’m very, very pleased with my results

I’m very, very pleased with my results. The staff and Dr. Vitenas are so professional and made my experience GREAT! Thank you!


Really helped me pick the perfect size

Dr. Vitenas is AMAZING!! I did my homework and visited several doctors. I really appreciated all of the time Dr. Vitenas spent with me during the consult. More time than any other doctor but he really helped me pick the perfect size. Jennifer the patient coordinator also answered all my last minute questions. Everyone at Dr. Vs office was wonderful! I have already referred one friend and I’ll continue to refer anyone & everyone that asks☺


My breast implants are beautiful and I have minimal scarring

Dr. Vitenas and his staff are an excellent group of practitioners. From the moment I arrived with many questions, they were ready and willing to answer them. I have had no complications and I would recommend Dr. Vitenas to anyone with plastic surgery needs. My breast implants are beautiful and I have minimal scarring.


My Lift Kit!

As a Woman ages, Mother Nature steps in, Gravity takes hold, and there’s hairs on my Chin!

God blessed me with children, I love them, believe! But my belly button gained friends, They are MY BOOB IES! I can’t find a bra that will hold them in, On a walk or a run, they fall out again!

My eyelids have fallen even when I’m awake, The bags under my eyes, For Heaven’s sake!!

Dare I think, of going under the knife? But then I know, my boobs are ruining my life!

Dr. V & his staff took me under their wing, My fears subsiding, as they explained everything! Pictures of his handwork, of his God given GIFT, I respectfully deserved, my eyes and boob lift!,

I opened my eyes, couldn’t believe what I saw, Two PERKY boobs back in place, I was in AWE! What’s under my boobs? It was my rib bone! And happily, forever, my belly button’s ALONE! No more mascara on my eyelids to wipe, Gone are the bags, my eyes are so bright! I’m a proud 56, feeling beautiful once more, Look out world, I AM WOMAN, hear me ROAR!

Moral of the story: If you need work on your body, don’t sit on URANUS, FEEL & LOOK BEAUTIFUL AGAIN, Go see Dr. Vitenas

Real Patient

Dr. Vitenas

Thanks for all you and your staff have done for me. As well as reassuring my husband of my procedure. My breast reduction went wonderfully well, and better than I hoped for. I am so happy with the results. I hope that this will encourage others. Thanks


Have had a fantastic experience with all of the staff

Have had a fantastic experience with all of the staff as well as Dr. Vitenas. Will probably be back for additional procedures! :)


Your work was outstanding along with your care and concern

Dr. Vitenas and staff, I am writing this with great appreciation for allowing one of my dreams to finally come through. Your work was outstanding along with your care and concern. With such a great combination, I honestly could not ask for anything more. Again, thank you for such a remarkable experience. See ya in the future!!!

Real Patient

Dear Dr. Vitenas

We were thinking about you today, and I just wanted you to know that by the time you receive this letter, we will have celebrated my one year anniversary with a new body… a new life! I still find myself looking in the mirror and saying: “Wow, this IS really me!” It has taken me a long time to realize we actually had mirrors in our home (sad, but very true). You will always be “The Top Doc” in my heart.

I promise to always take care of my new body and be careful not to tan… I mean “grill” the areas that you have so expertly put back together and blessed me with.

I truly thank you again for taking so much time with me. We are truly blessed to have you as our surgeon and doctor. I will never have the words to express how I feel about what you have done for both of us! It would be an honor and a pleasure for me to talk to any patient that needs a reference.

I have sent a few photos of us from our cruise that we thought all of you might enjoy! I actually didn’t mind being in front of a camera (imagine that). One of the photos could be used for an “AFTER” photo… I have way too many “BEFORE” pictures to choose from!!

Real Patient

Dear Dr. Vitenas and Staff

I absolutely love the results of my breast augmentation! You and your staff are AWESOME they made sure I was doing well by checking on me periodically the days following. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them now I can take my career to the next level thank you guys ssssssoooooo much!!! Now I have girlfriends wanting to get their done and I will definitely be recommending them to your beautiful office!! Thank you for changing my life!


Thanks again for your superior service

Thanks again for your superior service, artful eye and skillful hands. I look forward to returning to the practice when I am in Houston again. Best to you, the office and your family. Kind regards

Real Patient

Dr. Vitenas and staff

Thank you guys so much for everything. I love my results and everone is friendly. Thank ya’ll for making my experience very easy. Love


I’m completely satisfied with the outcome

Thank you all so very much! You guys have been helpful with me in my first surgery experience. I’m completely satisfied with the outcome and will recommend you all to everyone.

Real Patient

Dr. Vitenas, thanks for being so great

Before – :( After – :) The whole experience could not have been any better. Thanks for being so great. I’ll write more as I get to live in this new body a little longer, as I’ll be MORE thankful.


I appreciated your patience while I struggled with every single detail

I’m so glad I ended up in your O.R. I appreciated your patience while I struggled with every single detail. You were the only surgeons office that I didn’t feel like a number in a surgery factory. You and your staff made me feel very confident. I’m so happy with the results and looking forward to the final touches.

Real Patient

Thank you so much of your time and care

Dr. Vitenas: Thank you so much of your time and care. Making the decision to have the breast augmentation was a very difficult one for me. I am a thirty seven year old professional woman, and I feared of looking like a clown. Your reassurance and surgical touch made it all worth it. You picked the excellent size and shape for my body structure, thank you. You also got rid of that “twelve year old” look that I had. My breast have never looked more natural, health, and down right pretty, not even when I was pregnant. You can’t imagine what that has done for my self esteem. Thank you for being such a wonderful surgeon and having such creativity. Sincerly


I have benefited greatly from the liquid facelifts

I feel that I have benefited greatly from the liquid face lifts and that many others would also benefit!


