How Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Work?

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Conventional rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a popular plastic surgery that reshapes the nose to improve aesthetics, facial balance, and even breathing. Many people choose this procedure each year, but what if there was a less invasive way to change the look of your nose?

Liquid rhinoplasty does not require invasive surgery. In fact, this procedure can be completed simply and painlessly in a matter of 15 minutes. The recovery time is also shortened considerably which can be appealing to people who are afraid to get surgery and worry about possible complications after the procedure.

What is Liquid Rhinoplasty and How Does it Work?

Instead of reconstructing the face with surgical tools and techniques, liquid rhinoplasty uses a simpler and more efficient method. A dermal filler is injected into the nose, which helps to temporarily transform the shape and appearance of the nose into something more pleasing and balanced.

The filler that is usually used for liquid rhinoplasty is made from hyaluronic acid, or HA for short. Many surgeons use hyaluronic acid fillers for lip and cheek rejuvenation, as well. The HA gel adds some volume to the nose and is especially effective for small noses with nasal deformities and asymmetry. 

The effects of this procedure are not as pronounced or as dramatic as surgical rhinoplasty.

However, the results of a liquid rhinoplasty are effective and create a more symmetrical and natural nose without invasive surgery.

Usually, liquid rhinoplasty will be used for smaller changes. If you have small bumps on your nose or a bit of unevenness, this can be a great option for you.

HA is a safe and well-researched substance. This can be a great alternative treatment to invasive plastic surgery! In some cases, a liquid filler can even correct issues that cannot be modified with a traditional rhinoplasty.

But, you need to know that liquid rhinoplasty does not last forever. Eventually, the filler liquid will disperse, and more filler will have to be injected into your nose to maintain volume and evenness. Keep this in mind if you are considering liquid rhinoplasty.

How is Liquid Rhinoplasty Performed, Exactly?

Liquid rhinoplasty can be performed in under thirty minutes and is a mostly painless procedure. To start the rhinoplasty, your doctor will have you either sit or lie down. Your nose will be sanitized and cleaned beforehand to reduce the small chance of infection.

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After this, a light numbing process will take place. Either ice or some kind of topical pain-reducing solution will be used to make sure that you don’t feel much discomfort from the injection. Some fillers contain a small amount of anesthesia, though, so numbing might not be necessary at all. Finally, the filler liquid will be injected into your nose. Your doctor will then gently smooth out the injection area.

They will not massage it, as this can be detrimental and create extra pressure in your nasal cavity. In addition, your plastic surgeon will know exactly how much filler to add. An abundance of filler liquid is not recommended as this can make the nose look disproportionate.

How Long is The Recovery Period For Liquid Rhinoplasty?

The recovery time for a liquid rhinoplasty is relatively short in comparison to cosmetic surgery. In fact, this non-invasive procedure will typically heal within a week to two weeks, requiring little to no downtime or activity restrictions.

You don’t want to put any pressure on the area, and you have to gently massage your nose for a few weeks. Still, this is a relatively simple and easy form of rhinoplasty to deal with. Normal nose jobs can take up to six weeks to heal, and there is more bruising and swelling with an invasive procedure.

Are There Any Inherent Risks Associated With Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Like any other procedure, there are some risks when getting a liquid rhinoplasty. However, getting a gel injection into your nose is a lot less risky than having an invasive surgery done to completely restructure this area of your face.

You could experience some minor swelling, bleeding, discomfort in the nose, and vascular occlusion. In the worst-case scenario, this procedure could cause blindness if vascular occlusion occurs near the retina.

However, this is a very rare complication that typically only occurs due to an inexperienced injector. So, make sure you see a professional who knows what they are doing. You shouldn’t let just anyone inject your nose with filler!

How Long Will My Liquid Rhinoplasty Last?

Liquid rhinoplasty is not permanent, unlike surgical rhinoplasty. For some people, this will be a good thing. You might want to test out the effects of rhinoplasty without going under the knife. But, what if you want to keep your results from fading? How long will the effects of this procedure last exactly?

This depends on your body and its reactions to the filler liquid. Liquid rhinoplasty affects each individual differently. Some liquid injections will last upwards of a year or two for some people. For other patients, this form of rhinoplasty might only last for up to four to six months.

In addition, the material used in the rhinoplasty can also affect how long it works. Higher-grade liquid filler will produce better results for your nose.

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