Dear Dr. Vitenas and friends

Thank you so much for all of your kindness and WONDERFUL care of me before & after my labiaplasty. Before my surgery I was so embarassed by the way I looked. Not only that, I was so anxious and embarassed about anticipating Dr. Vitenas’ pre-op examination. But when the time came, you all put me at ease and treated me so great that I forgot about being embarassed. Dr. Vitenas was very gentle and caring to me, which I greatly appreciated. And the surgery… WHAT SURGERY/ It was a breeze. I had no pain whatsoever. I’m so glad that I had this procedure.

1) Because I look and feel AWESOME again and

2) Because I came to y’all and you are WONDERFUL! Thanks again Dr. Vitenas and gals!

Love your friend


My experience with Dr. Vitenas was life-changing

My experience with Dr. Vitenas was life-changing. I feel like a different person! He did a great job. Thank you Dr. Vitenas so much!! Love.


I recommend Dr. Vitenas

Let me start by saying that at one time in my life I had a very bad experience with a male doctor. Ever since then I vowed never to go to another male doctor ever again. When I decided to have my surgery I turned to my sister-in-law for a referral since she had the same procedure done. She quickly gave me Dr. Vitenas’ information. When I found out that Dr. Vitenas is a man my red flags went up immediately. After discussing my issues with her I found out that she too had the same reservations I did, but decided to do the surgery with Dr. Vitenas anyway. She was completely satisfied! Needless to say, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Vitenas. I can honestly say that since my first visit to my most recent visit he, along with all of his staff, have made me feel very, very comfortable. Any reservations I may have had quickly vanished. There is nothing but professionalism in his office. Having an appointed coordinator actually made things a lot easier too. You only had to deal with one person therefore she knew all of the details of you and your surgery from start to finish.

The staffs at the doctor’s office and at the hospital as well were very helpful and very pleasant. There was always someone with a smiling caring face there to answer any and all questions I had. If someone didn’t know the answer they would find out for me. They also had somebody on call during off hours (they actually encouraged you to call!) which also impressed me; especially since my surgery was conducted during the Christmas holidays.

One particular moment that touched me was when my concerned husband questioned Dr. Vitenas as to why the surgery took so long since we had been told (NOT by the doctor) that it would only last a couple of hours 2 ½ at the most. Dr. Vitenas said that he never gives a time limit when it comes to his surgeries. If it took one hour or ten he was going to take as long as necessary for the surgery to be a complete success; and that he did. That being said, my husband was completely relieved and very confident that everything would turn out fine. That alone spoke volumes to both my husband and me.

I’m not going to say that everything went smoothly. The recovery process was not easy. I realized that I really had to want this procedure in order to be able to endure what I did. At the same time, I knew that as long as I followed the doctor’s instructions 100% (and prayed consistently) before and after the surgery then the recovery would go as easily and as quickly as it possibly could … and it did. Dr. Vitenas and my coordinator (Jana) did everything they could to make sure I was completely comfortable at all times. For that I am grateful.

Well it’s been almost three months since my surgery, and although I am not fully recovered yet, I can say that I am happy with what I see so far. I was happy with the outcome after the first month. I wasn’t able to say that a few months back. I DID NOT like to look in the mirror because I wasn’t pleased with what I saw. With time and a lot of exercise I am not “fearful” to see my reflection and I am looking forward to see what is to come. So, would I recommend this surgery AND Dr. Vitenas to others? … most definitely!!!


I am so proud of all you did for me

This is S.B. and Dr Vitenas did my surgery two weeks ago. I live in Wichita Falls and I want you to Report to the doctor that I am doing great. I feel wonderful and look the same. Tell him he did a great job on my surgery and all my friends want him to do the same to them. I cannot tell you what a difference he has made to me. Thank you so much for all your work and for making me shall I say, something I”ve always dreamed of being. Thank you Dr. Vitenas, you are a miracle worker. I am so proud of all you did for me.


Dear Vitenas

I just want to say thank you for the surgery you performed for me. It was a life-changing event and I will always be very grateful to you.

I feel like it was my luck day when I was referred to your by Dr. Barrios.

Thank you for everything.


Dr. Vitenas and his staff, will treat you in a most professional manner

If you don’t have the time, or money, to do it right the first time, when will you have the time, or money to have it fixed? “It” being that perfect procedure you have so intensely been desiring. Be assured, that at Dr. Vitenas’ office, he, and his staff, will treat you in a most professional manner, making your complete satisfaction their focus. I have sought Dr. Vitenas’ services on 3 occasions over a 12 year period for 7 procedures and have confidently walked away completely satisfied each time due to Dr. Vitenas’ combination of passion, intuitive skills, and brilliant surgical skills. Dr. Vitenas does it right the first time. Priceless.


My life has changed so much

I was a recent patient of Dr. Vitenas here at Southeast Memorial. My life has changed so much. I can truly say that he has restored my self-esteem and confidence to the point that I am overjoyed each and every day I look in the mirror. Dr. Vitenas took the time and had the patience to make me feel good about my decision for this procedure. I truly give praises to his staff for all their support and smiles whenever I was greeted! Thank you so much.


Dr. Vitenas my life is so happy

Dr.V my life is so happy. But I feel like I am the real winner!!!!!


You have totally changed my life

Dr.V – You have totally changed my life!!! May God bless you and give you all the desires of your heart! Thank you for all your hard work and perfection!


My experience with Dr. Vitenas has been life changing

There are times when a simple thank you is not enough!! My experience with Dr. Vitenas has been life changing. I feel like me, but the best me I could ever hope for. His precision and time he spent with me built my trust from day one. I can’t believe my surgery is already complete and I’m months post-surgery!! When I look in the mirror my life is changed and I know I picked the best surgeon in the country!


My experience had been wonderful

My experience had been wonderful. I cannot say enough great things about you or your staff. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I can tell everyone at your practice enjoys their job! I look forward to my next procedure with you.


They are absolutely the best unparalleled

I cannot tell you enough how very much Michael and I love the staff you have. They are absolutely the best unparalleled. Thank you so much for providing not only your surgical skill and precision but a great staff to assist me along the way.


The staff is polite, friendly and professional

I’m afraid I can’t say enough. I don’t know how you could make my experience any better. I appreciate the way I am seated in an exam room within seconds of arriving and able to exit without going thru the waiting area. The staff is polite, friendly and professional. Dr. Vitenas is great! I am happy to make all the referrals I can.


It was a great experience

Everyone thing went great and Everyone was very professional. It was a great experience.


Are the nicest people in the world

Love it, you’re the nicest people in the world!


Your Office staff is great

Your Office staff is great, The communication that we receive from yourself is priceless to us. We know what to expect when we leave your office. I will definitely refer you to anybody.


I love the friendliness of the staff

I love the friendliness of the staff, how thorough things are explained, and how confident I feel upon leaving here. I have actually referred someone here, who has come to get a consultation. I would never choose any place else for these cosmetic services… I feel a part of the family. Great staff again; and Sharon in particular, is such a shining star.


I love Dr. Vitenas

I ♥ Dr. Vitenas!!!

A. R. C.

An amazing doctor and your staff is GREAT

Thank you so much for everything you have done!! u are an amazing doctor and your staff is GREAT!! see ya tomorrow!


The best of the best in Texas

Not only am I a fan of Dr. Vitenas I have also been a patient in 2004. THE BEST OF THE BEST IN TEXAS!

M. T. D.

Best doctor and staff ever

Best doctor and staff ever!!!


Dr. Vitenas did a phenomenal job

Dr. Vitenas did a phenomenal job on the procedures that I received. In addition, his entire staff gave the best customer service allowing me to feel comfortable and in the hands of trustworthy compassionate providers. From the moment I was greeted until I left, I felt as though my services were taken with the utmost importance. The nurses were very compassionate, the service coordinator was insightful and kind, the front desk team was very warm and professional and Dr. Vitenas is truely an artist of the body!


I just feel so happy

I just wanted to send an email to thank you all for such a wonderful experience. From beginning to end Dr.V and his staff have been so friendly and welcoming and never at any point leading up to my surgery did I feel nervous at all. Even laying on the operating table the morning of. I knew I was in good hands and my results were far better than I could have ever imagined. I knew my breasts would look good, but I didn’t realize they could look THIS great only days after my procedure! I’m a week out and I have no swelling, bruising or awkward shaping of the muscle or implants as I’d seen on other women with newly augmented breasts. I have been off my pain meds for the last few days and today I will get the tape removed from my incision points. I read so many blogs and testimonys by other women all over the country about their experiences post-surgery and I feel like I got the golden ticket of plastic surgery! I would recommend Dr.V to every single female I know considering the same procedure. He also did my Botox two weeks ago and gave me a smooth yet natural looking appearance. I have no lines but I can still make facial expressions ? I’ve had Botox done many times and have been left with “frozen face” and I never feel like I look like myself. I just feel SO happy and confident and I thank Dr.V a million times for what he’s done for me. THANK YOU!

Real patient

Great service

Great service


The staff was all very friendly when I entered the office

The staff was all very friendly when I entered the office and Casey is very friendly and professional in the treatment room. I would recommend this office to anyone!


I felt very well cared for during the entire experience

I felt very well cared for during the entire experience. I have full and complete confidence in Dr. Vitenas and have and will continue to recommend to others.


An awesome experience

am definitely “sold” on the quality of work of Dr. V. Kristi Elliott was also key in making me feel welcome! If I ever need another procedure this will be my choice! I also rave to friends what an awesome experience I had here when they comment on how great I look! Thank you!!


LOVE the work of Dr. Vitenas

Excellent!! Had the best recovery, surgery on a Friday out by Saturday! I will recommend Dr. Vitenas to all of my friends and family. I was extremely happy with the end result of my surgery. Dr. Vitenas and his staff are very nice and will help you achieve the look you want; they will give you advice of what will be the great look for your type of body, etc. LOVE the work of Dr. Vitenas!! Thank you very very much!!


Dr. Vitenas is very professional

Dr. Vitenas is very professional! The recovery was great! I would recommend him to anyone!


Excellent service

Excellent service, friendly staff.


I am very pleased with my results

Cassie and the services provided have done more for my face and complexion than twenty years of traditional care by another dermatologist. I am very pleased with my results and utilize continued follow-ups to maintain these desired results.


Dr. Vitenas is a wonderful doctor

Dr. Vitenas is a wonderful doctor; miracle worker. I highly recommend him if you want to have surgery. Thanks Dr. Vitenas!


The staff has been wonderful and Kristi is awesome

The staff has been wonderful and Kristi is awesome! She is so patient and kind. Had great results. I am so glad I chose Dr. Vitenas; the whole experience has been wonderful. I always felt taken care of. I am so excited with my results!!


Everything was so wonderful

Everything was so wonderful.


Dr. Vitenas and his staff have been very attentive

Dr. Vitenas and his staff have been very attentive and take the time to answer any questions and concerns. Dr. Vitenas and his staff are very professional and attend to every detail. Always greeted with a smile. Dr. Vitenas is a perfectionist- which is what I was looking for to perform plastic surgery.


I am so pleased with my experience

I am so pleased with my experience. I have received great response with my treatments. My family and friends can see something different about me and that is when I give them Dr. Vitenas’s card. They are very appreciative. Thanks to everyone in the office.


I sincerely appreciate the schedule flexibility

I like the way your office is not set up like a typical Dr’s office (ht/wt/vitals/etc.) It makes you feel more comfortable and at ease. I sincerely appreciate the schedule flexibility. I loved the way you gave me everything in advance, including meds, so that everything went smoothly. Thank you Dr.V for the follow up phone call and prompt resolution to my post anesthesia effects. I feel as though the results were exactly what I had hoped for- looking like myself, but better. Thank you!


I always feel that I’ve been treated professionally

I always feel that I’ve been treated professionally. Kristi is a super nice person and it’s a pleasure coming to your office.


Very knowledgeable staff

Very knowledgeable staff.


I would recommend him to all my friends and family

Excellent. Dr. Vitenas and his staff really made my plastic surgery experience enjoyable pre, during, and after. I would recommend him to all my friends and family interested in plastic surgery.


Thanks for a great job

Professional, informative, and an attitude that promotes patient comfort and confidence! Thanks for a great job!


Great staff

Great staff, love everyone!


I am very pleased with my procedures

I am very pleased with my procedures Dr. V and his staff made this very easy and comfortable for me. I had two procedures done by Dr. V and they both have boost up my self-esteem. I wish I could walk naked and not get in trouble because I would sure do that. I feel good and look sexy again. I would refer him to anyone. His hands are blessed and he is a gifted doctor. His staff, Kristi, and Jen are truly the best. Thanks guys! I can wear a bikini now!


Very friendly, outgoing, caring staff

Very friendly, outgoing, caring staff! Always!!! Thank you!


Everyone is so nice

Have always felt very comfortable and welcomed. Everyone is so nice and always answers all my questions.


I really like the Doctor’s services and the staff

I really like the Doctor’s services and the staff, is always great.


Top notch!

I have told many people about the great experience I have had here. Top notch!


Dr. Vitenas is always caring

Dr. V is always caring, friendly & very helpful.


Everything worked out great

Everything worked out great!


The staff is very personable!

You’re the best! The staff is very personable!


I have had a great experience

Dr. Vitenas and his staff make you feel like they’ve known you forever. I feel like I’ve made a whole new set of friends. The care and concern received from Dr. Vitenas and his staff is very comforting. I have had a great experience even with a few bumps in the road. I feel great about myself and am very happy with what I see in my after pictures. Very happy!


Love the professionalism

Dr. V is great! Love the professionalism!


Office staff is very friendly

Office staff is very friendly! Excellent service!


Dr. Vitenas, I want to thank you for your generous donation

Dr. Vitenas, I want to thank you for your generous donation to the silent auction for Pink Door’s Pink Masquerade in Paris gala. Your gift certificate was a great fundraiser and our survivors will truly benefit from the money raised. Thank you


The whole experience could not have been any better

Dr.V Before & then, after ☺ !!!! The whole experience could not have been any better! Thank you for being so great. I can’t wait to live the rest of this life in my new sculpted body.


The best medical practice I have encountered thus far

Excellent office staff. The best medical practice I have encountered thus far. Best thing I ever did for myself. I’ve wanted the surgery for years, but always found reasons not to have the surgery. When I found out I needed the hysterectomy, I figured now or never for the body lift. Best money, best doctor, best team. Thanks!


I had a Breast Augmentation done by Dr Vitenas a couple of years ago

Hi, I had a Breast Aug done by Dr Vitenas a couple of years ago and I just wanted to share with you that I went for a mammogram last week and the tech told me she sees a lot of implants and that mine were the best job she has ever seen. Thank you, again, Dr Vitenas!

Real Patient

Thank you Dr. Vitenas!

I’m almost 2 weeks out from my breast implant replacement and lipo procedure with Dr. Vitenas. WOW!!! I had some pretty high expectations for the results of both surgeries… and all were met, and most exceeded by quite a bit. For example: 1. At his recommendation, both the size and material used in the implant exchange were changed. The difference is amazing. Not only do they look completely natural and feel very soft, pliable and bouncy, thanks to the “body artist” he really is, Dr. Vitenas selected the perfect size and shape so my bust is nicely and noticeably feminine, but exactly proportional for my height and weight. Of course I expected them to look good, but frankly, they are eye-poppers. I’d say 15 on a scale of 10. Way better than the work the original doctor did – the first doc actually attached the bags to my muscle tissue so every time I moved my upper “pec” muscles, the breasts jumped. (A sure sign of a boob job and poor surgical technique) I always hated that. No more, though. Too bad I can’t show you! Lots of surgeons claim to produce “natural” results. Few do. He for sure did. 2. The lipo work Dr. Vitenas did was actually even more stunning. Although I only needed a relatively small amount of fat removed (mostly targeting the abdominal “muffin top” and upper thighs) he explained the better ‘contouring’ option to create a slenderizing, proportional and more aefsthetic balance between the whole thigh (even the little fat pad in the knees – who knew!) as it joins the hips and finally curving into the abdomen and rear. He was right – the gals I know who’ve had just the front belly done end up with bulges and pockets of fat elsewhere that become disproportional and end up ruining the effect of a flatter tummy. During the very comfortable and fun consultation, Dr. Vitenas seemed pretty relentless in noticing the areas he wanted to work on, starting with the little puffiness just below my xiphoid bone. Mind you I was already a size 8! I didn’t think I needed much focus on the lower thigh either, for example, and certainly not the darn knees, for heaven’s sake. However, with a true creative artistic gift he has to work with skin and tissue, he truly did ‘contour’ and shape me from the knees right on up to my rib cage (you should see my waist line. Oooo-eeee. I dropped 2″ all the way from waist to thighs immediately (with a little more shrinkage to come in time, I’m told) but the better part was how much better it looked than I expected. My thighs are actually way more smooth (no cellulite dimples) than they were before the procedure. Plus, as with the breast shape and size, I can say his smooth, proportional, gradual shaping and sculpting from my waist to knees is better than “mother nature” did originally. And as I said, I had what I thought was a pretty good body for a 50 year old (I still wear 2-piece bathing suits and get looks.) but this is better, and has WAY exceeded my expectations. I would unhesitatingly recommend him for anyone who wanted exceptional results the very best plastic surgeon. (Plus he’s really nice, easy to talk to, and his staff are amazing – so kind and helpful. You’d be friends with them if you met them somewhere else.) Thank you Dr. Vitenas!


Dr. Vitenas

It has been almost 7 years since I was a patient of yours for breast reduction. I have been wanting to thank you for everything you did for me. I had a life changing experience when I underwent surgery and would recommend the surgery but most of all the surgeon (YOU) to any and everyone. Thank you again for changing my life and making me feel better. Keep up the good work and maybe I”ll see you again in the future. To this day I still talk about my surgery when asked and I always say if I had to do it again I would in a heart beat. Thanks to you my experience was a pleasant one. Have a wonderful week and stay safe.


I love my natural looking breasts, Thank you, Dr. Vitenas

A few years back I would have never considered plastic surgery for my breasts. I suppose cost and safety concerns were the biggest deterrent, as well as, my concern that I would get an unnatural looking result. After interviewing a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and a second here in Houston, I opted to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitenas, (my friend referred him with rave reviews). Throughout the entire experience Dr. Vitenas, Michelle, Jana and the entire facility staff have made me comfortable and assured that no questions or concerns were left unanswered. The procedure was simple, exact and quite an exciting process. I highly recommend selecting a doctor who makes you feel at ease with their professional and attentive staff. I love my natural looking breasts, Thank you, Dr. Vitenas!


I’m so glad he helped me

1. Please tell me what procedure you had.
Bi-lateral breast implant replacement after ruptured R breast implant

2. How long ago did you have the procedure done?
July 10, 2009

3. How did you find out about the doctor you chose?
Knew Dr. V previously – he refers smoking clients to me pre-surgery

4. What process did you go through to decide on this doctor?
About a nano second of consideration, then I picked up the phone

5. Describe your education/learning process about this doctor’s work.
I just trusted my gut

6. Please describe the office, including the waiting and examination room/areas.
Very shi-shi! Elegant.

7. What was your experience with the doctor’s office staff? (Are they helpful, knowledgeable, pleasant, friendly, etc)
Oh my gosh, they were all very sweet and helpful. Mostly I had the impression that they were very connected with me and what would make me comfortable. How I was doing or what I was feeling, or responding to my questions mattered to them. I was very impressed with their level of caring professionalism. I felt very safe and relaxed with them guiding me through the experience.

8. Describe the doctor’s bedside manner and how you felt about your interaction.
Well, aside from the fact that most of the time I’m practically buck naked talking to him, (which can’t be avoided I suppose) he is fabulous! No seriously, he is as down-to-earth as a doctor can get. Accessible, available, always intent on connecting with what I needed or how I was feeling – and I loved that he was CLEARLY in charge everywhere – in the office, in the hospital and in the exam room – he fills you with confidence and calmness so even if you’re showing your little imperfections or flaws, he can zoom right past that to who you are as a person. He is a real leader and puts everyone in his environment at ease with his graceful strength and sense of purpose.

9. Please discuss your overall surgical experience.
It was as good as being in a surgery can be! I was at ease from the beginning to the end. It was exactly as they described it would be, so there were no surprises of any kind. And I felt very strongly that if anything odd or unexpected did come up, I had no worries that Dr. V would handle it for me and it would all be fine.

10. How did your surgical experience match with your expectations?
Exactly as expected.

11. Were you put under general or local anesthesia?
Oh yeah!

12. What was your experience with the anesthesiologist?
Can’t hardly remember!

13. Please tell me about your recovery experience.
It was extremely easy and the most remarkable thing was I had NO PAIN.

14. How long was your recovery?
About 6 weeks before I was allowed to wear a regular bra.

15. How did your recovery match with your expectations of it?

16. How do you feel about your results?
Well, besides the fact my husband walks around saying “nice knockers!” – (which he actually didn’t before!!) I think the “re-do” was WAY better than the first surgery I had 17 years ago. The results with Dr. V are superb. I feel I am exactly the right breast size for my overall shape and figure. It feels more feminine and sexy to have a D cup than a C – and I believe my clothes look better because I am more proportioned. At 5’7″, the cup size he recommended was, in fact, perfect. And the other huge benefit was that the breast tissue is much softer and more pliable.. “very real” looking. Knowing what I know now, even if I didn’t have one of the old implants burst, I would have them replaced and re-sized just as Dr. V suggested. The outcome was, in my view, 15 on a scale of 10.

17. How do you feel about referring someone you know to this doctor?
Not only would I ONLY recommend Dr. V, if someone I was talking to was needing plastic surgery and not heading to his office, I would throw them in my trunk and take them myself! To go to anyone else would be a huge mistake. He is phenomenal. When there are so many doctors doing plastic surgery who aren’t even trained in that specialty and do not do plastic surgery as their main work, when there are literally NAIL SALONS offering botox® cosmetic, (can you imagine??? How crazy is that???) The consumer must be very cautious and choose wisely the person who they trust their body to. There are huge differences in the quality of training, service, professionalism, skill and talent.

18. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Yes! It’s one thing to be a good surgeon. Many doctors are trained to be competent and very skillful with a scalpel in the OR. It is quite another thing, however, to be a surgeon who is excellent technically (as he is) and also to be as an artist in sculpting and molding the body to be aesthetically beautiful. He has an artists eye in how he does his work. This translates to some truly remarkable and exciting results.

He has the perfect trifecta… his surgical skills are well honed and perfected over many years, he combines that with the ability to design and create like a maestro sculpting a masterpiece of art… and he’s a pleasure to talk to. He’s very bright, has a great sense of humor, lots of fun to talk to, and he’s the kind of guy you’d love to have at your dinner party because everyone would like him. Dr. V is a rare find. What a talented guy. I’m so glad he helped me, and I’d go back to him for surgery in a New York minute.

Real Patient

I could not be happier with my new breasts

Dr. V – I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. Your whole staff is always so friendly and welcoming which made my surgical experience easy. My surgery results are incredible, I could not be happier with my new breasts. Thank You ALL!


I absolutely loved the Dr. and all the assistants

I absolutely loved the Dr. and all the assistants, but most of all I love my breast implants!! Very awesome! I was very happy from the moment I saw them. The pain was minor, and I would do it all over again. In fact, I just might! ☺


The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable

I think the service was excellent. The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Vitenas took the time to answer my questions. He was not in a rush and that made me feel comfortable. I’ll definitely come back. I would appreciate an email on the latest research in hyaluronic acid injections and plastic surgery in general.


Dr. Vitenas is the most professional and knowledgeable Plastic Surgeon

I just want to say that Dr. Vitenas is the most professional and knowledgeable Plastic Surgeon that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! I recently went to his office to discuss breast augmentation. I have already seen the work of other Plastic Surgeons in Houston on my friends and was terrified of ever doing the procedure. Finally, for my 45th birthday present to myself I decided to have it done. I surfed the web and after studying all the before and after pics of patients I decided to go see him. His staff is very warm and inviting; you feel like one of their girlfriends. His Nurse Practioner- Kristi was so helpful throughout the exam and answered all the questions I did not remember to ask the doctor. After my surgery the office called to see how I was doing and I really appreciated the thought.

My breasts look so natural and I am glad Dr. Vitenas talked me out of going any larger. I had a vision to look like the Hollywood gals, but I look great- not fake!

Love all of your staff and you Dr. Vitenas! Great Work!

I would like to thank Dr Vitenas for his perfection, skill, and abilities

I would like to thank Dr Vitenas for his perfection, skill, and abilities. He has the artful eye to correct a really “tough case” into a beautiful set of boobies. Love ya Dr. Vitenas and all your staff too! Y’all are the best!


My breast reduction went wonderfully well

Thanks for all you and your staff have done for me. As well as reassuring my husband of my procedure. My breast reduction went wonderfully well and actually better than I had hoped for. I am so happy with the results. I hope this procedure will encourage others that might need to find a great surgeon for a breast lift surgery.


I look younger naturally

The Botox treatment convinced me that the next step might be just what I needed. Radiesse and Juvederm! I look younger naturally!


Always feel welcomed and always leave completely satisfied

Don’t change a thing!! I always feel welcomed and ALWAYS leave completely satisfied!!

A. Sanchez

The whole team’s professionalism and concern for their patients is undeniable

You are only as old as you feel until you look in the mirror. I have been a patient of Dr. Vitenas for almost 2 years and I have always been impressed with him and his staff. The whole team’s professionalism and concern for their patients is undeniable.

I recently lost a considerable amount of weight and hit my 60th birthday all within months of one another. I had discussed having a face lift with Dr. Viteanas and Kristi for several months. I just wasn’t sure. I was very nervous about looking like one of those Hollywood personalities that look like they are in a constant state of surprise. Dr. V and Kristie were so patient with me and went over exactly what the surgery would entail and what I could expect.

I am two months post facelift surgery and every day when I wake up and look in the mirror I not only feel young I definitely look like it. It is so natural. I recently went to a work conference and were with team members that only see me a couple of times a year. Everyone kept going on about how great I looked, but I could tell they couldn’t quite put their finger on what was different.

I have shared my experience with family and close friends and even with those who ask why I look so good. I wish everyone could look and feel as good as I do. The key is to find a great doctor and staff. Dr. V and his team are the best!


Dear Dr. Vitenas

I am writing because I want you to know how pleased I am with the results of my experience at your office. This was due to your nurse, Anita. She is so adept at her work and she did everything she could to please me. I feel she was very caring, and made me feel at ease. Everyone I had contact with on your staff was really nice.

I felt I made an excellent choice in coming to you, and would highly recommend you and Anita for any cosmetic procedures. While I do not fee a face lift in my future (cost is prohibitive) I would choose you to do it. For now, with Anita’s skill, I actually feel attractive again, and know I look 10 years younger. I am very grateful! I will take very good care of myself, but know I will be back to your office for a “touch up” in the next year or so.

Even though I gave her a hug and thanked her at my last visit, I felt that wasn’t enough. While I am sure you know Anita is a gem, I wanted to let you know about how positive my experience was.



Thank you Kristy for the job you did with my botox

Thank you Kristy for the awesome job you did yesterday with my botox ! it didnt hurt and you were so awesome with me ! thank you again ! see you friday for the radiesse ! :)


I received outstanding care from the whole team

I had a labiaplasty done two months ago. Dr. Vitenas and his highly professional staff made sure that I was comfortable before, during and after the procedure. They all insured my complete understanding regarding the procedure. I was very pleased with Anita, Jana, and Michelle who took great care of me! They answered all my questions and made me calm when I was scared and worried. I received outstanding care from the whole team and plan to have future procedures only with Dr. Vitenas. Thank you again!


Testimonial concerning my experience with Dr. Paul Vitenas

As a young man, I participated in team sports such as Football, Baseball and Track. My Coaches always had us lifting weights and my chest was large and my pecs were flat. During my early 40”s, I thought I had an ulcer and took Tagamet to relieve the symptoms, disregarding the warning of potential breast enlargement as something females should be concerned with.

Frequent racquetball and weight training kept my chest somewhat flat, but I became more and more aware of an embarrassing breast enlargement later in life. When I turned 50 and retired, I gained some weight and my chest/breasts became even larger. I seldom removed my shirt where others could see me due to my shame. I began to seriously consider breast reduction and learned all I could of the procedures, but I was fearful of the anesthesiology mortality rates and the horror stories on television and the Internet of unqualified individuals posing as Plastic Surgeons who had butchered unsuspecting patients.

I was in the Houston, Texas area for eight months in 2006. As Houston is reputed to have some of the finest surgeons in the world, at 56 years of age, I was determined to rid myself of the shame this breast enlargement had caused me for years. I spent several months off and on researching, questioning others about Plastic Surgeons and searching the Internet for all the appropriate questions and responses to be asked and received.

I finally located Dr Paul Vitenas, who is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with twenty-seven years experience and Chief of Surgery for Hermann Memorial Hospital. His credentials are quite impressive, so I met with Dr Vitenas and asked every question on my list. Not only did I receive the correct responses, but he was able to show me photographic evidence of the results he had attained for other men with the same problem and I began to realize I had reached the end of my quest.

I was so comfortable with Dr Vitenas”s responses and assurances of all my questions concerning the breast reduction, I asked what could be done about my neck, which had begun to sag over the past two years. I was shown additional photos concerning tightening of the neck and the results. Dr Vitenas explained each and every step of the procedure and his ready responses and obvious confidence in his capabilities was a real comfort to me. I scheduled the breast reduction and the tightening of the neck that same day.

Dr Vitenas”s assistant, Jana Manzanales, provided me with detailed instructions as to nutrition, medications, vitamins, routines, recovery time and everything else I would need to successfully undergo the surgery and expedite my recovery time with the least amount of effort and pain.

Prior to the operation occurring, I was reviewing in my mind all the horror stories I had heard over the years and called to cancel the tightening of the neck portion of the procedure for a later date. I was determined the breast reduction should occur, no matter what the outcome and if the results were positive, I would return for the neck tightening procedure.

Dr Vitenas called immediately and reassured me that he had performed hundreds of these procedures over the past twenty-seven years and he anticipated absolutely no complications with my surgery. He reminded me of the costs of the operating room, the costs of the anesthesiologists and that by combining the two procedures, there was a substantial cost savings.

November 15, 2006, Dr Vitenas performed both procedures. I remained in the hospital overnight and was sent home the next day with additional detailed instructions for care.

I have completed my follow-up visits with Dr Vitenas and I can never thank him enough for the wonderful work he did for me. The tightening of the neck actually surprised me with the more youthful appearance, which was brought forth, but the liposuction of the fatty material in my chest area has lifted the yoke of shame I have borne for the past ten years. I have pecs again and I take every opportunity to go shirtless. I can’t begin to lift weights and play racquetball for three more weeks, but the chest results were immediately obvious and positive.

I feel like my old self again and during my final examination, I asked Dr Vitenas about some veins on the side of my nostrils, which had begun to become more visibly prominent over the past two years. I don’t smoke and I’m not much of a drinking fellow, so I couldn’t understand why these varicose looking veins were occurring on the sides of my nose. Evidently, this is another part of the aging process and Dr Vitenas had another of his Assistants zap these little veins with a laser that same day. The next morning, when I looked in the mirror, the varicose veins were no longer visible. I had no idea, this type of technology was available.

If there are men who have reached their 50”s and have become concerned with breast enlargement, floppy neck or varicose type veins on their nose or cheeks, don’t let these imperfections adversely affect your quality of life. See Dr Vitenas and have something done about it. I wish I had pursued the course of action years ago, instead of procrastinating as I did.


I have truly been blessed with the entire team of Dr. Vitenas

I have truly been blessed with the entire team of Dr. Vitenas. I thank God for the change that has been preformed for me. I will definitely come back soon to continue my procedures to be complete, so many thanks to Dr. Vitenas and his remarkable staff. Thanks for making the differences.

Real Patient

Dr. Vitenas and his staff would not recommend services that are unnecessary

There are several reasons why I drive each week to receive treatment at Dr. Vitenas’ office; excellent customer service, excellent correspondence and an overall knowledge of services from staff members. Each week when I arrive for my appointments I feel welcome and at home, the staff members never get tired of answering the same questions. I would recommend anyone who wishes to enhance their appearance to visit Dr. Vitenas and his staff. You will never be the same again.Over the past few months I have experienced major life changes. I was given the responsibility to become the primary caregiver for both of my parents. My father received a kidney transplant and requires intense aftercare. Since his transplant I have gained approximately 25 unwanted pounds. The weight settled around my hips, buttocks, lower abdomen, and the back of my thighs. This was not a pretty site.Prior to my initial appointment with Dr. Vitenas I was not convinced that I wanted to have anything done, but after Dr. Vitenas and his staff made me feel so comfortable and were so friendly, I knew this was the place for me. I chose to have a combination of the B-12 weight loss shot, mesotherapy and lipodissolve. It has been five weeks since my initial appointment and I have gone from 169 pounds to 150 pounds. I have also dropped from a size 10 pant to a size 5/6. I look and feel great. My hips are slimmer, my thighs look more toned, my waistline is smaller, and I no longer have all that junk in my trunk. I get a lot of attention in my jeans and I can not wait until fall when I can wear my leather pants. I feel Dr. Vitenas and his staff would not recommend services that are unnecessary, so feel comfortable knowing that you will not pay for services you don’t need. This is why Dr. Vitenas and his staff are so phenomenal. 10/3/2006


Dr. Vitenas was able to help me achieve what the gym couldn’t

I increased my workout load before my procedure… it left me feeling healthy, fitter, and at my personal best. Dr. V was able to help me achieve what the gym couldn’t and post surgery I felt better all around then ever before.


I made my surgery appointment the first day I met him

I had lost 150 pounds and had a lot of excess skin. I went to several plastic surgeons and they all told me it would take multiple surgeries to get rid of the excess skin. A friend recommended Dr. Vitenas to me. I came to see him and immediately felt safe and comfortable. I had found a doctor who knew what he was doing and willing to help me with what I wanted. I was able to see many photos of his previous work, which no other doctor had offered. I made my surgery appointment the first day I met him. The staff helped me figure out my financing options and kept in touch with me regularly to check on me and make sure all my questions were answered and that I had everything I needed. I was able to have all the work done in only one surgery. The staff would call and check on me during recovery and Dr. Vitenas immediately would return a page. They are awesome and I will definitely be coming back for all additional plastic surgery needs. I have never looked or felt better.


I can’t say enough about the ladies at your office

I can’t say enough about the ladies at your office. They are all so wonderful. I look forward to and enjoy visiting with them at my appointments. Sharon is such a sweet hearted woman and she gave me the most wonder facial yesterday. Although I did not see Kristi yesterday, she and Lori are both such classy ladies in appearance and demeanor. Both I find to be very professional and helpful. Putting my trust in them is easy because I know they are looking out for my best interest. In particular I appreciate the edification I receive on different options available for me to reach my goals in maintaining my appearance. Just this past week I’ve received complements from my mother and Yoga instructor on my skin to which I promptly recommended your products and services.


Thank you Dr. Vitenas for a spectacularly done Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty

OMG! Thank you Dr. Vitenas for a spectacularly done Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty reconstruction of my vagina. I was the victim of a botched Episiotomy that left my vagina with a large and loose opening compounded by large unsightly labia that hung out on one side. This has been such a positive life changing event for me – I LOVE this procedure and only regret to have waited so long to do it. I actually cried after the bruising and swelling was gone, my vagina is soooooo beautiful making me feel confident and strong, more like a women should feel.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

THANK YOU Dr. Vitenas !!!!!

With Warm Regard,

Colleen T.

The vaginal rejuvenation went great

It is my pleasure to give feedback on my vaginoplasty surgery. After spending several months doing kegel exercises, that did not seem to work, I decided to search the web for more answers. I stumbled upon Dr. Vitenas website and was quite impressed with the extensive background and experience he had doing this type of surgery. His website was informative and educational as well. My husband and I both felt a change during intercourse. When I spoke with Dr. Vitenas he listened and understood where I was coming from. He explained how he could help me and in detail went through the procedure of vaginal rejuvenation. From the very first meeting we had till my entire recuperation, Dr. Vitenas and his staff made me feel so important and comfortable. Needless to say the vaginal rejuvenation went great. My surgery was scheduled on a Friday, the procedure was done in the office , I went home within hours and was back to work that Monday. I am 8 weeks post surgery and I must say the results are GREAT, I feel like I did before I had my three natural births, my vagina is much tighter and we enjoy sex much more.

Real Patient

Dear Staff

It took quite some time and consideration for this email. My husband and I did not want to sound like some cheesy romance novel!

One word for my results following my vaginoplasty is WOW!! I never realized my sex life had become mediocre. If asked how were things between my husband and I, we would have said, “fine, O.K. or pretty good.” After three kids, two of which are 16 months apart, and being 40yrs old; I felt my keagal exercises were not working. Although my husband was initially against it, I researched the procedure and found wonderful Dr. Vitenas. Our lives have not been the same since.

After the six weeks initial healing, it was literally a new introduction to our selves. Our intimacy has greatly improved on so many levels. This procedure has made a definite mark in our lives. My husband acts as if he is in his twenties again! So many friends have commented on how much younger I look, how healthy my skin looks, etc… etc.. As I stated earlier, “WOW!!” I could write a cheesy romance novel.

At the risk of repeating myself or writing something inappropriate, I bring this email to a close. Thank You Dr. Vitenas for everything. My sex life is nowhere near mediocre anymore!

Ms. T.

Kristi and Dr Vitenas

I was very pleased with the vaginoplasty performed by Dr Vitenas in March. You might remember that I was the patient who chose to go without sedation and then drove myself home to the Beaumont area. I returned to work the next day. Of course, I was fairly tender and sore for several weeks, but I pretty much went about my usual activities.

During the vaginoplasty procedure, I was nervous and talked up a storm with all of the staff in the room. I shared with ya’ll that my husband had filed for divorce and that we were currently living apart, but that there was still some hopes for reconciliation. I also began asking questions about breast augmentation surgery as I was lying on the OR table having the vaginoplasty performed. Dr Vitenas then gave me some advice that made all of us laugh, but it may be some of the best marriage advice I’ve received so far!

Anyway, without giving away too many details, I would like you to know that we are incredibly pleased with the results of the vaginoplasty. My husband and I are enjoying a wonderful and fun new sex life.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell everyone thank you. And Dr. Vitenas, I especially wanted to let you know that my husband and I are still together and are actually enjoying each other more than ever. We’re best friends again. Thank you everyone for everything!


Even more important than choosing which procedure

Even more important than choosing which procedure(s) to have done is the decision of choosing a plastic surgeon. Both my local pharmacist and a head nurse at a local hospital told me that they had extreme confidence in Dr. Vitenas’ abilities as a surgeon. Now I have firsthand knowledge of that myself. Dr. Vitenas performed an abdominoplasty and liposuction for me two months ago. I feel and look great. After having four kids, I never expected to have a cute figure again.

Real Patient

Excellent office staff

Excellent office staff. The best medical practice I have encountered thus far. Best thing I ever did for myself. I’ve wanted the surgery for years, but always found reasons not to have the surgery. When I found out I needed the hysterectomy, I figured now or never for the body lift. Best money, best doctor, best team. Thanks!


I think the service was excellent

I think the service was excellent. The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Vitenas took the time to answer my questions. He was not in a rush and that made me feel comfortable. I’ll definitely come back. I would appreciate an email on the latest research in hyaluronic acid injections and plastic surgery in general.


I always enjoy my visits to your office

I always enjoy my visits to your office. I know that I am in great hands and the quality of care and service is always top notch! I have been a client/patient here for several years now. From my abdominoplasty and body sculpting to botox and fillers. I have been thoroughly pleased with all of my results. Thank you for providing an office/staff where I know I will be provided with the best possible care.


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